Witch Watch Chapter 83 Release Date Out? Releasing In October?

Witch Watch is a Japanese manga. Its genre is speculative fiction which contains some magical moments and it is called fantasy, it is also a romantic comedy manga. Its first volume was released in English subtitles on 4 June 2021. Its first volume consists of 7 chapters based on different stories of Nico the teen witch. It is illustrated and written by Kenta Shinohara.

It is published under Shueisha’s Weekly Shoen Jump.

Its English publisher is Viz Media and has a total of 7 Volumes.

The manga is hand drawn and the storyboards took two or three days to complete. It is an ongoing series and its last volume was released on 4 August 2022.

Witch Watch Chapter 83 Release Date

Witch Watch Chapter 83 Release Date
Nico and Morihoto.

Witch Watch is a famous manga series and is currently one of the top manga. Its readers are also nail-biting for the next chapter.

All the published chapters of the manga were initially has been appreciated by the fans and no one can keep themselves calm that when will the next chapter of the manga will be released. After the last chapter, the curiousness is at its peak, as per the writer the next chapter will be published on October 23, 2022. And if we talk about Witch Watch Chapter 83 Release Date so it has been finally announced for the day 30 October 2022, so be ready to read this chapter soon.

Name of the MangaWitch Watch
Chapter NumberChapter 83
GenreFantasy, Romantic
Witch Watch Chapter 1 Release Date4 June 2021
Witch Watch Chapter 83 Release Date30 October 2022
Witch Watch Chapter 83 Overview

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Witch Watch Chapter 83 Story

The story of ‘Witch Watch’ has not been reviled yet. Only the writer Kenta knows what will happen. As per the written sources, in the upcoming chapter, the audience can see Nico and Morihoto coming closer and a new romance can be seen. On the other hand, new dangers and problems will also arise, and Nico has to be extra careful this time and should perform her magic spells smartly.

Witch Watch chapter 81 Story

Witch Watch is based on a witch name Nico, who recently graduated from witch school. She had spent half of her life in the school learning magic spells and now she decided to move out. She moved to live with her best friend and her childhood crush ‘Morihoto Otago’ who is an ogre who looks like a human. In the entire volume and chapter, the romance between them can be seen, Nico wants them that one day they will also become a couple. The last chapter was ‘chapter 81 ‘Fave Artist File Crazy Events Arc’.

In this chapter, there is an event where all the artists and writers who make fan comics sell fan events in Japan. Artist Kuku is very busy and tense, but she is passionately completing her comic. She is a perfectionist and very much focused, in this Nico joins her to assist her. The day has arrived Kuku is very much tensed but excited. They both got ready to do their work because there is no time to waste and suddenly Morihto arrives.

He is here as a bodyguard for Nico because he does not want that Nico causes any trouble with her magic. They start working but Kuku is worried and she started texting Makuwa because there is one problem with the printing stuff, but Nico helps her out with her magic spells. Before the event started Kuku got very emotional and started crying but Nico motivated her and reminded her how wonderful work she is doing.

Kuku feels blessed because she had a witch to help her. After some time Kuku finds out that there is miss print and one of her dialogue is missing, realizing that Kuku became more hyper but Nico has a solution she used his magic spells and started printing the missing dialogue by hand and with the help of Morihto who also assisted them. At the start of the event Kuku was in a nerve-wracking position but eventually, everything calms down and she focused her attention on her work, and they got successful in selling 1000 copies of the book.

Everyone is very impressed by Kuku’s work and appreciated her. She has also increased her followers and everyone is talking about her. The event was successful and it was just because of Kuku. Kuku is quite emotional, she cannot believe she did it, but this was all of her hard work and passion which has paid off.

Where to Read ‘Witch Watch’ Online?

Manga is an ongoing trendy series and its fanbase is huge there are a lot of online platforms to read it. There are some paid sites too, as the chapters and volume are vast most often the audience pays for it. You can read, Witch Watch on Reddit or any manga website.

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