Community Movie Release Date: Series Gets A Movie Renewal!

Comedy movies and shows are the perfect antidotes to a sad and sappy day, just tune in on your television or phone and for some time you will forget the bad parts of life. Community is one such show that has made everyone a fan of its fantastic tropes and touches of humor aspects. Created by Dan Harmon, Community was released in 2009 and so far six seasons have been released and all of them were really successful. The show managed to get many awards and appreciation and when a movie was announced we all got pretty excited, and we are sure that so are you. So we are here with all the details about the. Community movie release date. 

Community Movie Release Date

A rocking 8.5 out of 10 on IMDb, Community was able to get so much love from all the people and throughout its run of six seasons, the show was able to get many prestigious awards such as Primetime Emmy Awards, Critics’ Choice Television Awards and many more. The show has a cult following and why should not it be, the show has a great cast and the perfect comic timing. The show was finished after the 5th season but on the demand of the small fan base, Community was picked for the 6th season and with six seasons in 2015 the show was concluded, and even after that the demand for a new installment was not stopped, and now the creators have finally listened and after a gap of seven years, we are getting a movie.

If you have been wondering about the release date though, we would also like to be included because every fan is waiting right now. And it feels like we have to wait for some more time, but do not worry a movie will be coming we just do not know about the release date yet. Creator of Community, Dan Harmon is coming back, and we will be able to see his magic again as he is writing the scripts. Andrew Guest will also be writing the scripts, you may have seen his work on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and 30 Rock. Well, rest assured let’s look at the story and cast of Community movie. 

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Community Movie Story

Community followed the story of Jeff Winger whose lie comes in front of everyone and then his life changes altogether. He was lying about being a lawyer and getting a degree from Columbia University, when everyone at the firm gets to know about this, he was immediately suspended. Jeff enrolls in the local community college to get a proper and legal law degree. He soon gets attracted to Britta Perry and in order to get close to her, he starts a study group.

Britta Perry brings his other friends and classmates such as Abed Nadir, Shirley Bennett, Troy Barnes, Pierce Hawthorne, and Annie Edison to the study group. They all have different personalities but they soon get close. They all get into different shenanigans and help the college and also each other.

In the last episode of the 6th season, we saw that all of them share a beautiful moment and talk about their future. Though the movie plot is not revealed yet, Community movie may follow the same storyline we saw in the last scene of the last episode.  Well, whatever the storyline will be, it will be obviously great and interesting to watch. 

Community Movie Cast

Community Movie Release Date

Community had a great cast, if it is a comedy show, along with the scripts, the actors also have to be good to present all the funny moments perfectly. And the actors of Community are naturally funny. In the movie we can expect Joel McHale to play the role of Jeff, he announced on social media, he revealed that the movie is his dream come true.

Danny Pudi will also be reprising his character Abed Nadir, his involvement in the movie was announced recently. Alison Brie is also confirmed to be in the movie, and she will obviously be playing the character of Annie Edison.

Gillian Jacobs, Craig Pelton, and Ken Jeong will also be back for their respective roles. Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown both left the show before the sixth season, so it is uncertain if they will be back or not, Chevy Chase’s character Pierce Hawthorne died in the show’s 5th season, so his coming back for a movie is almost impossible. The supporting cast is not out yet. 

Where To Watch Community Movie Online?

Community Movie will be released on Peacock

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