Is Blackpink Lisa Lesbian? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Well, the title has already revealed that we are to discuss one of the most searched female K-pop idols. So, don’t just skip your breath after going through the title, as we are still to answer that. Before going straight into the topic, let us briefly about Blackpink Lisa to those who are unaware of her personality and popularity.

Today is the era when apart from Oprah and English songs, Korean music and songs are also trending. Be it BTS or Blackpink, Korean Pop has influenced a larger audience globally. This hype in the Korean music industry has not only contributed to their profits, but the idols have received much popularity. Nowadays, it is very common to spot a fan of K-pop idols, and therefore, the entire world goes crazy for them. It is not only about the BTS members, but there are several other bands that have a huge fan following. One such band is Blackpink, whose members are Rose, Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo. These four ladies rock the stage with their songs, moves, and beauty, of course. Fans admire them a lot and hence, are always curious about them and their personal life. This is why we have come up with one of the buzzing queries that have loaded the internet.

Blackpink members have been rumored to be dating other personalities, but nothing is clear at the moment. Many a time, people search about their sexuality too! This ultimately led us to know whether Lisa is Lesbian or not. If she is straight, who is her boyfriend? These questions make one skip a heartbeat but hold on! There’s nothing to panic about. Now, without giving much of suspense, let us get into this curious question.

Is Blackpink Lisa Lesbian?

Is Blackpink Lisa Lesbian?

No. There are no confirmations that reveal that Lisa is a lesbian. In fact, she has not said anything in this regard. However, a few years back, it was rumored that Lisa was dating one of her school friends. But, this information was also not clarified. Moreover, these were reported as vague fan theories. When coming to her boyfriends, the details remain the same. We don’t have any exact name in our mind as the singer didn’t say a word about it. Being a popular public figure, several rumors have always surrounded her. However, it is not only Lisa, but the entire Blackpink members are secretive about their dating and personal life.

There are no names exactly related to Lisa. We barely know about those with whom Lisa was romantically involved or has dated. But, there is a personality with whom the fans have linked her name. He is none other than, Jungkook! Isn’t it surprising? Or shocking instead? But, none of the two ever uttered any word about this rumor. Both of them are nearly the same age. This is why this speculation made more sense. However, in 2018, in an interview, Lisa revealed that she is fond of older men, and hence, this fire was abruptly called off. Being the youngest member of Blackpink, she might have this choice. This also clears the fact that Lisa is straight and likes men.

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Blackpink Lisa Boyfriend

Is Blackpink Lisa Lesbian?

Currently, as there are no official details about Lisa dating one, we might say that she is single. But, we are not sure of her partner if there is anything secretive. However, Blackpink members cannot have a romantic relationship until they are part of the band. This is because of the YG’s Entertainment contract or guidelines. Not only this, they can’t smoke or drink either. Tattoos and club parties are also a big NO for them. This piece of information was made public in 2017 in an interview.

Lisa Early Life

Lisa (born as Pranpriya Manobal) spent her early years in Thailand. Her birthday falls on 27 March 1997. She was a single child and was interested in dance. Therefore, she approached many contests while she was young and went to a singing competition as well. Since she admired several K-pop idols, Lisa went for the audition too. It was for her current record label, YG Entertainment. Lisa left Thailand for the training as she was selected, and her training was started accordingly.

The year 2016 marks her debut performance as a Blackpink member. She is a singer, dancer, and rapper by profession.

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