Suspicious Partner Season 2 Release Date Is Not Announced!

Suspicious partner is a popular and well-loved Korean drama. Showing a prosecutor Noh Ji And an intern lawyer, Bong Hee falling for each other while they are also on a mission to solve the murder mystery of Bong Hee’s ex-boyfriend at her apartment. This K drama is a confluence of many popular genres, including Crime, Mystery, suspense, and Rom-Com. Maybe this is the reason behind the show being loved not simply in Korea but outside too. Although the storyline is plain and simple, the murder mystery drives it interesting, and the whole investigation part was very thrilling. The characters assigned to the actors were nicely executed. Kim Hyeong -Gyoo was well appreciated for his debut in the wicked role (of a serial killer). The story is written by Kwon Ki-young and directed by Park Sun-ho. The show was initially released on SBS. The show is internationally broadcasted by Netflix.

Suspicious Partner Season 2 Release Date

Suspicious Partner Season 2 Release Date

Suspicious Partner season 1 debuted on May 10, 2017. Although the show didn’t get any great appraisals like other dramas, it gave an intense rivalry to different networks that make the same genre. But with time, this K drama began to gain popularity mainly due to social media appraisals which made people watch the drama and adore the cute pair.

Season 1 had an obvious and happy closure for its characters, and the viewers were satisfied and pleased, but it may be possible that fans actually need another season. Although the organization hasn’t made any official statements about the subsequent season, looking over the tied-up ending of the show,  the season appears to be a little impossible, But no one can say for sure! Maybe its success may persuade the showrunners to broaden the story. If we get any updates about the season 2 delivery date, we will refresh this segment!

Name Of The ShowSuspicious Partner
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreRomantic Comedy, Legal
Suspicious Partner Season 1 Release Date10 May 2017
Suspicious Partner Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Suspicious Partner Season 2 Story

The story revolves around a good-looking and quick prosecutor “Noah Ji-Wook” and a beautiful law intern “Bong-Hee.”They meet each other accidentally on a train, where bong hee falsely accuses Ji Wook of molesting her and later on decides to spend the whole night with him just to make her ex-boyfriend envious. Soon after that night, they both began to see each other more frequently. They were working for the same company in the same office, and soon they became friends. Days after, bong hee mistakenly gets tangled with her ex-boyfriend’s murder case and becomes the prime suspect as she had a heated argument with him earlier and shouted that she would kill him. After getting proven innocent with the help of Ji Wook, she decides to unravel the real murderer herself.

Ji Wook decides to assist her as he cares for her safety and doesn’t want her to get hurt, as this investigation is very risky. With this, their murder mystery investigation starts at the center, along with their delightful romance at the side. Finally, after a long run, they caught hold of the real culprit, got him sentenced to life imprisonment, and Ji Wook and bong hee were finally dating. Fan theories say that another season may come up with another thrilling case in which both protagonists will work together to solve it.

Suspicious Partner Season 2 Cast

Suspicious Partner Season 2 Release Date

Most loved and favorite Ji Chang-Wook exhibited the role of Noh Ji-Wook, a fired prosecutor who turned into a private lawyer and struggled to grapple with his past. The entertainer is known for his jobs in movies, television, and the singing field. Popular actress Nam Ji-Hyun does the part of Eun Bong-hee, an investigator learner lawyer who turns into a murder suspect of his own ex-boyfriend and requests Noh Ji-Wook’s help and assistance. She has recently worked in a few famous films and Network programs.

 Kwon Nara executes the part of Cha Yoo-Jung, who is Ji-work’s ex, an additional investigator who wishes to win him back. She is known for the famous Korean girl band “Hello Venus.” Hwang Chan-sung shows up as Jang Hee-Joon, Bong-hee’s ex whose demise launches inconvenience for her. An individual from the Korean kid band, 2 PM, he is known for his jobs in the film And other K dramas. Kim- Hyeong- Gyoo assumes the part of Jung-Hyun-Soo, a serial killer who is on revenge and murders his school-time friends. He has done many shows like “Good manager” and “Beautiful Mind.”

If the second season is confirmed, we can have the same main cast members who will be reprising their roles. Also, the new faces can join in too.

Suspicious Partner Season 2 Trailer

No official trailer has been released either by the company or Netflix for season 2.

Where To Watch Suspicious Partner Online?

You can easily stream all the episodes of Suspicious Partner Season 1 on Netflix.

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