Why Was Cursed Season 2 Canceled By Netflix?

Now many of you may have seen this shown, whereas many of you may not have seen this show, and we must say from what we have learned from the reviews of the fans, this series is quite underrated and didn’t reach the potential it could have. However, if you are one of those readers who don’t know much about this series, don’t worry, we are going to brief you all about season 1 of the series first. Before that, you need to know, something very unique about this series, we all know that many a time, a show is based on or adapted from a very well-written book or something of that sort, however for this show, a book was being planned or a graphic novel would be a more suitable term and during that time only, it started being adapted into a  show and the novel proceeds in such a way, that even if the director wants to add something new to the show, that gets added in the novel too by the writers.

This is something we may have been seeing for the first time the graphic novel has been doing pretty well in the market, however, when it comes to0 the season of the show which shares the same title as the book, it didn’t do very well in the market. The IMDb rating wasn’t much good, only 5.9 which is quite less, when it comes to its respective fantasy genre, and other than that though the story was quite engaging, the audience got quite bored because of the extensive slow pace of the show at some point. The critic’s comments regarding both the novel and the series were quite moderate, however, the fanbase for the novel was actually much greater than that book, which was quite shocking for many of us out there.

However coming to the main topic of the book, the book being still continued or as we may say, it wasn’t canceled, the worst part is the show did get canceled in 2021 only and it was actually shocking for some fans because they thought it will be given some time to reach its fame. However, one of the biggest reasons that this show was canceled is the viewer count and nothing else. However, to know more about the enter scenario that existed, do continue reading this article till the very end.

Cursed Season 2 Canceled

Why Cursed Season 2 Was Canceled By Netflix?

 As we have already told you, it is confirmed that the second season of the show has been canceled and that too was officially done in July months of 2021. From what we have heard so far, though the graphic novel was pretty comfortable in creating a fanbase for itself, that wasn’t the same case for the show, the fanbase was loyal but not quite huge, and only a few people were overly hyped up with the show, at some point it came to the point, that the viewers count even went on falling.

Though it was, given quite a bit of time after the first season, to gather a bit of a fanbase, and approach it to more audience out there, the show didn’t manage to make it very profitable and thus it was soon decided by the Netflix platform, that they won’t be continuing the show anymore, though the makers tried a lot to convince the studios they were quite rigid with their decision and nothing could be done about it. Other than that fact, we must also know the graphic novel is actually quite famous and there is still a growing fan base for it, and as it is so successful, we can’t lose hope that the show may come back someday because we have all seen shows coming back which have already been canceled before. Thus, it is just an optimistic assumption for now, and nothing for sure, though fans shouldn’t lose hope.

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Cursed Season 2 Release Date

 As we have already mentioned the show has been canceled and thus, we are not going to receive a second season of the show, however, if it was not canceled it was meant to make its release in 2021 only. However, no further information has been provided as of now and as we have told you in the future there will always be a little bit of hope that the show may come back.

Where Can We Watch Cursed Season 1 Online?

The show being a Netflix original is only available on the Netflix platform for streaming services.

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