Dhahanam Season 2 Release Date Still Remains At 50-50 Chances!

Crime and action are one of the most loved genres in the entertainment industry, many shows and movies are packed with drama, thrill, and action are released every year but only some of them stay in everyone’s mind and heart. Dhahanam can be described as one such show that was released back in April.

Dhahanam is directed by Agasthya Manju and produced by Ram Gopal Verma, and the influence of Ram Gopal Verma can be seen in the series. Some may describe the show as rather underrated to be fair because it is a nice show, a good story, and a great cast, basically everything that a show needs. The first season was epic and was instantly loved, that’s why the fans of the show have been waiting for Dhahanam season 2, and we have accumulated all the details we could find about season 2. 

Dhahanam Season 2 Release Date

Dhahanam Season 2 Release Date

Web shows have made a lot of difference in the world, it is so easy to find a web series but again only a few are actually good. Dhahanam follows an interesting and gripping storyline that keeps the viewers hooked on the show. Dhahanam season 1 was released back in April 2022 and got mixed but mostly positive reviews. If you have been wondering about season 2, so are we because there are not any official details about the release date of Dhahanam.

The series can only come with a new season if it got a good amount of viewership when the first season was released, though season 1 of Dhahanam did not get much attention, to be honest, fairly it was a good season. So the possibility about season 2 is half and half, the show may or may not come. But if there will be a season 2 it will surely be another interesting and exciting season. 

Name Of The ShowDhahanam
Season NumberSeason
Dhahanam Season 1 Release Date14 April 2022
Dhahanam Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Dhahanam Season 2 Story

Dhahanam follows the story of crime and drama, a fight between the truth and the lie. The story is set in an Indian town where the Naxals live, as you may know, those people do not like to be involved with the government and the officials, they have a different ideology and are separatists in nature. Sri Ramulu died but his death is not normal, it contains a dark truth that people do not know but his son Hari knows and he is on the journey to get revenge for his father’s killers. There will be fights, blood, and guns, the journey is not easy for anyone.

Hari is a Naxalite who is fighting with the assassinators of his father via guerilla welfare. He is trying to find the people and that infuriates the real killers who are really powerful in the village and everyone is afraid of them. There is a new posting in the village, as Anjana Sinha is the new police officer and she has now been given the opportunity to fix this fight in the village. Both the parties are really strong and powerful, and because of that the peace of the village is in danger but Anjana Sinha will try everything to give the due justice and bring back the peace. If there will be a season 2 it will follow another gripping and thrilling journey that will be filled with action and drama. 

Dhahanam Season 2 Cast

Dhahanam Season 2 Release Date

Dhahanam had a really great cast, amazing and talented actors made everything really interesting and all the characters were perfectly cast. Ashwatkanth Sharma is in the role of Ravi, Abhishek Duhan as Hari. Isha Koppikar in the character of Anjana Sinha, Parvathy Arun as Sunita. Naina Ganguly has played the role of Pavani, and Abhilash Chaudhary as Obul Reddy. Pradeep Rawat as Narayan Reddy, Vinod Anand in the role of Sriramulu, and Ravi Kale played the character of Suresh.

The character of Chenna Reddy is played by Shayaji Shinde and Kancharapalem Kishore in the role of Chaman. There are many more amazing and great actors in secondary roles that have made Dhahanam as great as it is. Actors such as Sunil Sharma, Zakir Hussain, Polimera Kishore Kumar, and Kailash Pal have played their characters perfectly. If there will be a season 2 of Dhahanam it may have the same cast with new additions of some characters and actors or maybe a new cast altogether, well we can only do this once a season 2 will come. 

Where To Watch Dhahanam Season 2 Online?

Dhahanam is available on MX Player, if there will be a season 2 it will stream there. 

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