The Valhalla Murders Season 2 Release Date Is Not Here!

Netflix has a lot more things to show you. Whether it is from mystery, thrill, romance, and even comedy. One such show is from the genre of mystery, thrill, and crime, named The Valhalla Murders. It is an Icelandic show with eight episodes in only one season of approx fifty minutes duration. The series was just a fantastic piece of entertainment, and the show was a hit both critically and commercially. But for some time, the show’s popularity has decreased, and IMDb rated it on 7.1 stars. As the fans are waiting for The Valhalla Murders season 2 release date.

This crime drama has raised the issues like child abuse, corruption, and injustice. Actually, the story is based on the true story of an institute, located in Iceland. Some young boys between the ages group of seven and fourteen were injured and abused by the employees. But the series has over-picturized the story as there was no murder in real life but the series has shown it. To know more about the first and second seasons of The Valhalla Murders, you should read the full article below.

The Valhalla Murders Season 2 Release Date

valhalla murders season 2 release date

The show’s first season was released on 26 December 2019 and ended on 1 March 2020, but only in Iceland. After the first release, the makers decided to telecast the series globally for the global audience as it got a good response in its own country. Then on 13 March 2020, the series premiered on Netflix for the first time. And released all its right episodes. Now it’s been almost more than one year since the series has been ended. And fans now want to know what is the status of its renewal. Will it come back or not?

Actually, there is no information regarding the renewal and release date of the show toll now. As Netflix has not renewed the series yet. Netflix sometimes renews the shows just after the release if they planned for the next season. But in this case, it did not say anything. So, we are not sure about the release of the next part of The Valhalla Murders. There are half-half chances of releasing season 2 as this was a very popular series so it can come back. On the other hand, Netflix and even the makers of the show have not said a word about the second part of the show, so there is a chance of not coming back. However, cancellation as well as renewal, both the status have their own chances of happening.

This all depends on the makers and Netflix, whether they want to renew the series or not. Since it has been almost two years since its release, fans are losing hope concerning to the second season. All we can do is wait, so you all have to wait for a little longer until then you can enjoy the first season of The Valhalla Murder if you didn’t watch it.

Name Of The ShowThe Valhalla Murders
Season NumberSeason 2
The Valhalla Murders Season 1 Release Date26 December 2019
The Valhalla Murders Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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The Valhalla Murders Recap

As we said above that it is a crime drama based on the true story of Iceland. The story revolves around two detectives, Oslo and Kata. They were employed to search for the murderer who was done many murders of the old men in the same organization. All the victims were brutally beaten by the killer before being killed. As they progress in their investigation, they find that all the victims are connected and as a result, they all were retired employees of The Valhalla, an all-boys school.

The Valhalla has shut down some time ago, and no one was there. As the series continues, you will be able to see the case of child abuse from the 80s is now linked with these murders and the recent child abuse case. So, the series is all about how the detectives connect these murders and child abuse cases and how they got successful in finding the killer. But there was a twist, as all the crime series have, these cases are somewhere linked with the past lives of both the detectives.

If you are a mystery lover, then definitely you are going to love the series and you also will want to know about this crime series’ season 2.

The Valhalla Murders Season 2 Cast

The Valhalla Murders Season 2 Cast

The first season was also successful and popular because of its cast. It has some famous personalities from the Icelandic entertainment industry, also they have done a great job in making the series successful. The Valhalla Murders season 1 include Nina Dögg Filippusdóttir as Kata, Björn Thors as Arnar, Bergur Ebbi Benediktsson as Erlingur, Tinna Hrafnadóttir as Helga. Sigurour Skúlason as Magnus, Edda Björgvinsdóttir as Svava, Arndís Heönn Egilsdóttir as Hurgrún, and Anna Gunndís Guomundsdóttir as Selma. The show is directed by Porour Pàlsson and Póra Hilmarsdó.

As there is no release date confirmed for the next installment, we can not say anything about the future cast of the show. But most probably, the lead actors Nína and Bjórn will return to retrieve their respective roles. New faces might join in too.

The Valhalla Murders Trailer

There is no trailer out for season 2 of The Valhalla Murders, so you can watch the trailer of season 1, which we have dropped for you, below. And then decide whether to watch the series or not?

where to watch the Valhalla murders online?

You can binge-watch The Valhalla Murders season 1 on Netflix. The show has been released in three languages include German, English, and Icelandic, and also released on two platforms along with Netflix, such as RUV (Iceland) and BBC Four (UK).

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  1. I really was impressed and like it a lot so I’m hoping the show will return for the second season. The cast were great and the mystery of the show kept you on your toes to what happens next.


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