Superman Vs Black Adam: Can Black Adam Defeat Superman?

The intense battle of opinions is on! Black Adam is now an integral part of the dynamic superhero universe. A few years ago this antihero was entirely unknown to us. But thanks to Dwayne Johnson who brought back Black Adam to the DC Universe. The giant DC Universe is ready for expansion. The franchise is bringing in a few more superhero characters. One such character which took our attention is Black Adam. The antihero is on our radar and we can’t wait to learn more about him. The most-awaited DC movie is just around the corner.

In this same context, another interesting controversy has come up to us! Who is the best among Superman and Black Adam? This happens to be the most asked question out there. Some say old is gold and they are rooting for their beloved age-old superhero, the best among the best, Superman. While others say Black Adam has intensifying superpowers, which makes him stand out from the crowd, thus according to them, he is the most powerful superhero in the DC Universe. The opinions are divided into two. So on popular demand, we have Superman vs Black Adam.

Superman Vs Black Adam: Who Is The Strongest?

Superman Vs Black Adam

Both Superman and Black Adam are undoubtedly powerful and smart. To find out the answer to this question, we must dig deep into the creation of these extraordinary superheroes. As per the original superhero comic books, Black Adam comes from a fictional country named Kahndaq. He was a mere slave until his nephew, Aman met the mysterious wizard named, Shazam. Little did he know that he is about to change his uncle’s future forever. Thus begins the spectacular transformation. As Aman pleads for his uncle’s survival, the wizard gives Teth incredible superpowers, which will soon transform him into Black Adam. This is how the Man in Black was formed.

With the help of his dynamic and impressive superpowers, Black Adam becomes the sole ruler of Kahndaq. In the story, we have also read about the major dispute which will take place between Aman and Adam, as a result of which he will kill his nephew! Coming to Black Adam’s superpowers, he has derived his powers from the mystic lightning force, and thus he is blessed with intense physical strength and thunder stroke lightning attacks. Along with his flying power, he can also shoot projectiles from his hand. There is no doubt in the fact that Black Adam is indestructible. Defeating him is not an easy game.

Now we come to the iconic superhero character of the superhero universe, none other than the very charming and adorable, Superman. Originally named Kal-El, he was initially born on a fictional planet named Krypton. Due to unfortunate events, the planet was shattered into pieces. But to save him from danger, his parents decided to send him to Earth. In that unique spaceship was our superhero, the one who will save the nation from terrifying supervillains.

When the spaceship crashed on Earth, Kal-El was found by the Kents who eventually adopted him. They raised him as their very own son. Kal-El became Clark Kent. As he grows up into a young man, he takes up the mantle of Superman and becomes Earth’s new hope to fight against all odds. Unlike Black Adam, he has derived powers from the Sun. Since he has got his powers from the strongest form of nature, he is considered the brawny superhero of the DC Universe.

Along with the power of flight, he is incredibly powerful and strong. He possesses an invulnerable body. Heat vision, high speed, and frost breath are some of his many superpowers. His one punch can even act as a stimulus for shockwaves. As we mentioned above Superman is blessed by the yellow sun, thus usually we consider him the most powerful among superheroes.

But don’t underestimate Black Adam! He might look for some Kryptonite and that will surely not be a good sign for Superman. The probabilities are endless. Some sources say Black Adam shares the same powers as Superman. But it isn’t true, when we talk about strength, Superman wins the battle. Black Adam may not take up the tag of the most powerful superhero, but we cannot deny the fact that he is considered the most dangerous among the superheroes and supervillains.

From the beginning, Superman has been the savior of humans but Black Adam started his journey as an evil supervillain! Again, Superman was among the foremost members of the Justice League! Black Adam’s unique way of ruling justice impressed the other members of the Justice League and that’s how his journey began in Justice League. In the DC Universe, Superman is always seen as a strong and bold superhero who lives to save humanity from all kinds of danger. Black Adam plays a dual in the franchise, in some movies and comics we have seen him as a supervillain while in others we have seen him as a generous anti-hero. Black Adam has a very contrasting character.

There is no doubt in the fact that we can compare the two in many ways but we also cannot ignore the fact that at the end of the day, both will stand together to save the human race from evil forces. That being said, we will also like to throw light on a very interesting gossip out there! This particular controversy had fired an impressive rumor.

As per the talks, we might get a movie based on Superman and Black Adam. We might soon get to witness a fierce battle between the two. The thought itself is highly intriguing for the audience out there. We would surely love to see a glimpse of this epic battle. Since both have creative and powerful superpowers, the battle will also turn out to be quite electrifying for us.

Moreover, who is the best among them in terms of strength and powers, cannot be explained better than a real-life example! But until we witness the battle, in reality, we all are supporting Team Superman. As of now, Superman takes up the grand tag of the strongest superhero.

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Dwayne Johnson Is Planning To Make A Movie On Superman Vs Black Adam

A few days back, Dwayne Johnson was captured in an exclusive interview where he expressed his intense will to work on a project solely based around the two magnificent superheroes of the DC franchise. The prolonged debate needs a concrete conclusion. We surely need a face-off between Superman and Black Adam. We have already heard so much about these two. You shouldn’t be surprised if we get a movie based on their age-old rivalry. Don’t forget that before changing into an anti-hero, Black Adam was an evil-minded supervillain.

As per Johnson’s statement, Black Adam was brought back to the franchise to testify his strength against the highly praised Superman. It seems like Dwayne Johnson has some crazy plans in mind. Black Adam is about to step into the DC franchise. The audience is highly excited to see the magnificent performance of the lighting superhero. Moreover, we are eagerly waiting to judge the performance of Dwayne Johnson. He is known for incredibly bold and strong roles, but we haven’t seen him as a superhero before, so all in all, it is going to be an interesting riddle for us.

Black Adam Release Date And Plot

Superman Vs Black Adam

We have already seen a bunch of movies about Superman. So we won’t praise him more. Most of the previous Superman movies have impressed us a lot. Now, it’s time to test the performance of Black Adam. The new-age DC movie which will focus heavily on Black Adam is scheduled to roll out on 21st October 2022. Begin your countdown now. Pre-book your tickets for Black Adam. Get ready to learn everything about him, they are about to start the story from the top.

Another exclusive superhero movie is waiting for us. Black Adam is no longer a villain. We are about to witness the epic transformation of Black Adam. We will see how he was formed! We will see how a normal slave was converted into this superficial lightning superhero.

But the upcoming story might differ a bit from the original comic book. We might not see the same story in the forthcoming DC movie. The movie is planned with some modifications. As per studies, they have swapped Adam’s nephew with his son. The movie will focus on the formation of Black Adam and his transformation journey. We will see how Black Adam will change himself into an anti-hero. He is ready to become an integral part of the Justice League. A changed version of Black Adam is waiting for us.

The Justice Society of America will open up the grand platform for Black Adam. He initially stepped as an uncontrolled monstrous villain. But the leaders of the team soon realized that they could use Adam’s power for a good cause. His intense strength can be utilized to save mother nature from danger. He can be among the saviors! They will teach him how to be a generous hero.

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