Why Was Avatar So Popular? Did The Storyline Make It A Hit?

The stage is set for Avatar: The Way of Water is just around the corner. But today, we are not talking about that. Before we dig into the latest Avatar project, let us quickly analyze a bit more about the age-old movie, the best of the best, Avatar. Let us travel back to 2009, the year which marked the beginning of Avatar. We all know by now that the first-ever movie of the giant Avatar franchise broke all box-office records. Avatar is among the best graphical movies out there. With exceptional use of the latest technology, the movie was able to set the foot forward for the Na’vi kingdom.

The intriguing plot of Avatar is one of the main reasons behind the heavy hype of the movie. Back in 2009, it was labeled as the highest-grossing movie of the year. For almost a decade the title was captured by the movie. But then we saw Avengers: Endgame in 2019 and it changed the statistics for Avatar. Specifically, in March 2021, Avatar was re-released and the movie again took us by surprise. The movie built back its reputation. It is still known as the second highest-grossing movie of all time.

Why Was Avatar So Popular?

Avatar, directed by the very famous and talented director, James Cameron revolves around the land of Pandora. The immensely popular science fiction movie broke numerous box office records. Before we could analyze it properly, the movie was termed the best science fiction movie of all time. The movie was set on a budget of $237 million. Back in 2009, the movie was not only released in 3D mode, but in some parts of South Korea, the movie was also available in 4D mode. As per records, Avatar was nominated for a total of seven Academy Awards, which also includes the Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director. That’s not all, the movie also won the very renowned Oscar Awards. Oscar for Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, and Best Visual Effects, all were backed by Avatar.

It is safe to say that the heavy use of new motion capture filming techniques, the perfect setting of 3D, and the dynamic and exceptional use of graphical effects made Avatar possible. Apart from these, the straight-cut yet mesmerizing storyline of the movie also impressed us a lot. Lastly, the movie was heavily promoted by the production house. Around $150 million was allocated for the promotion process. Apart from teasers and trailers, we even received a separate toy line from the then-popular Avatar franchise.

On one hand, the creative team drafted an exceptional execution of the movie whereas, on the other hand, the marketing team adopted attractive tactics to increase the popularity of the movie. In the year 2019, the movie faced a downfall with Avengers: Endgame ruling the entertainment industry. But again in 2021, the Chinese re-release version of Avatar managed to recapture the market. The movie was highly enjoyed by the new generation. Once again, the movie broke the box office record! Last year, the movie earned a total of around $2.798 billion, looks like the franchise is not ready to leave its long-established ranking position!

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James Cameron Speaks About Avatar

A few months back, the renowned director of the decade, James Cameron was captured in a short interview session. The prestigious director was asked about his upcoming movie. Before talking about his latest project, he recalled his time on the sets of Avatar. The first ever Avatar movie was nothing more than a challenge for them.

They never knew Avatar would become so popular among the crowd. They were indeed aiming to achieve something extraordinary, but they were pretty unsure about the future of the movie. Not only did the audience love the movie, but the movie even brought up the elaborative concept of modernized technology in the entertainment industry!

The Main Concept Behind The Making Of Avatar

Why Was Avatar So Popular?

The movie rests upon the hardships of the Na’vi tribe, the Omaticaya. We see how these people fight for their homeland. The movie portrays how humans are day by day using the land for their benefit! Avatar holds up a detailed analysis of race relations. Unknowingly and knowingly, we are destroying our habitats. The movie was made to spread awareness among the crowd. On one hand, we see how the greedy humans are ready to destroy the natural habitat of the Na’vi tribe, whereas, on the other side of the story, we see how the tribe will try their level best to save their homeland from these greedy human beings.

Was Avatar the first 3d Movie?

No Avatar was not the First 3d Movie, Instead in 1922, The Power of Love Was the first 3D Movie to ever exist.

Was Avatar Offered to Govinda?

Yes, Avatar Was offered to Govinda but not as a Lead role, although there is a hoax that he was supposed to be in the lead role.

Is Avatar the most Expensive Movie ever?

No Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Is the most expensive movie to ever exist with a budget of 379 Million USD. Whereas Avatar was Budgeted 237 Million USD.

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