What Is The Meaning Of MC In Anime?

For all the otakus out there, who have just started calling them anime fans and stuff and are pretty much new to the anime world, you all may not have heard of the term MC. However, this term is one of those, which mostly all of us have come to terms with once in our lives because it ain’t something very unique for anime and mangas, but all the other industries out there use it too. This is such a world without which movies and shows won’t work at all because the story which we all are excited about, isn’t just about us but it is actually about the MC. The character setting and every scene are made in such a way that the MC’s character doesn’t get damaged anyhow. We can just come to the conclusion that it is by far the most important character in a show or a movie. Something unique about the MC is that it can be both positive or negative, like villains or heroes, nothing matters, it will completely depend on the story that the show is concentrating on. now for those who are still not aware of this word, it is because in the last few years the industry has changed a lot and we have started using terms such as protagonist and antagonist and that’s absolutely okay, but that’s just because the animes have got more and more complex. There are many animes, which do have some of the best MCs out there and there are also some animes, which do have a great story and everything but lack the depth an MC should have.

Don’t worry, in this article we are going to brief you on everything about who an MC is, what role he plays in the entire show, and why so much depends on him. We are going to state some of the animes that have got the best Mc’s out there and in some of them you may also find more than one MC but it is absolutely normal.

Who Is An MC?

What Is The Meaning Of MC In Anime?

Firstly the full form of MC is actually a very common one, and by now many of you would have guessed it from the above-given facts. It is the short version of Main Character which now has been replaced by modern terms such as protagonist and stuff. However back in the day, Mc was the character that created all the hype and stuff regarding the anime. It is generally the best and the coolest character you will find in the entire story and being the main character, it is around them that the entire story revolves. There have been many cases where the main character of the story is assumed to be someone and ends up being someone else, or generally, there is also much confusion regarding whether the character is actually a hero or evil by nature. In some of the animes, it’s very easy to identify the main character as the show’s name is mainly based on them. There are also many cases where they get revealed quite late in the story which is actually not something that fans love.

Based on most animes that exist in the market currently, something that we have observed is that Mc is the character who ends up having some of the best glow-ups as the episodes continue or they also end up being the most overpowered character being in veils such as in case of Saitama and many other animes. The main attractive point regarding the Main Characters is that they all have a motive, a big role, and a dream which is the main motto of the show, and they also do have got some dark pasts which have made them so unique that they end up being the main characters. There are many other cases, but we hope that you understand what we are talking about by now.

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Animes With Best MC

There are many animes, which are no doubt good and when you will search on the internet, you will find many lists of animes ranked according to their hype in the market, but something that many good animes do lack is main characters. If you are a beginner and are looking for some animes with good MC, you can go for Naruto, Death Note, Shokugeki No Soma, and other animes which belong to the same genre.

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