Innocent Defendant Season 2 Release Date Is In Danger As It’s Been Many Years!

‘Innocent Defendant’ is an 18-episode series with Ji Sung (Park Jung-woo) as the main lead who is playing a character of a prosecutor who works at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. The story begins with him waking up one day and finding himself to be a convict punished with a death sentence. Park Jung-woo (Ji Sung) also realizes that he was suffering from amnesia thus, he had no idea what incidents lead him to be a convict on death row. The story revolves around him struggling to recover his past memories so as to clear his name.

The last episode of the series ‘Innocent Defendant Season 2’ that is, the 18th episode was deemed to be the final episode for the show since it was brought to a proper ending without rushing it to conclusions. It is highly likely to not have another season, and even if it were to have another season it would probably be unrelated to the first series or it is possible that it would have the same cast with just a shift of the main lead with the current main lead acting as a mentor side character.

Innocent Defendant Season 2 Release Date

Innocent Defendant Season 2 Release Date

‘Innocent Defendant’ probably will not be having a season 2 since it was not announced nor hinted to have a continuation by the official crew. Even if it were to have another season it is yet to be officially confirmed. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that we might not be getting another season of the ‘Innocent Defendant’ series for at least a couple more years.

Name Of The ShowInnocent Defendant
Season NumberSeason 2
Innocent Defendant Season 1 Release Date23 January 2017
Innocent Defendant Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Innocent Defendant Season 2 Cast

If there were to be a second season for the show ‘Innocent Defendant’ I speculate it to have the same or at least almost the same cast, that is, Ji Sung (Park Jung-woo), Um Ki-joon (Cha Sun Ho), Kim Min-Seok (Lee Sung Gyu), Hyung-kyung Uhm (Na Yeon Hee), Kwon Yuri (Seo Eun Hye), Jo Jae-yoon (Shin Cheol-sik), Shin Rin-Ah (Park Ha-yeon), Oh Yeon-ah (Jennifer Lee), Ohh Chang-seok (Kang Joon Hyuk), Son Yeo-Eun (Yoon Ji-soo), Woo Hyun, Park Ho-san (Choi Dae-Hong), Oh Seung-hoon (Kim Seok), Jang Gwang, Yoon Yong-hyun (Chief Priest), Kang Sung-min (Yoon Tae-soo), Dae-hwan Oh (Cheon Piljae), Bael Ji-won, Cho Jae-ryong, Kim Kyung-nam (Executive Secretary), Seo Jung-Yeon (Kim Sun-hwa), Lee Deok-hwa (Prisoner), Seung-Hoon Kim (Prison Security), Ye Soo-jung (Myung Geum-ja), Han Ji-woo (Yeo Min-kyung), Seong Byeong-Suk, Lee Shin-sung (Ko Dong-yoon), Hwang Young-hee, Han Ki-woong (Cha Min-ho), Xiumin (Lee Sung Gyu). Even if the cast were to be almost similar the story would probably be led by a completely different perspective.

Innocent Defendant Season 2 Story

Innocent Defendant Season 2 Release Date

Since ‘Innocent Defendant Season 2’ would probably not be related to ‘Innocent Defendant Season 1’ the story could quite literally be anything. It could be a prequel or sequel to the already existing season with different characters brought into the limelight.

The first season of ‘Innocent Defendant’ mainly revolved around Park Jung-woo (Ji Sung) who was a prosecutor working at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, who happened to have lost all his past memories and also somehow got himself to be a convict on death row. When he wakes up with this realization he is left clueless about what events unrolled in his past and what he could do in the present to prove his own innocence. Even when he was struggling to regain his memories he was confident enough that he did not commit any crime and that he did not deserve to be a convict on death row.

The season ends with Jung-woo proven not guilty and the real crime initiators namely, Jung-hyuk a fellow prosecutor, Tae-soo, and Min-ho who wanted to become Cha Sun-ho the person whom he killed and was also the father of Eun-soo to whom he claimed to be his son.

Jung-woo closes the season with dialogue that states, he was the Seoul Special Unit Prosecutor Park Jung-woo he also adds a wink to this statement. All in all, it was a good series.

Innocent Defendant Season 2 Trailer                         

Since there is no guarantee of an upcoming season for the show ‘Innocent Defendant’, there seems to be no official trailer for it either.

Where To Watch Innocent Defendant Season 2 Online?

If you still haven’t watched ‘Innocent Defendant Season 1’ you can watch it on Netflix or Disney plus Hotstar. If there ever were to be a season two for this infamous series it would probably be released on Netflix.

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