The Office Season 3 Release Date: Is It Renewed?

The Office is one of the most classic shows of all time, it set the bar for sitcoms really high, and to this day that show is considered peak comedy, some also say that it is better than shows such as Friends, which is still considered an iconic show. To be fair, no one is lying when they say that everything about that show was perfect from the writing to the acting and from the camera work to the direction. 

The Office was originally released in England, and then The Office American version was released a while ago The Office Indian version was also released. Created by Rajesh Devraj and directed by Rohan Sippy, Debbie Rao, and Bumpy, the series takes inspiration from both British and American versions of The Office. Two seasons have been released so far, and many people were wondering about the third season. So, let’s just get into the details about The Office Season 3. 

The Office Season 3 Release Date

The Office Season 3 Release Date

The Office almost has a cult following all over the world, the humor and the inside jokes are unmatched, so when The Office Indian version was announced people had mixed reactions some were excited some were not like the idea. The series was released on June 28, 2019, with 13 episodes, followed by a second season on September 15, 2019, both the first and second seasons were actually filmed together. As of right now, there has not been an update about a new season by the creators of the series. There is even a petition on the internet for The Office season 3, so far around 500 people have signed that petition. As you may know, there can be reasons why season 3 is not out yet.

Name Of The ShowThe Office
Season NumberSeason 3
The Office Season 1 Release Date June 28, 2019
The Office Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

 One reason can be the obvious budget issues and the second one can be viewership issues. If there are any budget issues only the makers will know but viewership issues can be the reason here. The Office did not get much appreciation and the show actually has a really low IMDb rating. People actually liked the show and on the internet, you can find many people supporting the show and saying that show was actually great. The fact that both the first and second seasons were filmed together may mean that the makers only intended to make two seasons, that’s why a season 3 was never even considered. Whatever the reason can be, a lot of people would actually like to watch season 3, so let’s see if the makers will hear the petition. 

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The Office Season 3 Story

The Office Season 3 Release Date

The Office follows the same story as The Office American version and British, but with obvious Indian twists and turns. Wilkins Chawla is a company with a rather boring  9 to 5 scenario, and the company’s boss tries their hardest to make the company successful and make the employees work more efficiently. And we get to see different hilarious events in the office, that are chaotic and funny to watch. If there will be a season 3, we will get to see more such hilarious moments in the workplace. Every employee has an interesting backstory, and they all share a relationship that is loving and also hysterical. 

The Office Season 3 Cast

The Office was appreciated for its cast in both the American and British versions, and the Indian version was also really great. Mukul Chadda played the character of Jagdeep Chadda, Gopal Datt is in the role of Triveni Prasad Mishra, Sayandeep Sengupta as Amit Sharma, and Samridhi Dewan has played the role of Pammi Goel. Abhinav Sharma is in the role of Sapan Gill, Gavin N. Methalaka has played the character of Kutty, Preeti Kochar has played the role of Sarla Bansal, Priyanka Setia is in the role of Anjali, Sunil Jetley in the role of Saleem Ghiani, Chien Ho Liao is in the role of Rinchin, Spruha Joshi has played the character of Geeta, and Mallika Dua has played the character of  Kitty Kataria. The major characters were the same in both seasons 1 and 2, but some new characters were added in the second season. If there will be a third season the cast will be the same with maybe some additional new characters. 

Where To Watch The Office Season 3 Online

The Office is available on Hotstar, if there will be another new season it will stream there as well. 

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