Samantar Season 3 Release Date Seems Possible Due To The Source Material!

It appears that our relationship with Samantar will continue for some time. The first season of the show was fantastic, and both critics and viewers praised it highly. The same thing happened with season 2, which received the same amount of love and popularity. However, when season 2 ends on a cliffhanger, the real problem arises. We will discuss the third season of the web series Samantar as well as its cast, release date, and plot in this update. Season 2 also has a shocking twist at the end, and season 3 will reveal the full story. As a result, fans of the series are now eagerly anticipating Samantar Season 3 Release Date.

Samantar Season 3 Release Date

Will season 3 happen? Will the next season come? Will the story be having new turns and twists? The answer to all these questions is only one, which is, yes; A Big Yes is the response. It is almost certain that there will be a third season of Samantar because the series is based on the book and the book includes three sections. Samantar, an MX Player original series, is likely to get one more and its final season, despite the fact that the makers have not made a formal announcement to that effect. the actual and precise date could be affected by the writing and shooting. If everything goes as per plan, we can expect the series by mid-2023, the final release date will be updated once we get any official confirmation from the makers.

Name Of The ShowSamantar
Season NumberSeason 3
Samantar Season 1 Release Date13 March 2020
Samantar Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

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Samantar Season 3 Story

The story of Samantar is about a young guy named Kumar Mahajan, whose life is changed as a result of his search for Sudarshan Chakrapani, a man who has the same fate as him. The life Chakrapani is currently leading is the life she has already led. Being an atheist, things aren’t going well for Kumar Mahajan. His friend Sharad Wabgaonakr brings him to a Swami, who tells him about his past. At first, he thinks Sharad must have helped him, but he later realizes that the Swami is telling him stuff that even Sharad does not at all know. When Swami sees Kumar’s palm for the second time—the first time being when he decided to accept his help—he objects and verbally abuses him. Kumar claims he has never met him. When Kumar discovers that Sudrashan Chakrapani had the same fortune as him and had met Swami many years before, he decides to track down the man so that he might know his future and change it. However, whenever Kumar looks for leads, he encounters difficulties. Kumar makes a commitment to read Sudarshan’s journals and learn from his mistakes in order to change his course of events. In the first episode, Kumar spent much of the time frantically trying to find Sudarshan, who eventually cautioned him that he could never escape fate.

Kumar builds his life exactly as he had wanted, complete with wealth, the affection of his family, and professional achievement, in the opening scene of the second season after being guided by Sudarshan’s warnings in his diaries. This is true up to the moment he turns the page and discovers a new woman in his life. Enter Sai Tamhankar as Meera, the wealthy businessman’s wife in Kolhapur who is trapped in an abusive marriage (and who also goes by the name Sundara in Sudarshan’s life). While being apprehensive about Meera, Kumar finds himself drawn to her out of curiosity. He ultimately loses everything he has earned as their relationship develops, mirroring the way Sudarshan’s world has changed drastically over the years. The remainder of the narrative concerns Kumar’s attempt to change his fate while trapped between the past and the future.  As we witnessed in the season 2 finale, Kumar Mahajan is now dead, and as Chakarapani said, a new guy with the same fate will go looking for him. In the conclusion, we also see that a new man has approached the priest (Baba) to show him his hand, and Baba remarks that the man’s fingerprints perfectly match those of Kumar Mahajan. A new character will appear in the third season’s narrative and seek for Kumar Mahajan, and the narrative will continue. Additionally, new turns and twists are possible.

Samantar Season 3 Cast

The announcement of the cast member is still in the veil. The basic characters are supposed to be the same, but the entry of a new character in place of Kumar Mahajan and others is still unknown. The audience is eagerly waiting to know the new cast of the new season.

Samantar Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for the new season of Samantar is still not out. The fans of the show are eagerly waiting for the new updates and especially the trailer of the show, so that they can get an idea of the forthcoming season. 

Where To Watch Samantar Online?

The viewers can see season 3 of Samantar on MX Player.

Samantar Season 3 was the main topic of discussion. Stay tuned with us for more information and updates on series and movies.

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