Qala Release Date Is Speculated For 2023!

Netflix has always shocked us with new things which we have never expected from it and this time, they have come up with the movie Qala. After watching the trailer teaser of the movie, yes we too were a bit confused just like most of our readers were. The star cast that this movie is bringing in, may not be known by everyone out there, however, the Bengali movie industry surely gets to see a big name, which is swastika Mukherjee as one of the lead characters in the movie. If you are a Bengali, you do know the hype she brings with her and if you aren’t a Bengali, get ready to be just amazed by her acting skills and the genre of the movie she mainly acts in. Qala movie is a drama and thriller genre, with a touch of horror, however, when it comes to the story, we haven’t got much to tell you all, as the trailer hasn’t been out yet. the show has got a more or less mixed hype from the fans, as many of you out there, haven’t properly understood the trailer and many of you actually don’t know the actors starring in the movie. However, we can guarantee you something that this movie won’t be a disappointment for sure. The movie has received some good comments from critics because of the picturization.

As this movie still hasn’t received a Wikipedia page, there has been a lot of confusion regarding the release dates and other updates related to the show. Now, unfortunately, we have only received a teaser for the movie and that hasn’t yet revealed the release dates of the show, thus we will have to wait a little for the release dates. However, we have got our own sources who have provided us with some updates, and other than that we have also got some other predictions related to the movie. To know more about the movie, do continue reading this article till the end.

Qala Release Date

Qala Release Date

Before moving into the release date of the movie, let’s just look back a bit at the other notable dates related to the movie. The idea regarding this movie has been going on for quite some time in the minds of the writers and directors and after a lot of convincing and stuff, it was finally approved by the Netflix studios. Finally, the movie got confirmed in the first half of 2022. The teaser trailer which has actually given a bit of hype to this movie came out on the 24th of September 2022, and the trailer of the show is expected to make it to us in the October months of this year. Though we haven’t been informed about any release date based on the period it’s taking, we can expect the show to make its release anytime in November or December and not before that. Though all this news is based on certain sources and predictions and nothing has been confirmed as of now. However, something sure is, that it won’t be delayed until 2023. For more updates regarding the show, we will have to wait for a little longer.

Name Of The ShowQala
Season NumberSeason 1
Qala Release DateNot Announced

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Qala Story

As we have already mentioned, we all are a bit confused regarding the story that has been portrayed in the teaser of the movie. Based on what we have seen we do see a mother and daughter relationship, which ain’t quite normal, and the daughter is struggling to get the acknowledgment of her mother and she has to push her limits till the end to do so. There is a bit of romance as it seems, however, there is a lot of tragedy which is quite well depicted from the vibe of the movie.

Qala Cast

Qala Release Date

For the cast of the movie, we have received some great actors on the list, which includes Swastika Mukherjee, Triptii Dimri, Ashish Singh, Babil Khan, and some other known names.

Qala Trailer

As we have already mentioned the trailer of the movie hasn’t been out yet, however, the teaser trailer is out there available on YouTube as well as the Netflix platform.

Where Can We Watch Qala Online?

This movie being a Netflix original movie will be available only on the Netflix platform.

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