Who Is Kieren Lindsay Lieberthal? Facts About Julianna Margulies Son!

When it comes to celebrity kids, this name has been quite famous for the last few years. Though there not be any activities Kieren Lindsay Lieberthal has been involved in, but being just a kid and the kid of two extremely successful people in their respective sectors has drawn a lot of attention toward him. Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal is the son of Julianna Margulies, the celebrity whom we often spot in many drama series such as ER and the good wife and many others. and his father is Keith Lieberthal is a very well-known attorney. Now when it comes to Kieren, the first thing that we have to say is how well he has adapted to the busy and fame-filled lives of his parents and how well he reacts in front of the media and stuff, and as we all know celebrity kids are something that the media always keeps an eye on and looks for some flaming news, however in this case they haven’t been able to find any. The second thing that is very much notable after seeing Kieren is that he is absolutely adorable and handsome at the same time, his mother Julianna as we all know has been a crush for many and even when it comes to his father, Keith is also very good looking and he could have easily had a good modeling career is what we can say after looking at him.

Now coming to the main topic of the article ad that is regarding some facts about Kieren Lindsay Lieberthal, this has been a very asked question from our readers and that is because Juliana generally likes to keep her life very private and doesn’t share much of her daily activities with her son online. However if you do follow her on social media, you will be known well by now, how much she [raises her, for his good heart and for being the funny and happy kid. However, based on some of her interviews and some of our sources, we have found out some unknown facts about this celebrity kid and read till the end to know more.

Who Is Kieren Lindsay Liberthal?

Who Is Kieren Lindsay Liberthal?

Many people out there have been very much confused about the age of Kieren. However, it has been very properly started by his parents and grandparents, who were very happy during his birth of him. They also described him as the most adorable kid they have ever seen. What time we are talking about? This was in 2008 and that’s thus his birth year too. Therefore, based on this calculation we can conclude that in 2022 he is 14 years old. We have seen some great posts on Kieren on the social media handle Juliana and she has described her kid to be very much kind, funny and empathic. She also mentioned that he is extremely sweet and that is one thing even we can confirm from what we have seen in the previous years.

Other than that Kieren hasn’t been a big fan of his mother’s show and that has been confirmed by his mother herself. Juliana has previously mentioned that Kieren has never watched his mother’s shows for hours. He though is very good at script reading and often helps her mother while she practices her lines.

When it comes to his ethnicity, we have got a very mixed combination. Because Juliana’s ancestors were actually immigrants from many countries such as Hungary, Austria, and Russia. He has got American nationality as he was born there only.

Kieren has been previously very scared of Santa and that has been confirmed by her mother herself. She had called Santa for a Christmas party at their home and he didn’t want to click a picture with him, neither did he want to go near him.

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Where Does Kieren Lindsay Lieberthal Reside?

Who Is Kieren Lindsay Liberthal?

Kieren being the son of Julianna Margulies comes from quite a wealthy family for sure. He resides with his parents in a Manhattan apartment which is in New York and they have also got some other real estate properties where they have been spotted earlier. They do like to go on trips and have been spotted in various other houses which may be hotels or stays, or may even end up being houses owned by them.

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