Entergalactic Review: Takes You On A Trip To Trippy Visuals!

Not seen trippy visuals for a while? Then Entergalactic might help you. Kid Cudi has marvelously made an animated film depicting a love story with hit songs. Who knew you can show a love story just through musicals? Kid Cudi has put the perfect amount of calmness, romance, and escapism. Perfect amount of hilarious scenes, and the right sense of non-veg jokes, Intergalactic has it all. The storyline seems straight out of a Rom-Com book. Our hero, Jabari, falls in love with his neighbor. Seems too common right?

It’s not! The way it has been shown makes the movie worth it. I’ve not seen such trippy visuals in a very long time, until now. Jabari, who is a comic artist, and how he fells in love with Meadow is shown in a gen z culture.

Kid Cudi has done a fabulous job in making it look real life. The characters drawn are hilariously, specially, Jimmy. You will fall in love with each one of them.

The film starts in New York with neon-rich shades of purple, maroon, yellow, and orange (looks all trippy) where a comic artist, Jabari is freshly moving into a new apartment in Manhattan. Soon after that, he runs into his ex-girlfriend, Carmen. Jabari has known her for the past 10 years. Her eyes lit up when he tells her he is now working at Cosmic Cons (the company hired him to bring Mr. Rager as a comic book). Mr. Rager was his comic character who he used to draw. It looks like Carmen wants to be with him again, what happens then? They hook up.

Entergalactic Review

But the next morning, Jabari makes it clear that he is not looking for a relationship and goes away. Then, we see the hilarious yet exciting adventure of Jabari to find his love with Kid Cudi’s perfect musicals running behind like “By Design” (with Andre Benjamin), “Do What I Want” and “Willing to Trust” (with Ty Dolla $ign). While getting high with his buddies, you will see a wonderful experience when he rides his bikes between the pink skies. Up next is Jabari meeting his neighbor, Meadow, and telling it to his friends.

One of his friends tells a hilarious story about how he hooked up with a Russian in the agent in the; laundry room. That scene alone would have given the film a strict R rating if it was released in theatres. Then Jabari falls in love with Meadow and Meadow falls in love with Jabari, definitely a rom-com blueprint. Meadow is a mysterious photographer with chilling vibes. They fit so well with each other! But their relationship comes into danger when Meadow saw a text from his ex-girlfriend. Now you can figure out what will happen then. Let me help you a little, Jabari shows up at her event and they finally meet at the place where they had their first lunch, give each other a peck on the lips, and the movie ends! Isn’t it a perfect mixture of romedy? You get everything! Whole package!

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Entergalactic Review

One thing I liked the most about the film is that it doesn’t look like an over-long music video created into a film. It defines how musicals can tell a perfect story too. The music is placed so right, specially the ‘Angel’ where Jabari sees Meadow for the first time (Romantica). Every song is placed so right, that it feels the song was just made for that scene and nothing else. The lyrics and the visuals go hand in hand. Also, not everything is animated in the same way. When Ly was telling how he hooked up with a Russian agent, the animation moved to something you see in comic books, or when you open an adultery comic website and they ask you if you are 18+.

Also when Downtown Pat tells how he hooked up with a girl who robbed her, the animation shifted to the comic version, and trust me, that looks more hilarious. One more thing to notice is the characters, they have been created so perfectly from top to bottom, that you can see their voice actors in them. A movie composed of some of the great music of the year is what you will see. Now, let’s look at the reviews for each separately.

What’s Good?


The animation is perfect. I don’t think there’s any point where you will feel the animation was not up to the mark. The kid has tried different ways of sharing the story through animation, and I should say he was able to do that. There’s is no problem with animation, everything is to the point and wonderful


Perfect way of describing the characters. The introductory part of Jabari when he was riding his cycle was so trippy, I couldn’t even move my eyes a little. In addition to this, all the characters are made with so much effort, you will be able to see, them the second you watch it.

What’s Not Good


I hope the movie was a little longer, so I would be able to understand all characters, especially, Jabari and Meadow better. There’s no doubt I loved them, but watching them a little more and understanding their background would be pleasurable. A half an hour more would have done all the work.


At the start, I did not want to complain about the story, nor I am doing it from my perspective. Many of you will find the story very common, but I would suggest you watch it with a different mentality, try focusing on animation, characters, and how different musicals will lead you to a perfect ending to a so-called ‘common story.

Is Entergalactic worth watching?

Overall, the film is worth watching. I will suggest you watch it. Trippy visuals, funny characters, animated characters that look real, connection with the film, and great animation is something you will miss if you are not watching it. It has everything, everything we usually look out for in a film. I will give it a 4.5/5 rating. Deducting 0.5 due to the above-mentioned reasons. Many of you can consider it minimal and watch the film right now.

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