Is Maja Ma A True Story?

Maja Ma is a 2022 Hindi-language film directly released on Amazon Prime Video. This movie is directed by Anand Tiwari and Screenplay and Story are written by Sumit Batheja. The movie is produced by Leo Media Collective and Amrithpal Singh Bindra.

Is Maja Ma A True Story?

Is Maja Ma A True Story

Maja Ma is not based on a true story but it is written keeping in view real-life situations. The makers of the film mentioned and claimed the movie was complete work of fiction and the resemblance of characters, names, etc. are out of coincidence. This movie creatively takes the liberty of addressing the people of the LGBTIQA+ community. It does account for the sorrows, and hardships faced by LGBTIQA+ people. This movie stands out to be a mirror of real-life situations. This movie is written by the creators who have closely worked with The Humsafar Trust, it is the first LGBT community, Yuvaa, Umang, and many other such communities.

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Maja Ma story

The story of Maja Ma entirely revolves around Pallavi Patel (Madhuri Dixit), a woman in her mid40s and a housewife known for her dexterity in dancing and cooking, and her son Tejas Patel(Ritwik Bhowmik) and the love of his life Esha Hansraj(Barkha Singh). Tejas will fall in love with a rich NRI girl and soon things start falling together and both families agree to make these both tie the knot.

A few days before Tejas Engagement a video becomes viral and that video is about Pallavi claiming that she is a lesbian, who is interested in females contrary to most females. How Pallavi deals with this situation and brings her family out of this crisis is the story and how Tejas will win his in-law’s approval of their marriage. After parents of Esha get to know about the viral video, they decide for getting a lie detector test on Pallavi as she denies accepting she is a lesbian in front of everyone because Pallavi kept this thing to herself and did not want her family and husband to know it.

Pallavi has always hidden her true identity because of societal pleasure, she did not want anyone to judge her. Pallavi’s husband Manohar gets concerned about his sex life and starts checking on different ways to improve it. As conflict builds and characters try to resolve the conflict and Tejas in-laws accept the truth of Pallavi and agree to the marriage of Tejas and Esha. It captures many emotional moments between a mother and daughter, a mother and son, and two people deeply in love.

About Maja Ma

Is Maja Ma A True Story

This film strikes the audience on deeper levels and tugs at the strings of their heart in the emotional scenes. Maja ma has won much appreciation from LGBTQIA+ communities as the movie portrayed it very sensitively. The Humsafar Trust has written about this movie on their Twitter handle, they wrote: “ Maja Ma is a story of the perfect woman we all know & her emotional journey of dealing with the taboo on sexuality while managing the impact it has on her dear ones Thank you Prime Video, Anand Tiwari and team for sensitively portraying this story.”

This movie deals with a wide range of social aspects. Both families belong to different levels of society based on their financial status. Their lives are completely different from each other and how the main leads succeed in love. This movie tells about accepting people and being judgemental, just embracing them with free and open hearts. Maja ma tries to make people realize that a housewife or a mother can have a life other than taking care of the house and family, they too have their individual goals, desires, and their own “individual life”. Writer Sumit Batheja succeeds in giving a complete arc for all the characters in the movie.

The music given by Souumil and Siddarth does not have a great impact and the actors do a fabulous job making the scenes workout very well.  Maja ma is a great watch with some twists, comedy, and drama making it best for a Friday movie night.

Maja Ma Cast

  • Madhuri Dixit – she has once again shown her impeccable acting skills through the role of Pallavi and not to mention her grace and energy in dancing.
  • Rithwik Bhowmik – he did a decent role in delivering the role of Tejas.
  • Barkha Singh – she gave a good performance though the screen time was too less.
  • Simone Singh, Gajaraj Rao, Rajath Singh, and Sheeba Chadha gave their best in the movie.

Maja Ma Release Date

Maja Ma was released on Amazon Prime Video on Oct 6, 2022.

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