CAT Release Date Is Not Announced Now!

When it comes to Bollywood Netflix original movies, we have never been disappointed and this time too Netflix has come up with a new series that is going to blow our minds. Our very favorite Randeep Hooda whom many of us know very well for his excellent acting skills, style sense, and at the same time, the many characters he carries around is the lead star in this movie. In many Bollywood movies, we have actually known the concept of police informers. Police informers are basically, people who are working for the police however they are not official government staff, they provide the police force with information from ground level and help them stop crime. However, it is a very risky profession as many of the crime masters out there, end up identifying them and killing them. This show is about a police informer who had to go down this path because of his love for his brother and at the same time, his brother being one of the most irrational people out there. The trailer teaser of the show has been quite nice and the hype regarding the show has also been quite real. The critics have mostly all commented positively regarding the concept of the show and though there ain’t any IMDb rating page available out there, it will soon be available out there once the trailer releases.

The question regarding the release date of the show has been quite a mystery as of now, as we have received a lot of questions regarding it from you all, however, the makers haven’t announced anything. The trailer will make it to us in a few days and other than that, we have got certain sources who have provided us with certain news and we also have got our own predictions which may be just on the mark. Yes, we do know that the Wikipedia page for the show hasn’t been created as of now, however, everything related to the topic has been mentioned in this article.

CAT Release Date

CAT Release Date

The entire concept of this show has been in the middle of the marks for quite a long time. The makers started writing the script and stuff for the show in 2021 only and finally, the main production elated work started in the first few months of 2022. The teaser trailer has been received by us on the 24th of September 2022, and as we have all seen the hype has been real regarding this movie. The trailer, though we haven’t received it yet, is supposed to make its release in October months of 2022 only. The main release date of the show has also not been announced as of now, however, based on our sources and predictions, there is a huge chance that this show will be coming out in November or December months of 2022 and there will be no delay till 2023. For any more updates regarding the release date of the show, we will have to wait a little longer.

Name Of The ShowCAT
Season NumberSeason 1
CAT Release DateNot Announced

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CAT Story

For the story to be followed, we do see that there are two brothers in the story, the elder one being Randeep Hooda and there is some past he has got or something he had to do for his brother which has blacklisted him. Now the only job he has been offered to be safe around in society is of a CAT and which is the code name for being an informer of the police. Then we have the younger brother of Randeep’s character who is just an irrational teenager and has got the hype to become the cool kid, and ends up doing much illegal stuff and gets involved in many such things which have to be sorted by Randeep Hooda while at the same time he goes on risking his life.

CAT Cast

CAT Release Date

For the cast of the movie, we have got some great names involved as of now, though as there aren’t any proper announcements regarding the movie, we have only come up with the big shark in the show and that is Randeep Hooda himself.

CAT Trailer

The trailer of the show hasn’t been out yet, however, the teaser trailer is currently available on Netflix and YouTube platforms.

Where Can We Watch CAT Online?

The show is a Netflix original movie, the streaming rights are only available on the Netflix platform.

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