How I Got Here Season 1 Release Date Is Revealed!

Some people have to leave their homes for better jobs, opportunities, or sometimes situations that make them leave their homes. Even if they leave their home, they never forget the values they learned and the culture that shaped them. Some people can’t even get back to their homes because of things like jobs or because it is just expensive for them. They all want their future generations to hold the same values and preserve the culture of their family, even in a foreign country. Their culture keeps them connected, and all they want is to go back to the place which shaped them into what they are today. “How I Got Here,” tells the same story of some immigrants who left their homes and went back there with their children and taught them about their roots. How I Got Here season 1 is going to be here soon, and we are here to tell you about this beautiful journey. 

How I Got Here Season 1 Release Date

How I Got Here tells the viewers on an emotional journey to beautiful places by the way. How I Got Here is an underrated series that everyone should try because of its purity and innocence. How I Got Here season 1 will release on 2 October 2022, according to IMDB, and season 2 may come, but there is no news about that. How I Got Here season 1 is a must-watch, you should try it at least once because of its uniqueness; a series like this is maybe not have been done before, so giving it a chance would be nice. 

Name Of The ShowHow I Got Here
Season NumberSeason 1
How I Got Here Season 1 Release Date2 October 2022

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How I Got Here Season 1 Story

How I Got Here tells the story of people who immigrated from their home country and now live in a foreign country for one reason or another. How I Got Here season 1 will have eight episodes and will tell the story of different people in those episodes. In episode 1, the story and journey of Fikile are explored. She and her father take a journey to their cultural home, Zimbabwe. Fikile is in shock and appreciative of her father’s culture. Their expedition is emotional and full of learning for Fikile and her father. She learns about Ndebele culture and also digs a well to find water. The journey of Michael and his father, John, reaches Italy in episode 2. It was the first time where Michael would learn about his Italian roots and culture. They both indulge in the dance, food, and music of Italy and even try to resolve the issues in their personal relationship. Episode 3 of How I Got Here season 1 will take us to Zambia, a small country in Africa.

Nelly will take her 17-year-old son, Manasseh, to Zambia and tries to teach him about his values and roots. Manasseh has spent all his 17 years in Texas, the USA, and now he got the chance to learn about the culture and tradition of Zambia. Their journey is full of learning and gifts for the viewers and Manasseh. Episode 4 takes us to Serbia, this time, Sasa is reaching her home after 30 years, she left because of the war, and now she is back to meet her family and relive the culture that shaped her. We get again to Zimbabwe, this time with Shaun, and her daughter Shannon, who is a bi-racial woman and wants to embrace her identity. While Shaun relives his childhood and memories, her daughter Shannon learns about her roots.

Episode 6 is placed in Slovakia, and Simona returns to Slovakia. She had to leave once because of the oppression. She is coming with her daughter Vivian to teach her about the values and lessons; Vivian will meet her grandmother and learn about the Slovakian culture. Doris is back in Ghana with her daughter Shetin to live her childhood again and teach her daughter about the culture and lessons, and their relationship gets stronger as well as they both learn about each other. The last episode will take us to Chile, where Ines will teach her daughter Carolina and the viewers about the Chilean culture; meanwhile, she will also live her childhood again, she had to leave because of the dictatorship in Chile, but now she is back.

How I Got Here Season 1 Trailer

A trailer for How I Got Here season 1 is available on YouTube and on the channel BYUtv; check it out once. 

Where To Watch How I Got Here Season 1 Online?

How I Got Here is available on BYUtv and Super Channel.

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