I Am Mother 2 Release Date: Is Sci-Fi Movie Returning?

I am Mother is a sci-fi thriller film released on Netflix. Sci-fi movies are loved by people of all age groups. The film was directed by Grant Sputore and was produced by Kelvin Munro and Timothy White. The story of the film is written by Michael Lloyd Green and Grant Sputore.

One of the known facts about this film is that it was made in a year. In 2017, the filming process started and the film was ready the next year. The idea of giving the main role to a robot was loved by the audience. One of the best things about the film was its cast. The film had very few cast but the ones that were part of the film did a commendable job. The story of I am Mother was very creative and was successful in engaging the audience.

The starts after the extinction of humans. The extinction was done by the robots with the motive of avoiding a scenario where the humans would destroy humanity and later on, themselves. So they decided to rebuild a whole new human race for a more ethical world. The film got an overall rating of 6.7 out of 10 on IMDb with 76% of the people liking the film on Google.

I Am Mother 2 Release Date

I Am Mother 2 Release Date

There may be a second part of the film. Any official announcements or confirmations regarding the same are not made yet. It’s been more than three years since the release of the film. If the second part of the film is to be made, it won’t be released till the end of 2023. If any updates regarding the release date of I am a Mother are made by the makers, we will update the same.

Name Of The MovieI Am Mother
Movie Number2
GenreScience Fiction
I Am Mother 1 Release DateJanuary 25, 2019
I Am Mother 2 Release DateNot Announced

I am Mother premiered on January 25, 2019, at the Sundance Film Festival. Netflix released I am a Mother on 7 June 2019 on its official platform.

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I Am Mother 2 Story

Any news regarding the release of I am Mother hasn’t been confirmed by the makers. If another part is made, the story might show how Daughter will handle the responsibility of the Mother. The makers might also create a completely new story as the second part with the same genre.

The story revolves around a Mother, who is a robot, and a Daughter, who are referred to as Mother and Daughter throughout the series. The earth faces extinction, and a bunker is designed to repopulate the human race according to the wish of the robots. Mother takes care of an embryo and after a span of 38 years, Daughter is seen who is in her teen. She teaches Daughter all the lessons needed for a psychological test.

She also asks the Daughter to never go outside the bunker. The test was done on the Daughter and she passes the test. One day, a weeping woman comes near the bunker and is heard by the Daughter who lets her in. The Woman makes her understand to not obey the robots and that they are the reason for the humans to get extinct. The Daughter comes to know that she is the Mother’s third child and that the others were killed as they didn’t pass the test. She plans to leave the bunker with the woman.

They leave the bunker after distracting Mother. The woman tells that there are no other survivors which frighten her Daughter. She returns to the bunker and apologizes to Mother. The mother explains her being an AI that controls all the robots.

Mother gives Daughter the responsibility of choosing and taking care of all the new embryos on her own and also of raising her little brother. The daughter realizes that now she is the Mother of the coming human race.

I Am Mother 2 Cast

I Am Mother 2 Release Date

If a second part of the film is to be released, the main cast might be the same. The makers might also add some more addition to the cast or they might completely change the cast for its second part.

The cast of I am Mother included Clara Rugaard as Daughter, Luke Hawker as Mother, Rose Byrne voicing Mother, Hilary Swank as Woman, Maddie Lenton as Infant, Hazel Sandery and Summer Lenton as Toddler, Tahlia Sturzaker as Child, and Jacob Nolan as Brother.

I Am Mother 2 Trailer

Any news regarding the second part of I am Mother is not confirmed by the makers as of now. The filming or any production-related work of the film has also not been started yet. No trailers of I am Mother has been released yet. When released, we will update the same.

Where Can You Watch I Am Mother 2 Online?

I am Mother hasn’t been released yet.

I am Mother was released on Netflix on 7 June 2019. If a second part is to be made, it might also get released on Netflix.

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