Is Ponniyin Selvan A True Story?

Have you watched the legendary Manirantam’s latest Tamil movie “Ponniyin Selvan”? Well, if you have not watched it then let me give you the reason to watch. You can watch the historical drama at least once because it is “Maniratnam’s film” and another one is “the Aishwarya Rai Bachchan” has come back on the silver screen after four years. Want a third reason too to watch this movie? Okay then, let me give you that too, it is a reunion of Aishwarya Rai and Maniratnam after their last movie Raavan in 2010. Now convinced? So, why are you waiting then? Go and must experience this movie in the theatres.

Coming back to the topic that is ” Is Ponniyin Selvan A True Story?” We’ll tell you everything here in this article. But first, know some facts about this movie. Ponniyin Selvan is a movie adaptation of a novel written by Kalki Krishnamurthy in the same language under the same title. The novel was serialized and published as a weekly edition from 29 October to 16 May 1954, and later it has a total of five parts that were released in a book configuration in 1955. So, now, whoever is watching Ponniyin Selvan is stuck with the question “is it a real story?” Many of you also think that it is a real story but the answer is unfortunately different from your perception.

So, I think a lot of suspense has been created now, let me just break it!

Is Ponniyin Selvan A True Story?

Is Ponniyin Selvan A True Story?

Actually, the answer is a little confusing. According to our research, the characters presented in a movie that too in a grand way, are real, yes, characters of the Chola Dynasty that are shown in the movie existed at that time. And if we talk about the Chola Dynasty that too existed in the world. It was the longest-ruled Dynasty in the world, I am sure you have definitely read about it in Indian history books. But as I have mentioned above that the movie is an adaptation of a novel, it is not even totally based on the story of the novel. Maniratnam modified it in many ways according to the Cinema.

So, we can say that the story is fictionalized but based on historical events. On the other hand, some of the characters are real and the main theme of the story is an authentic adaption of the novel. In other words, a movie is a combination of history and imagination.

For writing this novel, Kalki (author of the novel) actually visited Sri Lanka three times to compile most of the information regarding the Chola Dynasty, Rajaraja I, who was the great Chola ruler and was also considered the most powerful king of South India. Now, after knowing whether the movie is real or not, I am sure that those who have not watched the movie yet are definitely wanting to know the story of this masterpiece. Wait…wait, telling you right now everything regarding its story too.

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Ponniyin Selvan Story

As most historical movies tell the story of thrones, it is no different. It is also, we can say “Game of Thrones” where some characters want to ruin the Chola Dynasty and others are trying to make it more powerful. The story is set in the time of Sundara Chola, who had three children, Aditha Karikalan, Kundavai (princess of the Dynasty), and Arulmozhi Varman. So, now give the center light to Arulmozhi Varman aka Rajaraja Cholan, who is a Ponniyin Selvan (son of Cauvery).

Arulmozhi Varman once slipped in the river Cauvery and reached near death, but the river goddess saved him and from then he was called “Ponniyin Selvan“. In this movie, Aditha who is supposed to become the next ruler of the Dynasty is not liked by the people, but on the other hand, his younger brother Arulmozhi Varman is liked and even received more love and acknowledgment by the people of that Dynasty, and his elder sister, Kundavai also wanted to see him as the next King of Chola Dynasty.

As it is a historical event-based movie then definitely it has enemies, fights, and revenge. Then come the most loved Aishwarya Rai in the role of Nandini, the main opponent in the movie. Yes, in the movie she tries to ruin the Chola Dynasty. She wants to destroy Cholas because she wants to kill Aditha first, he was in love with Nandini, and also killed Veerapandiyan, because Nadini and Veerapandiyan shared a mysterious relationship. Another reason for her to destroy the entire dynasty is that she is supposed to be the daughter of a Chola, who was in love with her mother, but they did not accept her.

Next in the row of enemies are The Pandyas, they also want to kill Aditha as he killed Veerapandiyan (as I mentioned above) during a battle, so that’s how Nandini and The Pandyas are connected to each other because their target is the same ” To destroy Cholas”.

After them, there is Madurantakan, nephew of Sundara Chola, he was supposed to be the next king of the Dynasty but Sundara Chola’s father took the crown as he was adopted. So he is also in the race of demolishing the Chola Dynasty.

Now, the story is simple, that, how they all fought for the throne and to achieve their aims.

Ponniyin Selvan Cast

Is Ponniyin Selvan A True Story?

The movie’s cast is the biggest reason to watch this in the theatres. Big names from the Tamil and Hindi film industries include making this masterpiece literally “The Masterpiece”. Well, I think we should quickly know about the star cast of the movie. In Ponniyin Selvan, you will be able to see Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as a Pazhuvoor queen, Nandini, then there is Vikram as Aditha Karikalan, Jayam Ravi as Ponniyin Selvan, Trish in the role of Kundavai.

It also includes Karthi as Vallavaraiyan, Aishwarya Lekshmi as Poonguzhali aka Samuthirakumari, Prabhu as Periya Vellar, and Jayaram as Azhwarkadiyan Nambi. It also has, R. Sarathkumar as Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar, Sobhita Dhulipala as Vaanathi, Prakash Raj as Sundara Chola, Rahman as Madurantaka, Ashwin Kakumanu as Senthan Amudhan, Lal as Tirukoilur, Vijaykumar as Vijayalaya Chola, Jayachitra as Sembiyan Mahadevi, Mohan Rehman as Aniruddha, and many more.

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