American Gigolo Season 2 Release Date: How Long Would It Take?

American Gigolo, is a show inspired by and named after a Golden Globe award-winning crime drama film. The film was released in the 1980s and this television series has just begun its broadcast. The series contains top-tier actors and a storyline that captures a wide range of audience. It is a crime mystery that has suspense, thrill, romance, and everything that would hook you to your seats while watching this show!

American Gigolo Season 2 Release Date

American Gigolo Season 2 Release Date

Though there are no official announcements regarding season 2 of this show, the popularity base it has gathered in such a short time span hints at a sequel coming soon. Season 1 of this show was released on 11 September 2022. Following this pattern, maybe we will witness season 2 getting aired next September.

Season 1 is certainly keeping every viewer on his/her toes, season 2 would be certainly the same!

Name Of The ShowAmerican Gigolo
Season NumberSeason 2
American Gigolo Season 1 Release Date11 September 2022
American Gigolo Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

American Gigolo Season 2 Story

American Gigolo Season 1 is a crime thriller, season 2 would certainly be the same. There is no official trailer and there are no details specified by the authorities of the show yet but there are a few predictions going on about Season 2 and its plot. 

Season 1 highlights the present life of Julian Kaye, the gigolo of the series. Maybe, Season 2 will stress his previous life and elaborate on his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Michelle. Season 1 hasn’t yet specified the details of Julian’s arrest, maybe the makers are saving it for Season 2.

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American Gigolo Season 1 Recap

American Gigolo Season 1 is presented to viewers every Sunday on Showtime, an American TV series platform. It is adapted from the film ‘American Gigolo’ and is a modern version of it with more drama and suspense. 

The main lead, Julian Kaye, was arrested for the murder of Janet Holmes and is now released after 15 years. The surprising part is Julian has forgotten about the murder and had to spend over a decade in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and didn’t remember as well. Now, he is back and is trying to connect the lost pieces of his life while having a few flashbacks that reveal some scraps about his previous life. 

Detective Sunday is on Julian’s case, she is set on finding out the real murderer of Janet and strongly believes that Julian is innocent. There are several more characters who contribute to the daily content of the show.

The season has released five episodes so far and the mystery is yet not solved. Will it be solved in this season or we would have to wait for the next is the real question here.

American Gigolo Season 2 Cast

American Gigolo Season 2 Release Date
John Bernthal aka Julian Kaye

Every show requires actors that will do justice to the characters and this show has just got the perfect lead to justify a charming gigolo. John Bernthal (Julian Kaye) portrays the lonely man who is used by several people in his life with such sincerity that will surely make you sympathize with him. He is one of the greatest actors in the Hollywood industry and has delivered some super popular performances but this one has showcased a more sensitive side of him in this season. Hopefully, we will witness more of this sensitivity in the next season as well.

Season 1 has cast many other stars including Gretchen Mol, Lizzie Brochere, Gabriel LaBelle, Leland Orser, and Rosie O’Donnell.

Gretchen Mol is Julian’s ex-girlfriend, Michelle Stratton. She is the only one Julian supposedly loves even after he has been with countless other people other than Michelle. She is married to Richard Stratton (Leland Orser) and has a kid which she reveals in Julian’s later on.

Rosie O’Donnell represents Detective Sunday who is on the team, Julian. She is investigating Janet’s murder and is close to finding out who really killed her because Julian has got no idea who that murderer could be since he has got no memories of his past left.

We will be witnessing all these characters again in Season 2 as they are the main leads of this show.

American Gigolo Season 2 Trailer

Since there has been no official announcement regarding Season 2 of the show, the trailer is not yet available. But we will get one soon!

Where To Watch American Gigolo Season 2 Online?

American Gigolo Season 1 is broadcasted on an American TV channel, ‘Showtime’ every Sunday. The show is not present anywhere else and won’t be streaming on Netflix anytime soon as well. Just like Season 1, Season 2 will continue on Showtime as well hopefully.

You can watch this series on Paramount+ as well!

American Gigolo Mid-Season Review

Though the character has multiple dimensions and John is portraying each dimension to the best of his abilities, the character itself seems to lack the playful nature it was supposed to have. Julian has a gloomy past, he is abused as a child and has never experienced true love with anyone except Michelle. He has flashbacks of his past and those flashbacks make no sense at times. 

Michelle comes out as flat and cold, she has no warmth toward Julian and the romance between them feels somewhat forced. The thrill has saved face for now though. Characters like Olga have maintained the element of surprise every crime thriller needs.

Overall, the show is a nice blend of thrill, drama, and a gloomy past haunting the present.

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