Where To Watch Pinnochio 2022 Online?

Mostly all of us have heard of the story of the tale of Pinocchio, the little puppet who turned into a real boy, and at the same time, the magic which turned him into a real-life boy had given him the curse that every lie he tells will increase the length of his nose. Mostly what we have read till now is just a shorter version of the story, and most people think that’s the real tale of Pinocchio but this book which belongs to the 18th century is the real deal about the story of Pinocchio, the book is titled as The Adventures Of Pinocchio, and it’s actually an Italian book by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi, and it’s not as short as you have though. It’s filled with an adventurous story of a puppet, and the best fact about the book is that it not only just gives us a great life lesson about telling the truth and stuff but also give us a deep depiction of the mindset of a lifeless object and what being a human means to him and how we being human don’t value our existence much, quite deep but yes, the philosophy is that nice behind this entire story.

The entire idea and the concept regarding this movie have been going on for quite a long time and finally, after many complications in the director and other product-related stuff, we get to see that the final in a full-fledged way was in work during the year 2021 and soon it made its release in the year 2022. As the movie has already made its release, we can also provide you with reviews and other stuff related to the show. As far now, if we look at the views and the fan base of the show, we can consider it quite successful, and the fan base is just growing day by day. After a long time, we received something from Disney which has touched the fans so much and based on the audience reviews. Everyone has shown their enthusiasm and given the movie a try.

The biggest compliment it has got, according to us, is the fact that many of the audience have been so nostalgic about this movie and the entire story of Pinocchio, and how this used to be there most favorite book or story in their childhood, just amazing. Other than that, there are some complications and some disheartening facts about the movie, and that is the critic reviews, which have been quite mixed. Some have described it to be quite amazing and to have just brought out the entire magic which existed in the books to a real-life depiction. However, some have also said quite negative and described the movie to be not at all worth a watch, and that’s because they expected a lot from the movie, and somewhere they didn’t get to see that much of an engaging story, however, nothing can be done as it is the actual story which has been adapted.

Now other than that, we must also inform you that if you have already heard about this version of the movie, there have also been many comparisons between this movie and another 1940 movie which many of you and surely some of our parents or grandparents have surely watched, and that was an animated version of the movie, however that has been described by many as one of the most legendary movies of all time and there is no doubt about that, based on the fact that it was the first theatrical adaption of this book and the sales were just amazing. Though if you want to watch a version that has better photography, music, and just a magical experience, then you must go for this one because, from our perspective, it’s just amazing. The IMDb ratings of this movie are also quite amazing as they stand at 5.2, which is quite great when it comes to movies of this genre. However, there may be some who won’t have the same opinion regarding this statement because you do have better options to watch than this one.

Though we have given you the entire brief regarding the story, we now need to move on to the main topic of this article, and that is regarding the movie streaming platform and other stuff; we all expected this movie to have a theatrical release, and everyone was quite excited for the 3D and other forms of the movie, and maybe that would have made this movie much more successful. However, that ain’t available because Disney, after its last collaboration and stuff, has ended up making their platform their major release space, and that’s where we will have to check the movie.

Where To Watch Pinnochio 2022 Online?

Where Can We Watch The Movie Pinocchio?

This movie is a Disney creation. We all mostly know where this movie will be available. However, still clearing out the fact that, yes, we did expect this movie to be available in the theatres, and yes, we all wanted to watch it with our friends, but unfortunately, that’s not going to happen because on the 8th of September 2022, this movie already made its release on the Disney+ Hotstar or the Disney+ platform as we may say and that’s available only to the premium subscribers of the platform and not like available there for free. Now don’t worry yes, no one likes to pay for their movies, but this movie being such a great one and being so much recommended by the audience, it actually may be worth paying a bit of money, and along with that, you also get to watch other movie and shows out there.

Another interesting fact is that the other movie which made its release in 1940 is also available on the same platform, and you can watch both movies and give your ratings on which one is better or just come to an end to all this confusion from your side. The charge for having Disney+ for all American audiences out there is about 8$ per month or you can just take their yearly plan because new movies just keep dropping by, and that will cost about 80$. There may also be some student discounts and stuff, so you can also opt for that stuff too. Now for the Indian prices, Disney+ Hotstar has got many plans, the minimal plan for 1 month costs about 899 a year, and then we have the premium subscription, which is about 1499 a year and about 300 for a month.

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Where Can We Watch The Pinocchio Movie For Free?

Now, this is the tricky part, as we all want to watch movies for free. However, as this is a recent release, there still hasn’t been anything or any update regarding where this movie will be available online for free. However, one of the interesting facts is that this movie didn’t do well very well based on ratings and stuff so after a few days of waiting, maybe there is a chance of getting this movie for free or rent on some other platforms too, or maybe YouTube only. However, for that stuff, we will have to wait a little longer.

Pinocchio Story

The story that we are going to get in this movie is actually the same story we received in the 1940 movie, and that’s why there have been so many comparisons. However, if you still don’t know what the story is all about, don’t worry, we will clear it out, the main story starts with a puppet master, who loves making and watching over his puppets, and this man truly has got a heart of gold, and he doesn’t really have a family except his puppets. However, somehow everything changes when one day he makes a puppet which gets life somehow from a fairy in the middle of the night, and soon we see this puppet master just being shocked and happy at the same time about his creation, the lack of family, and close ones that he always felt was fulfilled. Although soon he decides that he will raise Pinocchio as his son and give him a life like a human and send him to school and stuff, he is soon taken away by a con artist, and that also happens because of Pinocchio’s urge to be a real human however that’s the start of the story where the adventures of Pinocchio starts and how he ends up returning to his father someday.

The best part is the ending of this entire movie because we don’t want to ruin everything for you, but Pinocchio learns a lot about what family means, what excessive desires can end up doing, and being on the truthful path actually blesses you at the end. Now we must also remind you all that another big thing about this movie is the music or the musicals that you will often be seen between most scenes. These songs are just amazing and very beautiful places in the story and are very much worth the watch.

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