Buried In Barstow 2 Release Date: Hazel King To Return With A Vengeance!

A mother with a dark past, desperate to protect her daughter, often crosses several lines. Hazel King, one such protective mother hen, is on a mission to lead a normal life for the sake of her daughter. Buried In Barstow is an action thriller that revolves around Hazel, her dark past, and her insistent struggle to protect her only daughter, Joy King.

All the fans of this mind-boggling King mystery are excited about its sequel. Is the sequel to this series renewed or canceled?

Buried In Barstow 2 Release Date

Buried In Barstow will definitely come up with a second part to help the audience glimpse behind Hazel’s dark past. As mentioned at the end of the movie, Hazel is going to come back soon. In fact, it is rumored that this movie series will have at least four installments before all of Hazel’s past is discovered and her present is sorted.

Though the release date has not been finalized yet, it is predicted that Buried In Barstow 2 will be released in 2023. The sequel is already in the works, and the audience should be able to see it by the middle of 2023.

Name of the MovieBuried In Barstow
Part NumberPart 2
GenreAction, Suspense, Thriller
Buried In Barstow Release Date3 June 2022
Buried In Barstow 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Buried In Barstow 2 Overview

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Buried In Barstow 2 Story

In this sequel, Hazel will fight the deadly battle for her life and will get back with a vengeance against her nemesis. She would find out the people who tried to kill her and get her revenge for herself and for Javier. When Javier was abducted by the people who almost killed Hazel, it was still a mystery if he would come back alive or dead.

Also, the romance between Hazel and Elliot is yet to bloom to its fullest. Joy might discover the past Hazel has so diligently hidden, and the mother-daughter duo could face a lot more problems because of Joy’s love interest, Travis.

Buried In Barstow 2 Cast

Buried In Barstow 2 Release Date

Angie Harmon plays Hazel King, the runaway serial killer and teen mother to Joy King. She is bold, and possessive, and runs a small cafe in Barstow to forget her past and focus on giving her daughter a better present. Hazel is a fierce mother, a fearless killer, and a woman who is burdened with a past that haunts her even after twenty years.

Hazel’s angsty daughter, Joy King, will be played by Lauren Richards. Joy has a questionable relationship with Travis, who is represented by Timothy Granaderos. Though Travis is Joy’s boyfriend, it is predicted that he has a bigger plan for the Kings.

Elliot, a Von assassin, is out to drag Hazel back to Von. He is not just an assassin, he is a cardiothoracic surgeon as well, which is not yet confirmed since almost half the things Elliot says are lies. What starts as a job for Elliot turns out to be a life-changing romance for him.

Other characters such as Javier, who is represented by George Paez, Brenden as Rudy, and Exie as Carl, will return to help Hazel fight her past in this sequel. Since Von, played by Bruce McGill, and Phil, portrayed by Gabriel Rodriguez, die in the movie, they won’t return in its sequel. If the makers need a few scenes from Hazel’s past, then Bruce might get a role in this sequel as well.

Buried In Barstow Trailer

Since the Buried In Barstow 2 release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, its trailer is not available. The trailer is expected to be out by the end of 2022 or the start of 2023 since the movie is expected to be out by mid-2023.

Where to Watch Buried In Barstow 2 Online?

Buried In Barstow is exclusive to the online streaming platform Lifetime and Amazon Prime. Part 2 of this movie will be streamed on this platform soon, and viewers can watch it online after its release.

Buried in Barstow Synopsis

Buried In Barstow is an action thriller that portrays the struggles of Hazel and the mysteries her past beholds.

Hazel is a runaway hitwoman from Las Vegas who raises her only daughter, Joy, alone. She runs a cafe in Barstow and lives a normal life despite her abnormal past. When Elliot walks into her cafe and orders food he cannot pay for, Hazel gives him a job and tries to keep her relationship with him strictly professional. While Elliot tries his best to see Hazel as a mere job assigned by his leader, Von, he often fails to do so and ends up falling for her.

On the other hand, Joy gets abused by her boyfriend, Travis. Hazel almost buries him in a grave she had dug when Travis started dating Joy, but Travis comes back alive at the end of the movie. 

Hazel’s father turns out to be Von, the man who picked Hazel from the streets and made her an assassin. He wants Hazel to run the family business. Hazel kills him after Elliot tells her the whole story, and while returning back, she gets brutally beaten up by the people who came there to abduct Javier.

The first part of Buried In Barstow ended in a cinematic climax where Hazel struggles to breathe in Elliot’s arms; Elliot screams that he would save her; Travis returns from his supposed grave, and Javier is abducted.

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