What Episode Does Luffy Meet Zoro In Wano?

Every show has some set of characters. Some are regular, and some are recurring. We love some characters and hate some characters, but there are rarely some shows in which every character plays a role, and even after appearing for some moments, they are able to create a fandom. The fact that every character plays an inevitable part in the show and does not feel that they were written just for the sake of it is proof of the good writing of the creator. The way they write and introduce characters does not feel lethargic. Eiichiro Oda is an author, and his writing and thoughts are impeccable. Because of his ideas, One Piece is one of the most popular anime and manga series in the world. The relationship between Luffy and Zoro is brotherly, and a lot of people love their companionship. But one thing everyone has in mind is What Episode Does Luffy Meet Zoro In Wano, and we are here to answer that, so let’s get into it. 

What Episode Does Luffy Meet Zoro In Wano?

What Episode Does Luffy Meet Zoro In Wano

Luffy and Zoro share a beautiful bond. Their bond is also stronger because they have known each other for a long time, and their journeys together made them even closer. The way Luffy and Zoro meet is so interesting and funny. Zoro and Luffy met in episode 896 of One Piece, and their first meet continued to episode 897. When Luffy met Zoro, Zoro was getting brutally beaten and dragged by the chain, he did this so he could save others, and this sportsmanship of Zoro was something Luffy got interested in, and Zoro was also eager to be friends with Luffy. Zoro is the kind of person who always gets mistaken because of the way he looks, he might look like a person who is cruel and not kind, he looks like he can kill someone and would not hesitate, well he would not hesitate but in reality, Zoro is a kind person, who is always there for his friends and close ones. Whereas we all know how funny and chill Luffy is. He can make friends really easily, so it might look like an odd friendship, but in reality, their friendship is a match made in heaven. Together they have fought many fights, and their duo is one of the great duos of One Piece. Their friendship is so pure and strong, and they are the most reliable person to each other. They trust in each other and are always present for each other. 

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Relationship Between Zoro And Luffy

You may know it or read that Zoro and Luffy shared a good relationship. They have fought in many wars and won most of them. Zoro is the first person to join as a crew member. Even though they can be a little intimidating at times, they both truly care for each other. Luffy and Zoro had their first meeting in Shells Town since then, and they have had a strong loyalty toward each other. Basically a brotherly relationship. 

Who Is Zoro?

Zoro was a bounty hunter, and he would take down pirates. He decided to join the crew because he did not want to work with Marine anymore, who was corrupt person. Zoro looks like he has a cold-hearted personality, but he is a sweet person by heart. Zoro is a pirate hunter, and he is a great swordsman. He has a unique Three Sword Style, which allows him to win in a lot of fights. Zoro also has an important sword which he learned when he was a kid from his friend Kuina. Did you all know that Zoro comes in the top 3 most popular characters of One Piece Zoro did his training with Dracule Mihawk? His abilities include Two Gorilla Cut, which allows him to win in a fight. Zoro spends a lot of time sea-lifting to be more powerful. He ate the Shusui devil fruit in One Piece. Zoro has three swords, the first one is Sandai Kitetsu, which formerly belonged to Ippon-Matsu, and the second one is the sword that formerly belonged to Kuina, Meito; Wado Ichimonji is the name of the sword. The third sword he got from Ryuma was Meito, Shusui. In the anime, Zoro is voiced by Kazuya Nakai, the original Japanese anime, and in English, he is voiced by Christopher Sabat. 

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