Is David Berkowitz Still Alive?

Serial killers and criminals spice up our interest in them, no matter how gory the crime was, everyone wants to know what was going on in the head of that person when they were doing that crime. That’s why genres such as true crime get a lot of attention. David Berkowitz is another killer who was convicted for killing six people and harming eleven people from 1975 to 1977.

His role in pop culture events is something, people not only made movies and shows about him and his crimes but there were also books and music inspired by him. David Berkowitz was infamous for his crimes and was finally caught in 1977, many people wonder if he is still alive. So do not worry, we have the answer to the question is David Berkowitz still alive? 

Is David Berkowitz Still Alive?

Is David Berkowitz Still Alive

David Berkowitz is also dubbed as “Son of Sam and 44. Calibre Killer” because of his killings, he used a 44. Caliber’s gun to kill his victims. He would kill people and also hurt them, then he would send letters to the police saying that he would kill more people and the crimes will be worse.

He was caught in 1977 and as of right now he is 69 years old. David Berkowitz was charged with life imprisonment and had the opportunity of having parole every two years after he completed 25 years in jail. But David Berkowitz has always denied getting parole, he was supposed to have a parole hearing back in 2020 but it got delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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David Berkowitz Early Life

David Berkowitz was born on June 1, 1953, his name was Richard David Falco but his name was later changed by his adoptive parents. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, his mother left him when he was an infant, and he was adopted by Pearl Berkowitz and Nathan Berkowitz. The couple did not have another child so David Berkowitz was their only child. When he was a kid he lost interest in studies, he was described as a bully and a troubled child. He did not like living with his father after his adoptive mother died because of cancer. When he was 17 years old, he joined the army. Later David Berkowitz found his real mother and talked about his birth, and the reality of his life disturbed him. Some people say that that’s when all the problems start to appear. He was also in the army and did other jobs as well. David Berkowitz killed his first victim when he was 22 years old, he ended up killing two women.

Is David Berkowitz Still Alive

One of the women was never identified and one 15-year-old girl was identified, but David Berkowitz ran away and nobody was able to predict who was the killer. He later switched to guns and fired guns on two women and one of them was instantly killed. He then fired on two men but both of them were able to run away fast and suffered severe injuries, both men did not see the killer. Just like that he killed six people and hurt eleven people.

David Berkowitz mainly hurt young white women with wavy black hair, he got caught when his car was checked and the police found a gun, a map, and a letter that was written for the police. He was arrested and confessed to the murders, but there was a weird turn when he said that he killed people because his neighbor’s dog wanted him to do the killings and bring the blood, he was also a part of a satanic cult. When he was a child he was psychoanalyzed but later on, he stopped going to the therapist, his neighbors described him as troubled and a menace.

David Berkowitz’s parents tried to help him but they were not able to, and they stopped doing that as they thought he was just a kid he would learn. When David Berkowitz was interviewed by people and all of them said that the satanic angel was added later on by David Berkowitz so that he can state a reason for the crime, John E. Douglas, who worked in the FBI, said that David remembers everything, as he did everything when he was conscious. Psychologist Dr. Harvey Schlossberg also said the same thing that the satanic claims were just fantasies. 

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