Who Is Cadence Gaelle Bridges? Everything To Know About Her!

Cadence Gaelle bridges are one of the surely upcoming big names in the industry and a celebrity kid she surely is quite well known by now only. For those who don’t know, she is the daughter of Christopher Brian Bridges. Okay, wait are you all still a bit confused about who she is and who Christopher is? Come on guys, you are all well aware of who Ludacris is right? Christopher is basically the real name of the American rapper and actor Ludacris. The famous role of Tej Parker played by Ludacris is something we all know him for very well and his music is also something we have all heard and something we will always listen to because it never really gets old. Now Ludacris has got a quite complicated personal life and when we talk about his personal life, we can’t forget the name of cadence. The third child of Ludacris and allegedly also the most pampered one out of Ludacris’s four children. You may have already heard of cadence from the stories and posts of Ludacris on his social media platforms and this is the first child from his marriage with Eudoxie.

Now something that is quite true, is the fact that Ludacris hasn’t given us much info regarding her child, and other stuff. Though his child being quite small, we do expect our very loved rapper and actor to share with us more about his family, personal life, and how he spends time with his kids. Though don’t worry as we have found everything that was available out there regarding cadence bridges and also Ludacris’s fourth child and the second one with Eudoxie. to know more about them do continue reading this article till the end.

Who Is Cadence Gaelle Bridges?

Who Is Cadence Gaelle Bridges?

As we have already mentioned cadence is the first daughter of Ludacris with Eudoxie and his third child. This is his first child which came out of his marriage in the year 2015, and since then we have seen that Eudoxie has gone through a miscarriage in the year 2018 and finally they announced their second child in the year 2021. Cadence is basically from her father’s side an African American. She was born in June months and somehow her birth date exactly hasn’t been disclosed by the parents. When she made it to the world she weighed 7 pounds and four ounces and by her nature which we have seen in her tik tok videos and stuff, we can say she is extremely jolly, happy, and very pure at heart. The father-daughter relationship is something that is very adorable and at the same time very funny and at the same time, we see cadence having a very amazing relationship with her half-sister, whose custody case was going on when Eudoxie and Ludacris got married. You all probably know the amount of drama that was related to that and how much struggle Ludacris had to go through to take back his daughter Cai.

Other than that, we do see some pictures only of cadence on the Internet because Ludacris has actually kept his life quite private and doesn’t update fans regularly on what’s going on and surely cadence is too young to have an Instagram of herself yet. based on her birth date and stuff, we can say she is 7 years old this year and she is quite a good-looking child. Her smile is absolutely adorable and that is something that will melt almost everyone’s heart.

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Ludacris And Eudoxie’s Marriage

Who Is Cadence Gaelle Bridges?

Now as we have mentioned Ludacris has been a very private person and he doesn’t share much with his fans regarding his family. However Eudoxie and he had been dating for quite some time and they even got engaged and married on the same date. As we have already mentioned, cadence’s mom Eudoxie is an activist and she likes to speak up for social rights and stuff for humanity’s causes as she, herself has faced a lot of poverty sexual abuse, and other stuff. That was one of the main ways, that we came to know that she had gone through a miscarriage in 2018. Other than that, it is also perfectly well known by everyone, that Ludacris has already cheated on Eudoxie once and she has given him a second chance this time.

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