What Did Jeffrey Dahmer Do In The Army?

Jeffery Dahmer, a name that many of us may not have known just a few days back, however, things changed completely after Netflix just revealed its new series based on this man. Now everyone is quite curious about this personality and if you have been one of those guys who have been studying about this man’s life, you surely have been a bit spooked by it by now. Jeffery may seem like a very normal person who use to be army personnel and stuff, however, things changed completely for him after he was kicked out of the army. This man was suffering from three different types of psychological disorders and the actions he took are quite gruesome.

Cannibalism is one of the most shocking ones out of them but we only know him well for his psychotic behavior and his serial killer crimes. When it comes to his past life we don’t know much about him. However, don’t worry we have researched well and found out what this fuss is all about and why this person is so important. We can’t just let other Jeffery Dahmer be created anyhow, or else many people are again going to lose their lives for no reason.

Now if you read his life autobiography or the confession that he made after he was arrested, you may find his life not to be very horrifying till his mid-twenties or just after he came back from the army however behind every act one thing that we would find common is the fact that he was quite stirred up by his sexual fantasies towards men of different age groups and from his confessions, it felt like necrophilia was quite a normal act. Maybe a big part of the blame can be given to his father and mother for not taking care of his behavioral change during his childhood but nothing could be done later.

Jeffrey Dahmer Army Life

Jeffrey Dahmer Army Life

After Jeffery dropped out of his degree college and not caring about what will happen to the big bucks that his father had paid already to the institution for the upcoming semester, he didn’t have any option but to join the army. Because when we look at his grades, we do find very small options available to him to pursue as his career. His CGP was very less and for transfer to any other professional course that was surely not enough. However, we must remember that this guy from a very young age was not scared of the dead, it can be dead, animals, humans, or anything and something that has always fascinated him are bones. Now, however, his father finds out the fact that his score in riflery has been better than any other and that became the main point for his move to the army. Now he wasn’t at all interested in going to the army, however as he had to live with his father and the custody, and at the same time he was more connected to his father, he opted for the army.

Jeffery was enrolled in the United States Army and that was the year 1979. For his training, he had to go to Alabama, there in fort McClellan, his basic training took place, and soon as we all know he was quite well equipped with human bodies and stuff like those, and thus based on all those factors he was sent by the army units to train as a medical specialist for the forces and for that training he went to the Fort Sam Houston which is in Texas. However, something that his father hoped will change was his drinking and drug-related habits, but there was no change. Even during his training sessions he went on drinking and was found to be4 always intoxicated. Other than that, when he was not training and, in the barracks, he was always asleep or just drinking. Though none of his weird sexual attractions towards other colleagues didn’t arise and he surely didn’t try to find any corpses out there to make love to because that would have surely thrown him out of the army in a few instances.

Now some notable acts which we must keep in mind and are very much expected from Jeffrey have been the punishments he does get for being intoxicated all the time. The seniors and the majors were always irritated with him as he does be never listening to orders when he was drunk and at the same time, the punishment wouldn’t bring much change in his life. For one instance he even got his whole platoon into a big mess and that was just because of his drinking habits, the entire platoon was punished and this was not taken very lightly by his colleagues, they beat him up very well, and maybe that did knock some sense with him as we see that never because of him, did the entire platoon get punished again. Or maybe that was just luck because his drinking habits saw no change.

After all his training and stuff were over, for his services, he was deployed to west Germany. There he served as a combat medic and it was quite a crucial role. However, no such life-risky situation needed to be undergone him and everything went quite normal for him. According to the reports from his army superior, he was not an excellent soldier or anything of that sort6, he was an above-average one and his drinking habits just worsened the situation. The first few years were quite acceptable but once time passed and his condition degraded, it was difficult for the army to keep him. In 1981, it was decided that he is not fit for army services and without any disrespect or anything, he was asked to leave the army. This was mainly because, the army officials thought that he may be having problems with the life of army personnel but as a civilian, he wouldn’t be having any such problems. Soon after all this happened, he was actually not very upset about the fact and it was as if he didn’t care whether he is in the army or not.

When he was asked whether he would like to go back to his home or not, he actually told that he wouldn’t be able to go back to his father and that’s why he traveled to Miami beach in Florida. He thought about spending his life there and finding some kind of job or something, but because of his low salary and excessive consumption of alcohol, he had to soon return to his father’s place which is also his family home. Overall his time in the army, wasn’t too bad, and maybe if he could have been disciplined somehow, all his acts in the future could have been solved somehow and he wouldn’t be standing where he is standing now.

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Dahmer-Monster Netflix Series

Though there have been many documentaries on the life of Jeffery Dahmer and he is quite famous when it comes to topics related to serial killers and stuff, it wasn’t as popular as it is now. Netflix just brought a big shark into the docuseries game and the entire story of Dahmer in the form of a web series is going to attract millions and let them know about his actions. We have got his live recorded footage, some fictionally recreated scenes, and some great observations made by researchers on the mental condition of Jeffery Dahmer. Was it normal for a serial killer, or was it the most extreme kind of serial killing we have seen in history?

We still don’t know properly why he was attracted so much to bones and dead animal stuff. Every detail regarding all of his murders has been given in this documentary series and other than that, the ratings of the show have also been quite high. The fan base is just going on growing with the days passing and as nearly 2 weeks have already passed since the release, we can officially conclude this show to be one of the biggest shows to happen on Netflix this year. Surely a man with necrophilia and cannibalism can do many things for such big companies.

Dahmer- Monster Release Date

The release date of the show is the 21st of September 2022 and though there have been other documentaries based on this personality that made it to us in the year 2004 and such, this time the work has been done on a much bigger scale. The show makers have done thorough research into this case for a period of over 2-3 years and finally made this series a great success. The trailer of the show made it to us just two weeks before the release of the show and that only turned a lot of attention toward who Jeffery Dahmer is.

Where Can We Watch Dahmer- Monster Online?

This series is a Netflix original series and that’s why the streaming services are available only on the Netflix platform.

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