Imlie Season 3 Release Date And Spoilers!

The stage is set for Imlie season 2. Imlie 2.0 has already premiered on Star Plus and Disney+ Hotstar. The first-ever season of this famous Star Plus series was highly enjoyed by the audience out there. We were deeply in love with all the characters in the show. There is no doubt in the fact that we were highly impressed by the highly twisted plotline of the series. A few weeks back we said goodbye to Imlie season 1. The heart-warming finale episode of the show left all of us in tears. You might be thinking the story is over, but it looks like Star Plus has shown the green flag to Imlie season 2! The latest promo for Imlie season 2 is streaming on various YouTube channels. Another exciting story is waiting for us. Get ready to learn everything about Imlie’s daughters, Imlie and Cheeni.

Imlie Season 3 Release Date

Imlie Season 3 Release Date

Imlie season 2 has already been released on Star Plus. If you are a regular follower of this show, then you must have seen a few episodes of Imlie season 2 as well. The story has begun! The intriguing storyline of Imlie season 2 has already impressed the old viewers of the show. In total, we have already watched more than 600 episodes of the show.

The popular Star Plus show premiered back on 16th November 2020. For the past 2 years, the show has been running strong and it has still managed to retain its long-established reputation. Just like the first season of the show, Imlie season 2 as well will be filled with numerous twists and turns. We are highly excited to learn everything about Imlie, Cheeni, and Atharva!

Now, if we talk about season 3, it is not been officially announced yet, we have to wait for it because recently the makers have released season 2 of the show.

Name of the ShowImlie
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreRomance, Drama
Imlie Season 1 Release Date16 November 2020
Imlie Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Imlie Season 3 Overview

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Imlie Season 3 Story

Imlie 2.0 has begun. A brand new story is waiting for us. In the very last episode of Imlie season 1, we saw how Imlie and Aryan died in a brutal accident! But the story is not over yet! We are about to see the second generation of Imlie. She has successfully given birth to twins. Imlie season 2 will revolve around Imlie’s two beautiful daughters, Imlie and Cheeni. The two sisters are exactly opposite to one another.

Just like her mother, Imlie is also sweet, smart, and innocent but Cheeni is quite different from her twin sister. Cheeni has got her personality from her father, she is bold, beautiful, and sharp. Imlie likes to handle situations calmly, but Cheeni likes to play it rough. A love triangle is waiting for you all. Welcome the brand new hero of the show, Atharva. He has a soft corner for Cheeni, but it seems like his family is impressed by Imlie’s shy and sweet nature. The love triangle has already begun.

The sisters will have a competitive and rough relationship. Imlie wants to offer everything to Cheeni, but Cheeni always feels jealous of Imlie. As per Cheeni’s mindset, her mother has always been biased between the two, she has always paid more attention to Imlie. Cheeni and Imlie’s complicated and bitter relationship will get even more complex now!

We cannot say anything about the storyline of the next season, because till now, no o=information available regarding this yet.

Imlie Season 3 Cast

Imlie Season 3 Release Date

Let me introduce to you the brand new characters of the show. Welcome the lead cast members of the show! The very talented and beautiful Megha Chakraborty will play the role of Imlie’s daughter, who is also named Imlie. Seerat Kapoor will be seen as Cheeni. Whereas the very famous and handsome Karan Vohra will be the main male actor in the show, Atharva. Chaitrali Gupte and Bobby Parvez will portray the role of Atharva’s mother and father, Devika Rana and Rudra Rana respectively. Jitendra Bohara will be seen as Akash Rana, Atharva’s brother. Saumya Saraswat will be seen as Akash’s wife, namely, Keya Rana. Preet Kaur Nayal will be playing the role of Cheeni’s paternal aunt. We will see her as Rupali. Last but not least, meet Hetal Yadav, we will see her in the shoes of Shivani Rana, Devika’s sister.

As there is no official information regarding season 3 so there is also no information about the cast and the characters of the Imlie Season 3.

Imlie Season 3 Trailer

The second generation is here. The stage is open for the brand-new characters of the show. Welcome, Imlie, Cheeni, and Atharva. If you still haven’t checked the latest teaser of Imlie season 2, then what are you waiting for? The brand new promo of Imlie season 2 is streaming exclusively on YouTube, go check it out now, but season 3 talks are not in the air, and you need to wait for it.

Where To Watch Imlie Online?

Yes, the show is also available online. To watch all the latest episodes of Imlie season 2, you just need to subscribe to Disney Plus Hotstar. The latest episodes of Imlie 2.0 stream exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

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