Billy The Kid Season 2 Release Date: Is The Show Renewed?

Billy The Kid is an American romantic adventure series about an infamous outlaw. The first season of the series premiered on the 24th of April 2022 with 8 episodes. It was given a rating of about 43% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.2 on IMDb. The audience rating summary was summed up to 4.6/5 basically stating that irrespective of the critics the audience seemed to enjoy the series quite enough.

The cinematography of the series was well-appreciated and it highlighted the performances all too well. The series is written by Michael Hirst the one who wrote the script for Vikings. The reckless character design seems to have caught quite the viewer’s eye.

Billy The Kid Season 2 Release Date

Billy The Kid Season 2 Release Date

There has been no official announcement or even hints about there being another season for this series. If there were to be a series it would probably be announced or released only after the first half of 2023.

Name Of The ShowBilly The Kid
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreEpic romantic adventure
Billy The Kid Season 1 Release Date24 April 2022
Billy The Kid Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

The series does not seem to have ended as the last episode of season 1, that is, the 8th episode was termed as the season finale and not the series finale. But since the stories are not really interlinked and basically just show us Billy’s adventures it is quite possible to not have another season.

Is Billy the Kid Based On A True Story?

Yes, Billy The Kid is based on a real person who went by the name William H. Bonney Jr. so as to disguise his real name, Henry McCarty. He was considered the most notorious gunslinger back in the day and ended up dying at the young age of 21 on the 14th of July 1881.

The story of Billy The Kid has been adapted into films before too but, the 2022 series named “Billy The Kid” is said to be the most accurate one, taking in consideration all the historical facts currently available.

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Billy The Kid Season 2 Cast

Since the name itself suggests that the story is about the infamous outlaw frequently referred to as Billy The Kid it would be revolving around him and the people he encounters in his adventurous journey. Therefore, I do not think the main cast would change if another season of the series were to be released.

Billy The Kid Season 1 Cast:

Tom Blyth (Billy The Kid), Daniel Webber (Jesse Evans), Jonah Collier (Young Billy), Eileen O’Higgins (Kathleen McCarthy), Dakota Daulby (John Beckwith), Sean O. Roberts (Bob Olinger), and Ryan Kennedy (Ash Upson).

Billy The Kid Season 2 Story

Billy The Kid Season 2 Release Date

If there were to be a season 2 of the Billy The Kid series, then it would most probably be following the same storyline replicating and entertainingly portraying the young man’s adventures back in the 1870s.

Billy The Kid series is based on the life of an infamous American outlaw, namely, William Bonney whose real name was Henry McCarty who belonged to Irish roots. He sort of used to be a cowboy and gunfighter who ended up playing a real pivotal role in the Lincoln County War. He used to be in the American frontier and because of his abilities and deeds was considered one of the most notorious outlaws.

He became a wanted gunslinger in American Old West who killed 8 people at a very young age and was later shot and killed when he was 21. The series basically highlights the known incidents he has been in at such a young age and the reason why he became an outlaw who was feared by many which eventually led up to his murder.

Billy The Kid Season 2 Trailer

Since there has been no official statement conforming to a release or announcement of the second season there is no official trailer out for the same.

But, if you are somebody who likes cowboy-inspired themes and adventurous stories you should give the season 1 trailer a watch on YouTube, Roku Channel, Apple TV, Vudu, Spectrum TV or on Amazon Prime Video.

Where To Watch Billy the Kid Season 2 Online?

If there ever were to be a second season of the Billy The Kid series. I believe it would be released on the same platforms as the season which was released prior to it.

If you haven’t watched the series yet you can watch it on the Roku Channel, Vudu, Apple TV, Spectrum TV, or on Amazon Prime Video. The series is kind of fun to watch thingy with historical facts about the infamous outlaw that is being stated in an entertaining manner.

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