Exception Anime Season 2 Release Date: Is The Anime Getting Renewed?

The Japanese anime industry is really big and every year many shows and movies get their releases. No matter what country you are from it’s hard to ignore anime, a good storyline, and rocking animations what more can someone ask for? Looking at the love for anime, Netflix has also jumped into that market, they have classic anime such as Death Note there, and now another anime is coming on the platform. Exception is a new anime that is going to be on Netflix, it is of horror and sci-fi genres.

The anime is going to be released on 13 October, and Ryuichi Sakamoto who has won an Academy Award has also worked for the series. Directed by, Yuzo Sato, the is screenplay by Hirotaka Adachi and Yoshitaka Amano is the character designer. The show will be here soon and many people are already wondering about season 2. So, here are the details about the Exception season 2 release date. 

Exception Anime Season 2 Release Date

Exception Anime Season 2 Release Date

The show is not out yet so we can’t say much about how the show is, but let’s just say many talented people are working on this anime. Yoshitaka Amano, Hirotaka Adachi, Yuzo Sato, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and many more are working on this anime. The people are not happy with the animation style, as it looks weird to them. Many people in the comment section said if we ignore the animation style the whole anime looks great.

Many people are really looking forward to the story of the show, as it holds the story of space in there. But if you have been wondering about season 2 of Exception well let’s just say that so are we, because any details regarding the second season of Exception are not out yet. The series will release on 13 October, so waiting for the second season is the safest option. Because once season 1 will release, updates about season 2 will be in front of us soon. Until then, let’s just watch Exception season 1. 

Name Of The ShowException
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreSpace Horror
Exception Anime Season 1 Release Date13 October 2022
Exception Anime Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Exception Season 2 Story

As mentioned above the people were not happy with the animation but they were excited to see what happens in the story. It promises horror and sci-fi in the show, and the trailer did look fantastic. Exception follows the story of a world where technology has grown so much, humans are now capable of anything, and every sort of technology is now available. But the growth comes with a downside, this has also become a world where humans have left the earth due to some reason. They had to leave earth abruptly and now all the human species are in spaceships searching for a better planet, which is far away from earth to make their new home.

To search for a better place to live, humans use a 3D biological printer called “womb” to make a team of robots. They use 3D to make people who are hardworking, intelligent, and strong so that it will be easy to find a new and better place. However, the printer creates a distorted and disfigured member of that search team. That member is named Lewis, and all the other members are loyal towards the human and are keen to complete their task, Lewis goes against his own members.

Nina, Mack, Patty, and Oscar are the remaining members and Lewis has turned on them. The fight will not be easy, as both the groups are powerful and strong but it is gripping to see how the story takes turns. It will be interesting to see what will be the story of season 2, well the fate and story of Exception season 2 is something only time can tell, so till then let’s enjoy Exception season 1. 

Exception Season 2 Characters

The characters of Exception have held the series like a strong thread. The cast of Exception season 1 includes Takahiro Sakurai, Chikahiro Kobayashi, Yuko Kaida, Atsumi Tanezaki, and Takanori Hoshino in respective roles, these are the Japanese voice actors. In the English version, actors such as Nolan North,  Ali Hillis, Nadine Nicole, Robbie Daymond, and Eugene Byrd will voice the characters. As any information about season 2 is not out yet, it is hard to say anything about the characters or the actors. 

Where To Watch Exceptional Season 2 Online?

Exception season 1 is available on Netflix, so if there will be a season 2 it will release there as well. 

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