Will BTS Disband In 2027? What Does The Contract Say?

BTS has been on everyone’s mind and heart for the past few years. We all see this wave of people joining the fan base, which is famously called the “Army.” This group of seven boys has garnered a lot of fans, was able to sell many albums, sell out whole stadiums in concerts and even a piece of simple normal news becomes a headline. Jungkook, V, Jin, J-Hope, RM, and Suga have been an integral part of everyone’s life, their songs instantly breaking all the records. They have been in the music industry for 9 years now, and their popularity is never stopping. One thing that the fans fear is the disbanding of the band since it is rumored that BTS will disband in 2027, so is that true? Well, we are here with this article to answer the most anticipated question: will BTS disband in 2027? 

Will BTS Disband In 2027?

Will BTS Disband In 2027

BTS started its career back in 2013 but got its fame in 2016 in South Korea and recognition on a global level in 2017. Since then they have grown in so many countries, a lot of their fans do not even understand the language but despite the language barrier, they are still going strong and perfect. As mentioned, they debuted in 2013, and according to that their 7-year contract was supposed to end in 2018 but then they renewed the contract for another 7 years and with that plan, the contract will end in 2027 and that means the group will disband in that year.

There are also other reasons such as age, mental health, family, and military that may cause the group to break once and for all. Back in June, in a live stream, Jungkook said that the group is like a team and they are not breaking up, because recently a hiatus was announced but that was just a break. Unfortunately, we do not know for sure if BTS will disband in 2027, their contract is ending but they can also renew it again but looking at other mentioned factors such as age and family, the answer leans more towards the fact that they may disband. But we should not be making assumptions and wait for 2027 to see what will happen with BTS, until then we should just enjoy their music. 

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BTS Controversy

Being in a public image throughout the world, a simple gesture can spark controversies. BTS is famous not just in South Korea but the whole world, they are in the public eye 24/7 so let’s look at some of the controversies BTS was involved in. V who is famous for his beautiful singing and also his beautiful looks have faced backlash so many times due to the fact that he smokes cigarettes, there have been incidents when he was seen smoking and his fans were not happy.

BTS has been accused of plagiarism, RM has talked about this and said that he takes inspiration from a lot of sources such as books, television, movies, other songs, etc. He even apologized for the fact and accepted the allegations. One of their songs was seemingly misogynistic as the lyrics were describing women as objects, due to that incident the group became more aware before writing songs. Jimin has faced controversies such as, when a problematic statement regarding Japan was written on his t-shirt, due to that the shows of BTS were canceled in Japan. 

BTS Achievements

Will BTS Disband In 2027

BTS has gotten so many achievements in its life and career, from breaking the charts to getting the invitation to many lavish parties. Even a simple thing such as them starting an Instagram account is something of an achievement, as they got so many followers in such a short time. BTS has been invited to many prestigious award shows, such as VMAs, Grammy Awards and so many more.

BTS has been described as one of the most influential people, one example is when they collected money to support the people, they were able to collect a lot of money in a short amount of time. BTS and other K-pop groups have been described as the soft power of South Korea on an international level, as the groups have supported making a good image of South Korea, and their impact can be seen easily. BTS has also done endorsements for high-end brands such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Louis Vuitton, Puma, Fila, SUV, and many more. 

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