Santa Evita Season 2 Release Date: Is It Coming In 2023?

Sania Evita is a story of Argentina’s first lady’s dead body which became more dangerous after her death than she was alive. This series is based on the novel of Argentina’s famous writer ‘Tomas Eloy Martinez’. It is the story of the corpse of Sania Evita who shook the foundation of Argentina’s patriarchal government and laid the foundation of Women Bill’s in the country. After her death, her corpse was not cremated and this series revolves around the political bustle due to her presence after death.

The series’ first season was released on July 26, 2022. Its directors are Rodrigo Garica and Alejandro Maci. The series producers are Leonardo Aranguibel, Fernando Barbosa, Betina Brewda, Mariana Perez, Patricio Rabuffetti, Rodrigo Garica, Jose Tamez, and Salma Hayak.

Its IMDb rating is 6.7/10 and 65% of the audience loved this series.

Santa Evita Season 2 Released Date

Santa Evita Season 2 Release Date

Santa Evita’s season 2 release date is a big mystery and there is no news regarding the publishment of the upcoming series. According to the sources, the creators received good appreciation from the audience and might be planning to bring this series back in mid-2023 or 2024.

Name Of The ShowSanta Evita
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreNovel, Fiction
Santa Evita Season 1 Release Date26 July, 2022
Santa Evita Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Santa Evita Season 2 Story

Santa Evita’s season 2 story base is controversial. As this series was based on the novel, there is no chance that the writers and creators will play around with it because changes in plots can lead to a national political controversy which will not be good for the team, but as per the current assumptions and ongoing scenarios, the creators are might extend the series and display the political instability and national emergency that occurred after her missing body, because the impact she had in the country was huge. The upcoming season perhaps displays the breakdown of the patriarchal society in Argentina and how women started taking more participation in national and political affairs.

Santa Evita Season 1 Recap

Santa Evita Season 2 Release Date

Santa Evita was born in Argentina, she was very beautiful and was a passionate poem writer, growing up her mother thought that she can be a famous actress and musician and hence she started hustling to make her daughter into Buenos Aires. Despite the difficulties she faced in her career she managed to get to a position in the radio show and due to her talent, she became one of the most famous radio actresses in Argentina.

But in this success, something was missing. The desire to become an actress was still within her. There are a lot of controversies that she became a part of, one of which was her marriage. In 1944 Evita became a source of sensation because of her connections and closeness with president San Juan which became prominent attention. President and Evita started doing a lot of events and fundraising together which was not seen as good cause people, society, and government officials started considering her a gold digger. But how much reality it had, there is no source of evidence of it. The couple got married and Evita got the title of Argentina’s First Lady. She played a massive role in Argentina’s political foundation and fought for women’s rights in the country, she was the lead woman during the women’s suffrage bill. She was the flagbearer of feminism in Argentina.

The first lady died at the age of 33, due to cancer and this was the time Argentina’s political foundation was about to be shaken. His husband decided that the body will be embalmed and preserved to always remind the nation about her great contribution to the government. Evita’s family was against this action but despite all the disapproval, Evita’s body was preserved successfully by Dr. Pedro Ara. Her operation for preservation was performed in the General Confederation of Labor. The plan was to preserve the body until the monumental burial site was constructed but this doesn’t happen and the government was overthrown three years later after her death, president San Jaun fled away and took homage in another country whereas the body was still left behind with Dr, Pedro Ara.

He knew that he could not protect the corpse for a long time because the political activities and obsession with Evita’s dead body threatened the other government. Dr. Ara called a sculptor and made two exact copies of her corpse so that no one could identify which was the real body. Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Eugenio de Morrie Koenig was responsible for finding the body and cremating it. He hired three men, gave them military power, and ordered them to bury the body. These men along with Koenig got successful in stealing the body. Koenig took the original body, but due to an accident, while driving, the body was left miserably on the streets, threatening him. He was under political eyes and after a few days, he was successful to bury the body in his farmhouse in Germany.

Santa Evita Season 2 Cast

The series has one of the top cast:

Natalia Orerio played the role of Eva Peron, Francesc Orella as Dr. Pedro Ara, Diego Velazquez represented Mariano Varquez, Diego Cremonesi as Arancibia, Ernesta Alterio played Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Eugenio de Moori Koenig and Dario Grandinetti portrayed Juan Domingo Peron.

Where to Watch Santa Evita Online?

Santa Evita was streamed on Hulu and it can also be watched online on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many episodes of Santa Evita are there?

Season one of the show has seven episodes.

2. Who was Santa Evita based on?

Santa Evita though is True, but it is based on a historical novel. The show follows a personality who died at 33 due to cancer, the corpse of Argentine public figure Eva Peron.

3. What is the meaning of Evita?

Evita means ‘Living One.

4. Is the story of Santa Evita true?

The story is Fact plus fiction.

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