Who Is Zachary Taylor Warner?

Zachary Taylor Warner is in high talk. You might have heard his name along with the highly talented and skilled American footballer, Kurt Warner. Zachary happens to be his beloved adopted son. We all know by now about the very handsome and charming Kurt Warner. If you are a football fan, then you must have seen him as a former football quarterback! He was an integral part of the National Football League. For the past 12 seasons, we have seen Kurt among the strong and bold NFL players.

There is no doubt in the fact that Kurt Warner has made America proud. He is known as the first quarterback to win the Super Bowl. Throughout his playing career, he has been bestowed with a bunch of prestigious titles and awards. He doesn’t need any further praise, he is already popular enough among the crowd. In this same context, Zachary’s biological mother also deserves special mention.

Zachary Taylor Warner’s mother Brenda Warner is a hardworking and highly talented woman. Before starting her career as a philanthropist and social media influencer, she was among the high-rated officers in the U.S. marine corps department. Raised by two well-known personalities, Zachery has always been accustomed to the spotlight. Recently, we received some exclusive updates about his disability and blindness. Here is a follow-up on everything we know about Zachary Taylor Warner.

Who Is Zachary Taylor Warner?

Who Is Zachary Taylor Warner?

Born on 25th April 1989, Zachary happens to be the first child of Brenda Carney Meoni. Brenda shares Zachary with her first husband, Neil. Zachary initially spent some of his first childhood days with his father, Neil. As per studies, Neil and Brenda both met in the US Marine department. They fell in love and thus they married each other. While the couple was expecting their second child, Neil was caught cheating on Brenda, and that marked the end of their marriage.

But fortune favored Brenda soon, before she welcomed her daughter Jesse, she met the soulmate of her life, Kurt Warner. Kurt Warner was moved by Zach’s sweetness and innocence. Zach was merely 3 years old when he met Kurt Warner. From the beginning, they shared a very deep bond. He has always been more of a friend to him. Kurt Warner might not be Zach’s biological father, but he has always acted like his very own fatherly figure. When Kurt met Zach for the very first time, he had an affectionate look in his eyes. Brenda was moved to see Zach bonding up with Kurt. Despite knowing about his disability, Kurt accepted Zach completely.

Zachary Taylor Warner, a 33 years old young man is seen as the eldest son of Kurt Warner. Unfortunately, when he was merely four months old, his biological father accidentally dropped him in the bathtub. The accident was nerve-wracking for Brenda. This particular misfortune event made Zach partially blind. His head directly dropped on the floor of the bathtub, since he was just a small infant at that time the doctors thought he would not survive the accident.

But by God’s grace, Zachary survived that heart-wrenching accident. It was nothing less than a miracle. He is still fighting for his life. The accident left him with permanent brain damage. Even with such a physical disability, Zach knows how to win everyone’s hearts. Zachary Taylor Warner is a joyous human being. Zach is a warm-hearted, kind, and loving person. He is a very cheerful person. Despite his disability, he tries to enjoy his life to the fullest. He is fond of loud music as well. He is also very humorous.

In the Warner family, Zach happens to be everyone’s favorite. His genuine nature of expressing himself is a reflection of his unique personality which makes him different from others. Zachary Taylor Warner is also the main reason behind the establishment of the Treasure House. Zach is still dealing with Traumatic Brain Injury. He is fortunate enough to have parents like Kurt and Brenda who take full care of him. But for those who are young and dealing with the hardships of life, individuals who are mainly dealing with cognitive disabilities, the Treasure House is made for them. It is a housing facility available in Phoenix, Arizona. Kurt and Brenda Warner are the co-founders of the Treasure House.

He is not very active on various social media platforms. But to learn about him more, you can always follow Brenda Warner’s official Instagram account. She posts now and then about Zachary Taylor Warner. Not only his parents, but Zach is also close to his other six siblings. As of now, Zach is very much single. He doesn’t have a girlfriend and it is quite safe to say that he is not looking for a girlfriend. He loves to be around his siblings. He is also highly loved by all of his nephews and nieces.

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Zachary Taylor Warner Net Worth

As we mentioned above, Zachary is born into a rich and well-known family. His father is a well-established footballer who owns a net worth of $30 million. It is quite natural that Zach loathes luxury. Zachary Taylor Warner surely enjoys a lavish life but he is highly attached to the ground. He lives just like other Americans.

Unfortunately, due to his brain injury, doctors have recommended that he should avoid going out much. He usually stays indoors. He doesn’t work, that’s why he doesn’t have a net worth of his own. Brenda and Kurt encourage him to the fullest. They always stay by his side. Just like his father, his mother Brenda is also exceptionally talented and has a net worth of $3 to $5 million. Due to his physical disability, he is advised to stay in a safe environment. He goes for medical check-ups regularly. Brenda and Kurt adore him a lot and they do everything possible to ensure that he is always surrounded by love and comfort.

Since his mother and father have a good net financial figure, some people say that Kurt doesn’t need a net worth of his own. It is partially true but we cannot ignore the fact that it wasn’t his choice to depend on his parents. Being a grown-up, if he would have led a normal life, then obviously he could have established a net worth of his own. Solely because of his disability, he is dependent on them.

Zachary Taylor Warner Hobbies

Zachary Taylor Warner likes singing. His parents always support his decisions. As we already discussed before, his mother Brenda likes updating us about his well-being. One such post which caught our attention was Zachary Taylor Warner singing in full tune. The video was highly liked by the audience. The world’s best doctors have been appointed for his regular checkups.

He has survived 33 years in that condition and his parents will try their best to protect him from any other misfortune events. When doctors were unsure about his survival, Brenda was shattered to the ground. His survival from that perilous accident is surely a miraculous moment in Brenda’s life. To take proper care of her, Brenda even resigned from her Marine Officer post. She has always been a protective mother to Zach.

Kurt And Brenda Warner’s Love Story

Who Is Zachary Taylor Warner

When you are expecting the least, that’s when love will blossom in your life. The exact thing happened with these two. When Kurt was at his lowest that time he met Brenda. Kurt has himself repeated in multiple interviews that Brenda is his long-awaited lucky charm. Brenda Meoni too feels incredibly lucky to have Kurt in her life. It has been a wonderful journey for them. She got divorced from Neil and that’s when Kurt Warner entered her life. In real terms, they are the standing example of an ideal couple. They have been with each other for 29 years.

Just like any other relationships, they too faced a lot of ups and downs but at the end of the day when they stayed with one another through thick and thin. They love each other a lot. In total, they share 7 kids and they have raised all of them in a well-nourished manner. Before meeting Brenda, Kurt wasn’t a known football player. You will be shocked to know that for almost four years, Kurt was out from the football team. He spent his time sitting on the bench stand.

On the other hand, after leaving her first husband, Brenda knew she had to face the situation alone. She was ready to work double hard for her kids. Given Zach’s unavoidable condition, Brenda was pretty helpless in that particular situation. After leaving her job at the Marine department, she started working on her nursing career. She even joined a nursing school. Both were battling their respective situations. One sudden day, just like they say in a rom-com movie, on a dancing floor, Brenda met Kurt. Little did they know, that their sudden meeting will soon turn out to be the most revolutionary moment of their life.

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