Fuuto PI Episode 9 Release Date Is Finally Declared!

If you have been an otaku for quite some time now, you must have definitely heard of the anime series, Kamen riders W. This anime series is just not any other anime, but a nostalgic emotion to many out there, as they have watched it from their childhood, and after a long time a manga sequel was added to the franchise which is named as Fuuto PI, and the manga series was doing well. It was set a few years after the Kamen rider anime series ended, and followed the same detective agency and the detective-based story we have seen in the previous anime. The same culture of monsters and dopants still exists in this new manga series and as this was doing quite well, we soon received an anime series directly adapted from the Futto PI anime series. Based on the fan reaction, the anime series has been doing pretty well with just 7-8 episodes in hand, and other than that, the comments of the critics regarding the show have also been quite admirable. the ratings of the show stand quite high and overall, we can come to the conclusion that this series is actually worth the watch.

Though, coming to the main topic of the article, and is regarding the release dates of the upcoming episodes of the show. As we all know the 8th episode was quite happening and has got many things to cover in the next episode. Now, readers, you don’t have to worry at all regarding the release dates as it has already been announced by the makers and it has also been confirmed that there is no delay in the release schedule that was being followed. To know more about the release dates, upcoming story, and other updates related to episode 9, continue reading this article until the end.

Fuuto PI Episode 9 Release Date

Fuuto PI Episode 9 Release Date

Before moving into the release dates of the upcoming episodes of the show, let’s just look back a bit at the previous eminent dates related to the show. Firstly, the show Kamen riders, which we have talked about a lot previously came out in the 1970s and that’s the main reason, many of our parents may know about this series and many out here also may get nostalgic regarding this series. Other than that, the Fuuto PI manga series came out in the year 2017 and that has been doing pretty good too. The manga series is still continuing and in 2021 it was decided that this sequel manga series needs to be adapted into an anime, finally after a long time wait and a lot of work, we received the first episode of the show on the 1st of august 2022. The 9th episode will be making its release on the 26th of September 2022.

Name Of The ShowFuuto PI
Episode NumberEpisode 9
GenreMystery, Supernatural
Fuuto PI Episode 1 Release Date1 August 2022
Fuuto PI Episode 9 Release Date26 September 2022

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Fuuto PI Episode 9 Story

The next episode is the confrontation scene that many have been waiting for. As Ryu goes on fighting the dopant. We find Shotaro and the other members such as Tokime, heading towards the mansion to find out the mastermind who had planned the entire thing and is also the one because whom Kei is not with the other members right now. Other than that we haven’t got much that we can say about the upcoming episode, but based on our sources, we can expect some twists as well as a big revelation in the story.

Fuuto PI Episode 8 Recap

For the recap of the previous episode, we find quite a lot of stuff happening, in this episode, we just find out that Kei is dead, and soon all the truths regarding the alcohol memory incident come out. We first find out, that everyone in the institution had been somehow paired with the alcohol academy and there have been many who have transformed and tried to kill others, and Kei’s death was also a result of this. Everything till this point has been revealed by Philips. Towards the end of the scene, we find a confrontation scene, between Ryu, Tokime, and a dopant. Now, that will be followed by another confrontation scene, where the real mastermind meets Tokime and his group.

Where To Watch Fuuto PI Episode 9 Online?

Just like the previous episode of the show, the 9th episode will also be making its release on the Crunchyroll platform.  

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