Blockers 2 Release Date: Is The Movie Coming Out In 2022?

Almost four years have passed by but the audience is still talking about Blockers 2. The movie surely took us by surprise. “Blockers” is still seen as one of the best-dated family movies out there. Blockers premiered back in 2018 but guess what the audience is still waiting to see a sequel of this movie. Blockers 2 is among the most awaited movies out there. As teenagers grow up, they tend to discover many factors about themselves.

Isn’t teen life full of exploration? First kiss, first boyfriend, college life, clearly the list is pretty long. But hey there, did you forget about your parents? Our parents are meant to be protective of us. They always try to guide us on the right path. The movie delivers an extraordinary message out there. It talks about sensitive issues as well.

Since parents are always worried about their growing kids, they often end up interrupting too much in their children’s lives. The movie is based on this particular storyline. If you have watched this movie, then you probably know by now that Blockers explores the true meaning behind a parent-and-child relationship. The movie impressed us a lot and we can’t wait to know what happens next in the sequel of the movie.

Blockers 2 Release Date

Blockers 2 Release Date

Blockers is an American comedy movie that comes with a generous dose of humor. The movie was directed by the very renowned and talented Kay Cannon, while it was penned by Brian and Jim Kehoe. The movie not only made us laugh, but it also gave us a deeper view of parenting. The three parents will try their best to guide their kids on the right path. But before we take you through the exact storyline of Blockers, tell me quickly talk about the sequel movie. Blockers 2 is again on our radar. The movie inspired us a lot. This is not the first time, we are hearing about Blockers 2.

Name Of The MovieBlockers
Movie Number2
GenreTeen Comedy
Blockers 1 Release DateMarch 10, 2018
Blockers 2 Release DateNot Announced

For the past four years, fans have been tweeting about Blockers 2. Many sources claim the movie will soon get a green signal from the production house. But at the end of the daylight, there are almost zero official updates on Blockers 2. The very first part of the movie was surrounded by a highly interesting storyline. Moreover, we were astonished by the mesmerizing performance of John Cena, Leslie Mann, and Ike Barinholtz. Their incredible performance as parents is still remembered by many of us.

The impact created by Blockers was massive. It’s not just a comedy movie, but also a massive bomb of an emotional roller-coaster. The sweet and sour twists and turns in the movie entertained us a lot. This brings us to the main discussion of the day, Blockers 2. Honestly, we would love to see a brand new journey of Julie, Kayla, and Sam. their parents are friends and parents also deserve a generous amount of fun in their lives.

The sweet ending of the movie kept the stage open for Blockers 2. Since the trio is off to college now, their parents are bound to explore a bit more about themselves. There are a bunch of estimations out there regarding the plotline of Blockers 2. We will discuss them one by one. But the main question remains the same, when will Blockers 2 be released? As we already mentioned above, Blockers 2 is yet to be renewed by the production house.

The internal cast members of the movie are also quiet about Blockers 2. Nothing can be said with surety right now. As of now, we can only assure you about one thing, Blockers 2 is not cancelled. There is a possibility that says that the sequel movie was never meant to happen. But we also cannot ignore the massive fan base developed by the movie. Let’s hope, it gets renewed soon. If the sequel movie receives a green signal, then you can expect to see Blockers 2 by the beginning of 2024.

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Blockers Storyline

Before we dive into the plotline of Blockers 2, let us quickly review the gripping storyline of Blockers. The story begins with three beautiful young teenage high-school girls, Julie, Kayla, and Sam. Julie lives with her gorgeous mother Lisa. All these years, she has been highly protective of her daughter. Just like Lisa, we also have two other men in the story, Mitchell and Hunter. Mitchell is Kayla’s dad, similarly, Hunter is seen as Sam’s father.

Just like their daughters, they also developed a cordial friendships among themselves. Just like every young teenager, these three young girls are also ready to discover the true meaning of life and fun. This brings us to the prom night when things were deemed to change for them. Julie decides to lose her virginity. It has to be the prom night. She is in love with Austin and they have started dating. It’s time to step up their relationship. Julie’s outrageous decision influenced the other two. Kayla selects her lab partner for the ultimate prom night.

But it looks like Sam is neither interested in sex nor she is quite fond of boys. She is a lesbian and these topics make her nervous to the core. None of her two best friends are aware of her liking. Initially, the girls thought they were too smart to escape their parent’s protective eyesight. But their plan soon went down the lane. Lisa throws a cozy party at her place. It was more like a pre-prom party for the kids.

Julie, Kayla, and Sam leave all dressed up from their house. But little did they know, that their chalked-out plans will soon get interrupted by their beloved parents. Coming to the parents, Lisa, Mitchell, and Hunter were having a good time together but then Mitchell decoded the real meanings of the emoticons. This is where the problem began.

Lisa and Mitchell are hurrying to stop their kids from making the mistake, but Hunter is seemingly calm about his daughter. His gut feelings tell him Sam is gay. The three parents soon discover the inside details of the after-party. It’s happening in Austin’s house and it is sounding too creepy to the parents. They caught their kids in the wrong situation. I hope you got the hint.

On one hand, Lisa is still trying her best to understand her daughter, while Mitchell is utterly shocked at Kayla’s spontaneous decision. But on the other hand, Hunter is blaming himself for Sam’s indecisive decision. Ever since he got separated from his wife, he has not paid full attention to Sam. To know the ending of this movie, you have to watch the full story of Blockers.

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Blockers 2 Story

We all know how the movie ended. The parents bid goodbye to their kids. They are ready to start their college journey. Blockers 2 can revolve around their college life. Their last prank on their parents which gave a minor heart attack to Lisa, Hunter, and Mitchell was a bit creepy for us too. They were talking about drugs and unprotected sex, which is surely not the right way to start your college life. Well, we were relieved to know that they were just fooling around with their parents, but what if it’s true?

College life is meant to be full of iconic events, from first heartbreak to truly concentrating on career plans, we are surely ready to explore a bunch of stories here. Moreover, the trio can return to their hometown. Don’t forget about summer break! Meanwhile, since all three are more or less handling their child alone, there can be a story based on these three parents. Kids are out of the apartment and now they have a lot of time to focus on themselves. A bunch of things can happen in Blockers 2.

Blockers 2 Cast

Blockers 2 Release Date

If Blockers 2 ever take place, then it has to be with the original cast members of the movie. John Cena is very much interested in Blockers 2, we will surely see him reprise his role of Mitchell. Kathryn Newton and Geraldine Viswanathan will come back as Jule and Kayla respectively.

Similarly, we will see Ike Barinholtz in the shoes of Hunter. Leslie Mann might also make a return to the movie. We will see her as Lisa. Last but not the least, we will see Gideon Adlon in Blockers 2. After all the trio is empty with the bold and beautiful Sam. We might also see some brand-new characters in the story.

Blockers 2 Trailer Released?

Given the current scenario of the sequel movie, the trailer of Blockers 2 is not going to roll out before the end of 2023. The filming and editing process of Blockers was wrapped up within one year. We are expecting the same from Blockers 2. As of now, we don’t have any release date for Blockers 2, but we will surely notify you about this.

Blockers- Can You Watch The Movie Online?

Yes, you can binge the movie online. “Blockers” is available on Prime Video and Apple Tv. You can also watch it over Redbox.

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