Who Is Marie Riccio? Bio, Wiki, Age, Childhood, Net Worth!

If you have been a fan of food shows, then you must have also heard the name, Carl Ruiz. He passed away a few years back and was very well known for his food network show Guys Grocery Games, and we would often spot him on many podcast shows, as a guest judge and making guest appearances on many well know food-based shows.

Who Is Marie Riccio?

Carl was very famous and loved for his humor sense and his cooking skills and he did own some restaurant joints of his own. Now you must be thinking why we are talking about carl in this article, it is because Marie Riccio the famous well know chef, whom we are searching for in this article used to married to the late Carl Ruiz. Marie Riccio and carl had been married for quite some time and they both belonged to the food world and we can say that was the ground that attracted them towards each other. However, like most other celebrity marriages, this one also didn’t last long. They split apart because of differences among themselves and that was a mutual decision for both personalities.

Recently, Marie Riccio has been very much searched by our audiences and as she lacks a Wikipedia page, there have been much fake news about her and many facts about her are unknown. She has been in the food industry for quite a long time and is quite well-known for celebrity chefs. However, she is one of those chefs who aren’t into the fame game and doesn’t dream of being a tv celebrity or something. She is more into cooking and opening more food chains under her. though there is a lack of information available, we are here to give you the most authentic information available on the entire internet.

Marie Riccio Net Worth

Who Is Marie Riccio?

Marie Riccio as we know is the ex-wife of the former celebrity chef carl Ruiz, whom almost all of us know for his extremely popular shows and his good nature and witty talking capabilities. Now his marriage with Marie Riccio can be considered as one of the biggest reasons that Marie has got so famous and her restaurant as a chef is known by many people in the industry. She, herself got quite a big piece of carl Ruiz’s net worth after the marriage that’s for sure, and other than that, she has also got her own restaurant which has been serving for more than years which means, it is settled and operating well. Based on our sources and everything we can conclude that Marie Riccio has got a net worth of nearly a million dollars which is just huge when it comes to a restaurant owner.

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Marie Riccio Early Life

She was born in the year 1981 in the February months and her birthplace was in new jerky. She was born to martin and Joyce Riccio and has never mentioned any sibling or anything of that sort. Thus, we can assume there are none. For her schooling and stuff, she attended the Rutgers university which is also in new jersey, and based on how things have been, we can also say that she has mostly grown up and everything in new jersey only. From an early age, she has been a lover of food and has always been interested particularly in the Italian genre of cooking. However, nothing else has been properly disclosed about her childhood.

Marie Riccio Personal Life

Who Is Marie Riccio?

Marie got married to carl approximately in 2000 or after that, though there has been a lot of confusion about it as their marriage and everything happened in quite a secretive manner. Though they did date for a long time and one of the biggest common grounds for them was their love for food. They have got two children Robert and Michelle and there have also been some rumors about Marie being involved with another guy before she got married to carl. However, nothing has been cleared by the celebrity. Other than that, Marie and carl got separated in the year 2018 which was the official year for the divorce and soon after that in 2019 unfortunately, carl suffered a heart attack in his sleep and passed away.

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