Big Boss Winners List: From 1st Season To The Season Premiered Until Now!

Being an Indian and not knowing about the show Big Boss, does seem like a crime at some point. If one show that everyone has watched once in his life is this show and that’s not because of our Bollywood superstar Salman khan hosting the show but because we all are just living for drama. The entertainment sector is running on the word drama and more the drama these shows bring to us, the more will be the fanbase of the show.

The Big Boss in the Indian reality television series industry can be considered one of the biggest names to ever exist. It shares the same level as that of Khatron Ke Khiladi, Jhalak Dikhla Jah, and Indian idols and most probably, you are very well aware of this show. When it comes to the IMDB ratings of this show, you all will be shocked because it is absolutely not what we expect. The ratings are very low and that is because there is no particular kind of content in this show, it is about who is the toughest in all those dramatic situations and what is controlled by someone who feels like it.

The show though has a very low rating, when it comes to the fan base of the show, it is actually huge, there are thousands of people all over India who keep on waiting for this show, and other than that, when it comes to even people outside, there are hundreds and thousands of people. One thing that is for sure, is that this show is not going to come to an end very easily and Salman khan is going to take this show to a different height.

Now before going into the main topic of the show, every season, we see new members joining the Big Boss family for that season, some are trending influencers on social media, whereas some are very famous television show personals, and sometimes even we get some movie stars to take in part in this show. One thing that every audience of this show always does, is that they have rooted for one particular contender from the beginning, and for some, it’s nice by the end of the season because their favorite contestant did win and for some, it isn’t because the opponent won. However, it is a bumpy road and a journey for 3 months which is a huge period to live in a house with complete strangers without any form of entertainment. The winners of the season are also chosen in a set format of the show.

The contenders are given specific tasks and stuff that they need to do in groups and when someone shows indecency, unacceptable behavior, or stuff like that, that Big Boss house member is evicted from the house. The last one who stands at the end of the season can be considered the winner of that season. All over the show has been quite great and in the last few seasons, there have been a lot of controversies regarding but that doesn’t change the fact that this show is the guilty pleasure of many Indians out there. Now down below as many of you are not very well versed with this show from the starting season, we have given out the names of all the winners who have conquered the house and left with the titles since season 1.

Big Boss Winners List

1. Rahul Roy

Big Boss All Winners Till Now!

The winner of the first-ever season of Big Boss is a name that many of you may not know about. This guy may have gotten lost a bit in today’s day but when it comes to the old times, he was just one of the most famous tv personalities you will know. He is not only a tv star but a huge movie star, and if you have known the movie Aashiqui 2 then you are missing out on another great movie of the same franchise which is the movie Ashiqui. He was the lead star in that movie and was very praised for his acting skills and stuff. Other than he has been a huge model in the industry, though he left that professional field quite early, he would have made much more of a name if he would have continued. The Big Boss season one took place in the year 2006 and a unique feature about this season is that instead of Salman khan the show was hosted by the famous Indian actor Arshad Warsi. The winner was given a 1 crore rupees price and followed by that the runners up position was secured by a supermodel named carol gracias.

2. Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh Kaushik is another name that many of us have very much forgotten and based on the number of works he has been related to, it’s actually okay because winning Big Boss season 2 can be considered his most important achievement as of now. The second season however was unique as the host got changed and this time too, we don’t get to see Salman khan, it is the Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. She was quite praised for that season and in this season too, the winner was given a 1 crore prize. Ashutosh Kaushik is basically a tv serial actor and at the same time he has performed in some movies, which include some big names such as Lal rang, then we have Zila Ghaziabad, and some others. However, this was mainly after he got a chance as the Big Boss. Another big achievement of his was winning MTV Roadies season 5. The runner-up of the second season is Raja Chaudhary. This season took place in the year 2008, nearly two years after the first season of the show took place.

3. Vindu Dara Singh

This was one of the most chaotic seasons in the history of Big Boss. The third season winner is Vindu Dara Singh, and if you don’t know who he is, you may not have seen Indian tv serials a lot. However, if you have been into tv serials. He has been working in the industry for quite a long period of time and this includes quite well-known works such as the role of hanuman and some other films. He is still working now and has got names in very renowned movies. He may not have played many main roles however side characters have been done perfectly by him. For the third season of the show, he not only received the cash prize of 1 crore rupees but with that he also won a Chevrolet Cruze car which happened for the first time in the history of the show. The runner-up for the third season of the show is Pravesh Rana and this season is quite special because the host has been none other than Mr. Amitabh Bachan.

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4. Shweta Tiwari

The fourth season of the show is also one of the most important seasons on the list as this is the marking season when Salman Kahn came into the show. This season was won by Shweta Tiwari, one of the biggest tv personalities in India. Shweta has been working in this industry since the 90s and to date, she has been performing extraordinarily. She was also given prize money of 1 crore rupees for winning the show and along with that, the runner-up of the first season of the show Big Boss, raja Chaudhary also fell in love with her. She has done lots and lots of work over the entire period of her career, however when it comes to movies, we also see some notable names. She is a divorcee and has taken part in some other notable reality tv shows such as Jhalak Dikhla Ja, Big Boss season 6, and Big Boss season 15 too. Overall, one of the most dramatic and tough contenders Big Boss has ever got. The runner-up for this season is Dalip Singh Rana

5. Juhi Parmar

Another big name from the reality television industry, Juhi Parmar is one of those actors, whom all of us or our parents have surely known very well from reality tv shows. She has been one of the most renowned actors in the industry and has won the 5th season of the show. This is one heck of a season as for hosts we get both Salman khan and Sanjay Dutt. The prize money for the winner of the show is again a 1 crore rupees cheque and other than that the runner up of the 5th season is Mahek Chahal. Juhi has got her name related to many big works in the film industry however never got any lead roles in those movies when it comes to the tv reality show world, she is one of the most famous ones out there and has taken part in other reality television shows too. Some of her best well-known works industry include Kumkum. She has not only been a good actress but other than her she has also been known throughout the industry for her own hosting skills and she has hosted many dance and singing reality tv shows.

6. Urvashi Dholakia

The sixth season of the show Big Boss was one of the most dramatic ones for sure. With all those new contenders and many names, none of us know about it. This season can be considered the start of the Salman khan BIg Boss era and the sixth season of the show was won by one of the big names again, Urvashi Dholakia, whom almost all fans rooted for out there. The runner for the 6th season of the show is imam Siddiqui and the winner was given a prize of 50 lakh rupees which is just huge however surely less than the previous seasons of the show. For those who don’t know who Urvashi Dholakia is she is an Indian tv show actress and has also done a few movies, though in none of the movies did she play a lead role. She has been very well known for her role in Komolika and Kasauli Zindagi Ka. This season had many controversies and was full of dramas, one of the most well-known seasons in the history of Big Boss.

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7. Gauahar Khan

The seventh season of the show Big Boss is won by one of the most well-known celebrities in the Indian television industry. This season was another heck of a season. The winner of the season Gauhar Khan was known for some of her extremely iconic lines in the show and soon after that there also came some rumors that this show is being completely scripted. However, most of the past participants rejected any of those claims. The show went very well that year and the number of episodes also increased in this season. The show was hosted by Salman khan, this season too and the runners up for this season was Tanisha Mukherjee. Now Gauhar is not only an actress but also a great host. She has performed in various tv shows from a really young age and has also taken up some good roles in some movies. She has been the host of many renowned reality tv shows in Bollywood.

8. Gautam Gulati

The 8th season of the show regarding which there has been much confusion as Wikipedia surely has messed something up, there has been only one winner of that season and that is Gautam Gulati, who has always been known for the huge fan base he had got during the show. The show winner has been recently seen performing in a huge project with Salman khan himself and then again he will be making a good appearance with the actor Ayushman Khurana in his upcoming film. The prize money of this season was again 50 lakh and the runner-up of this season is Karishma Tanna. Gautam has been very well known all over the industry for his reality tv show appearances as he has participated in many such shows and at the same time, he has made sure that he will be winning those seasons. Other than that he returned to the Big Boss house too, a few years back for a season.

9. Prince Narula

One of those names, which almost everyone knows very well by now. Prince not only is the star of the 9th season of Big Boss, but also one of the main reasons that roadies have got such a huge hype and craze from people all over India. Prince is the winner of Bigg boss as well as the roadies himself and he is basically the bad boy of the industry. She has got a huge thing for cars and at the same time, he won a huge 50 lakh for the 9th season of the show. The runner-up for the season is Rishabh Sinha. For those who don’t know who the prince is, he is basically a great model, like one of the best models of his time, and has performed in many ramps and been the ambassador of many big brands. He has always been a star of reality shows and has taken part in many of those, and also secured some good spots in them. Soon we see him starring in the MTV roadies show which is a huge thing. He has also performed in many tv serials which have mainly been watched by girls crushing on him.

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10. Manveer Gujjar

Big Boss Winners List

The 10tgh season of the show was won by a personality that many of us may not know about and that’s completely fine because Manveer left the fame world many years ago. He is a dairy farm owner and is working for the Gujjar community currently. He has been very well known in this season for his straightforward attitude and for not caring about what other people think. He won the cash prize of 50 lakh which was a huge thing for him. The runner for this season is Bani J, and there were many rumors again for this season that Bani deserved the win but after all, it is the decision of the Big Boss that matters. The controversy regarding Manveer that needs to be taken care of is that he came into the Big Boss house as a bachelor but soon after the end of the show, we came to know that he is not at all a bachelor, he has got a wife and a two-year-old daughter.

11. Shilpa Shinde

Big Boss Winners List

The 11th season of the show happened in the year 2017. This is also the season when Big Boss got one of the most well-known contenders of all time. Hina Khan was the runner-up this season and also one of the only contenders who had such a huge fanbase. Shilpa Shinde may have won the 11th season of the show with a 44-lakh cash prize, but it was Hina Khan whom people were more concerned regarding. Shilpa is also a tv show actress and has been very well known for her acting skills as well as her hosting skills. She has been starring on a lot of shows and has been working in the industry since a young age. This season was also hosted by Salman khan and there were many new activities introduced this season. We got some very iconic dialogues that became huge meme material for social media this season.

12. Dipika Kakkar

Big Boss Winners List

 The 12th season of the show can be considered one of those seasons, which didn’t meet the hype that was expected from it. The show did very well when it came to TRP and stuff, however, otherwise, the fans were not very happy. The winner of the show Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim was given a cash prize of 30 lakhs, however, most of the fans didn’t want her to win. Yes, she was tough enough to stand till the last and thus she deserved to win the show but her attitude towards the game was not appreciated by many fans. For those who don’t know her, she is also an Indian actor and has been known for her work in the Indian tv serial industry, she got a chance in some movies, however, all-sided characters and none were quite notable. The runner of the season was S Sreesanth, the Indian cricketer and this was one of the first times, that cricketers were brought into the show.

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13. Siddharth Shukla

Big Boss Winners List

The 13th season of the show, and one of the most talked about seasons. This season occurred in the year 2019 and can be considered one of the biggest seasons in the history of the Big Boss show. Siddharth Shukla passed away just a few days after the show came to an end and the passing away of this tv personality was a huge shock to the world. He was one of the top contenders in the history of the show and the fanbase h had got in the show was just huge. The runner of the show was Asim Riyaz, one of the most famous new-generation social media personalities. he was very well known this season for his great team-handling capacity and everything.

14. Rubina Dilaik

Big Boss Winners List

Another very talked about season, the 14th season of the show came out in the year 20320 and the runner up of this season is Rahul Vaidya Rubina is another star of the tv serial world and has been also known very well for her hosti9ng skills. Other than that she has taken part in many other shows of this sort and has given notable content to those shows, She is just one of the most perfect Big Boss winners. As she is dramatic and chaotic and had the willpower to endure everything for three months and stand alone till the last, she got a cash prize of 36 lakhs which is a bit less than what other winners have got.

15. Tejasswi Prakash

Big Boss Winners List

The 15th season of the show is very well known for the amusing content it gave us. Now almost knows who Tejaswi is, and how she was one of the best contenders to ever win the show. The show was very amusing this season. This season happened in 2021 and the winner was given a 40-lakh prize at the end. The runner-up for this season is Pratik Sehajpal. Tejasswi for those of you, who don’t know, is an Indian tv serial actress and has been none for be performing many notable roles in that industry. She has also tried hosting a few times and has also been a star of the Khatron Ke Khiladi show.

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