Interesting Facts About Joker You Might Not Know About

Joker is a very famous supervillain in many comic books as well as in movies now. Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson together created the character which appeared in the comic issue of Batman in the year 1940. Joker is known for his sadist sense of humor, and goofy nature. The story of Joker was very well portrayed in the 2019 film Joker. Joaquin Phoenix stared as the Joker in the film. One of the famous Jokers is Heath Ledger who played the role of Joker in The Dark Knight.

The character of Joker received mixed reviews. Some embraced the character and enjoyed the fight and his personality whereas some found it disturbing and also wanted the show to get banned. People from different countries started painting their faces like Joker for fancy dress, Halloween, and many other occasions.

Facts About Joker

Facts About Joker
  • If you have seen the movie, you might remember how skinny the character of Joker was. Joaquin Phoenix in one of his interviews said that he went on a very difficult diet, resulting in a loss of almost 52 pounds of weight.
  • In one of his interviews, Joaquin admitted that he practiced the laugh of Joker by seeing many videos of people suffering from pathological laughter. People suffering from such disorders tend to have episodes of laughter, crying, or both without any stimulus.
  • Joker is a character who is famous after their debut in DC comic’s Batman. Todd Philips, the director of Joker made sure that the audience doesn’t get confused with this movie being related to DC Universe. Todd, therefore, set the plot of Joker in the 1980s.
  • If you are a die-hard fan of DC Comics, you might know that the plot of Joker is loosely based on the animated thriller film of DCU named Batman: The Killing Joke. The Joker is a failed stand-up comedian in both.
  • The main task of the make-up artist was to make the look of Joker distinguished from all the past jokers. Joaquin’s clown make-up did look different with his lip color reddish-brown resembling blood.
  • The basic story of the Joker was that Joker was a lab assistant and further tried to be a stand-up comedian. When failed in his career as a stand-up comedian, he does illegal things and ends up in a cat-and-mouse race with Batman. This plot was changed many times by the directors to give their story a different touch.
  • Joker is considered one of the wackiest characters in the DC Universe. In one of the storylines, Joker cuts his face just to start a new life. In the later storyline, his face is attached with needles and staples giving him a horrifying look.
  • The famous bathroom dance scene in the 2019 film Joker was improvised at the last moment by Joaquin Phoenix. This improvised dance scene was kept in the movie by the makers as they liked it more than the scripted one.

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Facts About Joker
  • The real name of Joker is Arthur or Jack. Jack was a name that was very commonly used for the Joker. In the 2019 film- Joker, the name of Joker is mentioned as Arthur Fleck.
  • The famous smile of Joker was inspired by the movie The Man Who Laughs. The laugh of the character of Gwynplaine played by Conrad Veidt was very unique and creepy.
  • The most unknown fact about Joker was that the character was meant to be seen in only a few movies. The makers had initially thought that this villainous character would die later on. But the character was loved by the audience a lot.
  • Christopher Nolan very well knew that Heath Ledger would be the perfect person to play Joker which was denied by almost everyone. Heath himself denied doing the role. After convincing, Heath Ledger agreed to act as Joker. Now, Heath is the most loved Joker among others.
  • After watching the Joker, the audience called Joker an insane person. But if we see him talking, it is pretty obvious that he is very well aware of what he is doing. His thoughts are very psychopathy.
  • The best scene in Dark Knight, where the Joker walks out of an exploding Gotham General is fully improvised by Heath Ledger.
  • Since the start, the rivalry between Joker and Batman is evident. According to the comics, their rivalry is going to continue for years.
  • The criminal name for Joker was “Red Hood”.

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