Human Season 2 Release: Hyped Series Returning?

When it comes to Indian web series, this show has actually reached heights that none of the makers did expect. The story and the characters which were framed by the makers even shocked the artists at some point because according to some of their interviews they have been the most complicated and well-written roles they have played in their lives and at some point, the actors got so much engulfed by the character that they didn’t even realize if it was really them acting or the characters playing their original predestined part. The show received quite good ratings and the comments of the critics regarding the first season of the show are quite shocking and at the same time quite impressive, and when it comes to the fan base, we already know the hype that has been created based on how many views it has received and the entire social media being flooded by praises regarding Shefali shah’s acting skills and the well-written story. Now at some point, it was completely unknown whether we will be receiving a second season of the show, because the story ended on such a note that we didn’t expect anything more from it and fans have just flooded the internet with questions regarding it.

However, based on our sources and stuff, we have come to the information that the makers have been very happy with the response of the audience, and with that, they have been already planning the second season of the show. Though nothing has been openly disclosed by the makers as of now, but based on our sources, it going to be bigger than the first season of the show and there is going to be more hype regarding it as many of the questions which were left unanswered in the first season will be answered now.

Human Season 2 Release Date

Human Season 2 Release Date

When it comes to the second season of the show, we must first remember how much time it took for the first season to be made. The makers of the show before even moving forward with the story had to do some thorough research on the human trial of medicine process that takes place in India and it was also announced that it hasn’t been taken from a true story. after the research process being for more than a year, the final making and production of the first season of the show took place and we received it in January months of 2022.

Name Of The ShowHuman
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreMedical thriller
Human Season 1 Release Date14 January 2022
Human Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

Since then it can be considered to be extremely worth the hype and soon in June months only it was disclosed by our sources that the makers have been thinking about the second season of the show and have started working on it. so based on all our predictions and how much time the show can take, We estimate that it will be either by the end or middle of 2023, for receiving the second season of the show. Other than that this season is also expected to have a total of 10 episodes just like the previous season of the show.

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Human Season 2 Story

For the story part, we haven’t disclosed anything as of now, however, based on where the story was left we got three notable events, firstly the entire pharmacy was burned down and now Dr. Gauri Nath has nothing to live for, and other than that the nurse, Deepali has burned everything down along with herself which is also quite mysterious as we have already seen her body we don’t know whether she would live at the end or is already dead and other than that something is confirmed is Saira is dead. Now, will Gauri live, this is one of the biggest questions that will only be answered in the second season?

Human Season 2 Cast

For the cast of the second season of the show, we haven’t been confirmed regarding who will be coming back, we know that Shefali Shah is going to be there somehow but how we don’t know. And we are quite sure that Kirti Kulhari is not going to be there anymore.

Human Season 2 Trailer

As we have already said, there have been no official announcements and thus we also haven’t received a trailer as of now.

Where Can We Watch Human Season 2?

The show just like the first season will make its release on the Disney+ Hotstar platform.

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