ReBoot Season 5 Release Date: Is The Animated Show Renewed?

The world-famous Canadian series ReBoot has been missing out on the ever-evolving animated industry for over two decades now. It was one of the most watched computer-animated TV series that had a unique touch to it. The series was popular for its characters, the names of these characters, and its creative storyline.

The ReBoot series has had 4 successful seasons up until now, and speculations regarding season 5 are now gaining speed.

ReBoot Season 5 Release Date

ReBoot Season 5 Release Date

Though there are no confirmations regarding season 5 of the ReBoot series, the makers have no reason not to come up with season 5. In an era where animation and the VFX industry have gained momentum, the ReBoot series has an excellent opportunity to make a comeback. ReBoot has been the very first CGI television series. It can now use all the developments the computer industry has made and use them to lure more and more viewers.

Name Of The ShowReBoot
Season NumberSeason 5
Reboot Season 1 Release Date20 September 2022
Reboot Season 5 Release DateNot Announced

Hopefully, we will witness season 5 soon!

ReBoot Season 5 Story

ReBoot Season 5 Release Date

The first-ever CGI television series revolved around the adventures of Bob, the Guardian, and his teammates, Enzo and Dot. 

In this series, the characters are all named after technical terms which were one of the highlights of this show since these terms weren’t that popular in the 90s. Nullified, a technical term that means ‘emptied’ has been given a new definition in this series. Terms like ‘Dot Matrix’ and  ‘Hexadecimal’ are the names of the characters and do not convey any technical meaning. 

This is adventure series and like every other adventure series, it contains a unique plot and a team of heroic people. In this series, Bob and his team work to keep the computer system from viruses named ‘Hexadecimal’ and ‘Megabyte’. 

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Set in a technical theme, the series has provided a new dimension for all the upcoming computer-related animated series or movies. The story of the series is kept simple with the comic timing of the characters reaching another level of hilariousness. 

The mainframe is the inner computer system in which Bob and the other residents live in. Most of the series have been shot in this Mainframe and the adventure lies within it as well. 

Whenever a User logs in to the system and opens a game, the threat to the residents of Mainframe starts to rise. An electric cube is descended down and the people lying there are trapped in this cube. Here begins the adventure of Bob and his companions, Enzo Matrix and Dot Matrix. The people lying underneath that cube are responsible for their lives. These people have to try and stop the User from winning and protect themselves from getting nullified. Here, nullification means the conversion of the residents to leech-like creatures which are called Nulls.

All the seasons of this series revolve around this basic storyline, they just keep changing the level of adventures Bob has to go through.

ReBoot Season 5 Cast

ReBoot is a Candian experiment in the animation industry that proved to be a huge success of that era. The very main reason the show proved to be this success is its characters. Though all the characters are animated, there are a lot of people who have contributed to the success of those characters. 

Every animated show requires a voice as much as it requires a creative appearance. The voice behind Bob, the guardian of Mainframe, is provided by Michael Benyaer and Ian James Corlett. The Matrix brothers, Enzo and Dot, are voiced by Kathleen Barr, Jesse Moss and Paul Dobson in season 1. The voices of these characters have varied from season to season.

Other characters include Megabyte and Hexadecimal. They have been voiced by Tony Jay and Shirley Millner.

ReBoot Last Appearance

The ReBoot family has been lastly seen in the Netflix series ‘ReBoot: The Guardian Code’. This series had twenty episodes out of which only 10 were aired on Netflix, the rest can still be watched on PlutoTv.  This series was aired on March 30, 2018, on YTV and Netflix for fans outside of Canada. 

It has been only two years since the Reboot family has been seen which is why the possibility of ReBoot season 5 cannot be denied.

Reboot Season 5 Trailer

There is no official trailer available for ReBoot Season 5 yet. Once the date and storyline have been finalized, the trailer for season 5 will be out. 

Where To Watch ReBoot Season 5?

As all of the episodes of the ReBoot series have aired on YTV, a Canadian channel, ReBoot season 5 will broadcast on the same channel as well. Like the previous seasons, this season will be later broadcasted on the chosen channels of each country. 

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