Who Is Magdalena Cielecka Partner In 2022?

Mostly, all of us here have already heard of the name Magdalena Cielecka and mainly most of you are here because you have got a crush on her. Yes, it is absolutely normal to have a crush on such a gorgeous actress, and don’t worry you aren’t alone on the list. Magdalena Cielecka is actually a polish actress for those who don’t know anything about her and she is very well known for her works in theatre and her movie Pokuszenie which is directed by Barbara Sass. We also know her very well because of her work in the show Magda M and that is also one of the reasons that the hype has been going on over the years. But something that many of the fans have been trying to find out about her is whether she is, married single or whatever her relationship status is. Yes, we all know that we all wouldn’t be dating her unfortunately that’s for sure, but we are always interested in the lives of our most loved actors and actresses out there. Firstly, her dating history has surely been quite controversial and yes, we do find some quite famous names there, however, currently, there have been questions regarding her dating an actor who is younger than her by a huge age gap.

Yes don’t worry, we all have heard the rumor and if you still haven’t watched the interview in which she answered or gave her views regarding the question, then don’t worry, as we have got you every content regarding that. But we will also first give you the answer, no guys, she isn’t single currently, and for a fact she hasn’t been single since 2019, so don’t get your hopes too high. For other facts and stuff do continue reading this article till the end.

Magdalena Cielecka Relationship

Who Is Magdalena Cielecka Partner

 As we all know this polish actress, has been quite in the hype for the last couple of years and the fan base regarding her has been just growing as time passes. However, something that has always been quite private in her life is her dating history or her love life as we may say. There were many big names on the list but currently as we all know, Magdalena Cielecka has been dating Bartosz Gelner. There have been dating since 2019 and something unique about their relationship is the 16 years gap between them. Bartosz also belongs to the same profession as Magdalena and actually, they met at work too. They both are talented actors and in the recent interview, Magdalena referred to the media that, though age is a big thing for the society out there, she hasn’t ever thought about it as a big fact, according to her, maturity isn’t something that depends on the age of a person and Bartosz being in the same profession has actually stimulated a lot about her relationship.

They are both being Italian, their origins are the same and something unique about their relationship I, it is absolutely not stable, sometimes they are so in love with each other, whereas sometimes they break up, the next day only they end up patching up again. Though there is a lot of drama and stuff and stuff between them, they love each other a lot and love spending time with each. They are currently not living together, but we have spotted them having fun vacations together and also going on cycling rides and walks together. Some pictures also have given us some insight into their relations which was at one of their friend’s weddings, where both the actors went together and it was because of one of their mutual friends that we got see them.

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Who Is Bartosz Gelner?

Who Is Magdalena Cielecka Partner

Now as we all know this young actor is actually dating Magdalena Cielecka, and he is also an actor and belongs to the same profession. They both have been dating since 2019 and currently, the actor is of the age 34. He is very well known for some of his works in renowned movies such as the Floating Skyscrapers, Suicide Room and many others. he is also of Italian origin as we have already mentioned and Bartosz Gelner is quite serious about his relations with Magdalena Cielecka.  

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