Ritvik Sahore Web Shows: In Which Shows He Had Worked On?

OTT platforms have given an opportunity to people who have a passion for acting but getting a job in the Bollywood industry is almost a dream for them. Due to the availability and popularity of streaming platforms, we get to know about these gems of people who are great actors and some are even better than Bollywood actors. Ritvik Sahore is one such actor you may know about because of web shows, he is a great actor and even the choice of his shows are even greater. Ritvik Sahore definitely needs a whole article dedicated to his work, and because of this, you will also find some great shows to binge-watch. Let’s just get into the details. 

Who Is Ritvik Sahore?

You may have seen him in so many shows and been introduced to his acting but do you know who he actually is, let’s just get some information about him and his personal life. He was born on 14 December 2000 and which makes him 22 years old as of 2022, and his zodiac sign is Virgo. 

Ritvik Sahore was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and his parents are Rajesh and Monica Sahore, he even has a younger brother Daivik Sahore. He completed his studies at Gokul Dham High School and graduated in 2017. Ritvik Sahore started his journey from the movie Ferrari ki Sawari and then he just grew, he did movies like Guru, Dangal, Super 30, and many more, and he has done a lot of short movies as well. He even got awards for his work in Guru and the short movie Remember Me By. In this article, we will look at his work on OTT platforms. 

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Ritvik Sahore Web Shows

Ritvik Sahore Web ShowsRelease DateWhere To Watch?
Indori Ishq (1 Season)10 June 2021MX Player
Campus Diaries (1 Season)6 January 2022MX Player
Laakhon Mein Ek (2 Seasons)13 October 2017Amazon Prime Video
Escaype Live (1 Season)20 May 2022Disney Hotstar
Awkward Conversations With Parents (1 Season)July 17, 2018Zee 5
Matsya Kaand (1 Season)18 November 2021MX Player
The Good Karma Hospital (4 Seasons)5 February 2017Prime Video
Express (1 Season)January 16, 2022Amazon Prime Video

1. Indori Ishq

Ritvik Sahore Web Shows

Indori Ishq is the perfect example of the fact that if a series is great then without any star-studded cast or promotions, the show will get the appreciation it deserves. Released in the year 2021, the show instantly got popular and a lot of people were loving the show on the internet. The story is about love, infatuation, pain, and heartbreaks, it shows that love can either make a person or break a person. Ritvik Sahore plays the role of Kunal who is in love with Tara played by Vedika Bhandari. Kunal loves Tara and after so many failed attempts, he finally succeeds in making Tara fall in love with him. Kunal lives in Indore and after completing his schooling there, he goes to Mumbai for higher studies. 

He makes friends there and is studying really hard to crack the entrance exam for college, he is loyal to Tara, so when his friend’s girlfriend proposes to him, he rejects her. Kunal finally got admission to the Naval College of Mumbai, and he decides to go to Indore to meet Tara and his family. When he reaches Indore, he got to know that Tara cheated on him and his life turns upside down. Kunal is in so much pain and starts to drink again, he falls in love with another girl but can’t remove Tara from her head. Tara decides to get back to Kunal but is she loyal, the story takes on a different journey from there. There is anger, betrayal, pain, and suffering but is there love? Indori Ishq is available on MX Player and is a great show that you can try. 


FLAMES was a show that was all over the internet back in 2018, the story was relatable, cute and definitely peak entertainment, that is when most of us got to know about Ritika’s talent and also the talent of TVF. In this world of toxic relationships, that show introduced us to the story of Rajat played by Ritvik Sahore and Ishita played by Tanya Maniktala. Rajat develops a crush on Ishita the moment he saw her in the coaching center, he tries to talk to her for several moments but is not able to. On the other hand, his friends Gaurav Pandey played by Shivam Kakar, and Anusha played by Sunakshi Grover also have some love story brewing. 

When Rajat sees Anusha and Pandey getting together, he decides to talk to Ishita. They finally talk to each other and instantly feel a connection, they both like to spend time with each other but a misunderstanding has come in between their love. The show follows the emotions of teenagers, that first love, confusion, and a lot of emotions are something every teenager goes through. The acting and direction are impeccable and the story will make you feel good and gushed. FLAMES is available on MX Player and definitely, a must-watch if you have enjoyed the work of Ritvik. 

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3. Lakhon Mein Ek

Ritvik Sahore Web Shows

A lot of Indian parents if not everyone is obsessed with either engineering or medicine, the moment their kids are born they start to dream about them being an engineer or a doctor, in that case, the aspirations of that kid always get thrown in the garbage. It does not matter what they want to do, if they are not an engineer, the kids can do nothing and there is no future. Even if the children do not find a passion for being an engineer, they have to do it because of their parents’ pressure. Every career option other than engineering gets looked down on, and in that case being a content creator is almost impossible. 

Aakash Gupta played by Ritvik Sahore finds his passion in mimicry and wants to create videos, he is not interested in engineering but due to his parents he has to do that. After getting 55 percent on boards which is not acceptable in college for engineering, Aakash’s father sends him to Visakhapatnam for coaching. He is heartbroken because he is not passionate about engineering but his father won’t let him do anything. The story is about friendships and crushed dreams and it’s interesting to see how Aakash tries to change his life. Laakhon Mein Ek is available on Amazon Prime Video. 

4. Matsya Kand

Ritvik Sahore Web Shows

Even though we get to see Ritvik Sahore only in some scenes, his work cannot be ignored. He plays the role of young Matsya, and he plays every bit of that role efficiently. It is a story about crime and the police. Matsya does crime but he is not just some criminal, he does all the crimes with charm and elegance. He plans out his heists beautifully and executes it with intelligence, the police are always shocked by the way he works. ACP Tejraj Singh played by Ravi Kishan is new in charge of the case but can he stop Matsya? 

The story is really gripping and to be fair underrated, it is exciting to see the chase between the police and Matsya. As a watcher, you would be confused as to who to support, the truth or the justice. Matsya has his reasons to commit the crime but even the police are corrupt, so who will win in the end. Directed by Ajay Bhuyan, Matsya Kand has a great cast and the thrilling story will keep you engaged. Matsya Land is available on MX Player, and if you enjoy crime-thrillers this can be a good option. 

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5. Escaype Live

Ritvik Sahore Web Shows

Social media has become a source of entertainment for some but it is a job for some, the people who get famous through social media, seem to get a perfect life. Fame and money are what else you can ask for, but the lives of 6 people change forever after they participate in a contest led by a live-streaming app. Dark Angel also called Darkie Bablu in flash back played by Sumedh Mudgalkar, Plabita Borthakur as Hina known as Fetish Girl played by Plabita Borthakur, Rajkumar also called Meena played by Rohit Chandel, Rani Singh also called Dance Rani played by Aadya Sharma and Nilesh Sonawane known as Aamcha Spider played by Ritvik Sahore participates in the competition with the hope gaining fame and money but it is not going to be easy. 

The series is thrilling and it shows the minds of people who will do anything to be famous. The people who want to be famous on social media forget the difference between reality and virtuality. They will go so far just to achieve that fame but is it worth it? Escaype Live is an interesting and different show, something that was needed and has not been done before. It is available on Disney+ Hotstar. 

6. Campus Diaries

Bollywood always depicts a perfect college life, that is filled with love, parties, and friendships which is the reality only to some extent. Campus Diaries is not your typical college story about love and parties, it actually talks about deep topics such as drugs, one sided love stories and ragging and also discrimination of any sort such as caste, societal etc, it also talks about toxic relationships and drug abuse. 

The show is really relatable and funny and also talks about taboo topics. Campus Diaries has such a great and talented cast of actors such as Ritvik Sahore, Harsh Beniwal, Saloni Gaur, Salonie Patel, Abhinav Sharma and Srishti Ganguli Rindan etc. The story is about friendship and the not-so-typical drama of college, 6 friends who are finding themselves as well as fighting with the societal dilemma. Created by Prem Mistry and Abhishek Yadav, the show takes on an interesting journey of the students of Excel University. This 12-episode journey is a must-watch if you want to be free from the mundane life, it is available on MX Player. 

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7. Bro-founders

Ritvik Sahore Web Shows

The content of Filtercopy has really come a long way, after shows such as Little Things, Adulting and many more, we got Bro-founders back in June 2022. The story and journey of a start-up led by two brothers. It is a mini-series so we got to see fewer episodes but every bit of those episodes was more than just perfect. The show is exciting, emotional and chaotic to say the least, in just three episodes you will get a lot to watch. 

Sachin played by Ritvik Sahore and Arjun played by Shantanu Rangnekar are two brothers who were never able to relate and connect with each other but after an incident, they have to come together to help themselves. Two brothers who did not like each other are together to help each other, they are learning and growing together. It is interesting to see how they both try to build the startup and even after having their differences they are together for the best. The show is fascinating and emotional, the episodes are of just around 20 minutes, so a great show to watch when we are searching for something to watch while we eat. Bro-founders is available on YouTube, so what are you waiting for just watch it. 

8. Bestfriends

You may remember the time in 2020 when everything just stopped, we were stuck at our homes, and at that time the only thing that saved us was our friends. Bestfriends is a series that was shot at that time, four office friends who are trying to be okay with the change they are enduring. After two years it is weird to think about that but the series is definitely fine. It is obvious that the actors shot the episodes at their home on their own, and they shot it perfectly.

 Nikhil, Ayesha, Rohit, and Kanika, are co-workers, and to pass the time they talk to each other and in that process their friendship flourishes. Best friends is a show that you can try. The episodes are just ten-minute long so it is easy to watch the show. It is available on YouTube on the Alright channel. 

9. Ishq Express

Ritvik Sahore Web Shows

Two people that met on a train journey did not know that their life was going to be changed after meeting with each other. The story may seem cliche to some because of the love story aspect but sometimes it is cool to even watch that, because then we are watching it for the vibe not the story. A simple story about a boy and a girl, who meet each other and they were awkward at first but then became a perfect pair. Aarav played by Ritvik Sahore and Tanya Basu played by Gayatri Bhardwaj are forced to share the seat. It was awkward for them but then it was easy.

 Aarav is confused, he does not know what he wants. On the other hand, Tanya is a straightforward girl. A beautiful journey and even more beautiful chemistry is sizzling between them. Is it the start of their connection, or it will just be the journey, you can know when you will watch the show. Where the Ishq express will take them is interesting to see, it is acha on Amazon Mini TV

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10. Awkward Conversations

Some conversations are just awkward, but it is awkward for the people who are having that conversation, not for those who are watching it. It is an interesting series of episodes that are filled with entertainment. It is funny and exciting to just witness it. Awkward Conversations has two seasons, the first one is Awkward Conversations with Parents and the second one is Awkward Conversations with Girlfriend and both of them are equally hilarious to watch. 

Ishan played by Ritvik Sahore is a normal youngster but he gets in an awkward situation when his parents find out about things he wanted to be a secret. In the second season, Ishan gets into awkward conversations with his girlfriend Ananya. People loved the chemistry and it was just really funny to watch everything. Awkward Conversations is another series you can try when you just want to watch something quick and good, it is available on YouTube. 

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