Love At 5th Floor Season 2 Release Date: Will It Ever Return?

Representation in mainstream media matters, it makes the individuals feel included. So, shows that are women-centric definitely make a lot of women happy, Love At 5th Floor is one such show. The show can be described as a hidden gem because not a lot of people know about the series, even though the mini-series was appreciated at many prestigious film festivals such as Montreal International Film Festival 2020, Toronto Film Channel-2020, and Lift Off Global Network- Paris-2020. 

There was not any promotion of the show whatsoever and the series was in fact crowdfunded by more than 100 people. Created by Aditi Banerjee, Love At 5th Floor is a great show and the realness and rawness are clearly visible but that is what makes the show different and fascinating. The series was released recently in September 2022 and because the show was good, the demand for a second season is also high. So, let’s look at the information regarding Love At 5th Floor Season 2. 

Love At 5th Floor Season 2 Release Date

Thanks to the people who funded it because without them this series would not have been possible, the show is definitely really great and takes on a simple yet gripping storyline. As mentioned the series was released in September 2022 but so far any update about season 2 is not out. So, a new season may or may not come, it has just been some months so the creators may take some time before announcing season 2. 

Name Of The ShowLove At 5th Floor
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreWomen Centric series
Love At 5th Floor Season 1 Release DateJun 13, 2022
Love At 5th Floor Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

The story was concluded in the series itself so the possibility gets a little low as it was creator Aditi Banerjee’s debut project, so maybe she will try a different project next and not this one. It was great how a simple series that was crowdfunded was able to garner this much attention and appreciation. Though the series is still really underrated, the viewership it has gotten is insane. So, as of right now we don’t know the future of Love At 5th Floor season 2. 

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Love At 5th Floor Season 2 Story

Love At 5th Floor Season 2 Release Date

Love At 5th Floor follows the story of three women who live different lives but because of their same struggle, their stories overlap. The story starts with the introduction of the characters and then their problems get discussed in the series. One woman is a CEO of a company. She is really successful and intelligent but the problem arises when she finds out that her husband is cheating on her. Another is a young mother who recently learned about an online chatroom and was tempted by it. The third one is a professor, who is learning about friends and desires at an older age. All three of them are middle-class women who are trying to live their life as normal as they can. They all look at each other every day as they all live in the same complex, and wish for their life to be like the neighbor they see every day but they do not know about the hardships of that person’s life. 

The story may seem relatable to some as the things that are shown in the series are like sort of common things in every women’s life, even the creator Aditi Banerjee said that she took inspiration from real-life characters to keep the series authentic as it can be. A shocking video on a laptop changes the course of these women’s lives, a webcam and confrontations are in this series. Love At 5th Floor talks about aspects such as sexuality, desire, and polyamory in a real way. If there will be a second season it may continue the story of these women or maybe some other story about different women. 

Love At 5th Floor Season 2 Cast

Love At 5th Floor season 1 had a great cast and every character is authenticated because of the actors. Every actor was oozing talent and it was wonderful to watch every single one of them. Season 1 had actors such as Kafeel Jafri, Vaibhav Deep Chopra, Nikshu Dikshit, Vivek Kumar, Virginia Rodrigues, Rachna Gupta, and Dilnaz Irani in the main roles and played their roles efficiently. If there will be a season 2, it may have the same cast but as we do not know the details there will maybe be a whole new cast. 

Where To Watch Love At 5th Floor Season 2 Online

Love At 5th Floor is available on MX Player, if there will be a season 2 it will stream there. 

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