What Is Frieza’s New Form? How Powerful Is He Now?

Firstly, if you are all confused regarding what anime series we have come up again and what this is all about, then you surely haven’t been an otaku for a long time because here we have one of the most legendary animes of all time and the fanbase of this anime very vividly knows who Frieza is and how things have been going in the Dragon Ball world. However, if you are new and have no idea regarding what’s going on in this anime, you are really missing out on a lot Let us brief you a bit regarding what we can do. Dragon Ball Z is one of the oldest anime in the industry, and it has created a complete universe for itself where there are different characters, different timelines, and different gaols of different people. Like everything is so beautifully organized and placed into a story that it seems very real at some point. We obviously have got Kakarot or Goku here, who has the entire motive of getting the strongest in his universe, and at the same time, he always takes care of his planet earth whatever happens, and along with that, we have also got Vegeta the Saiyan prince who is always ready to protect his planet and all Saiyans and at the same time compete with Goku in getting stronger. Then there are different universes and different things, such as the destroyers of each universe and the almighty Zeno, who may seem very cute and little at some point, but they are the strongest character in the entire story of the anime.

Now coming to Frieza, whom we have talked about just at the beginning of the article, Frieza, in simple words, is just a villain in many arcs of Dragon Ball Z; he is not the stereotypical villain you may think of. There are some differences; the fights he generally has with Goku aren’t just a dirty fight or something like he has got with Jiren, it’s much more of mutual acknowledgment, and if you have been following the show for quite some time, you do know that Goku very much acknowledges Frieza and though they act tough in front of each other, when they greet each other’s, it’s with some punches, and that’s just their own style. However, if you still don’t understand who Frieza is, calm down. We will clear it all for you. Frieza has always been planned by the writers as the greatest villain of all time and since the latest written manga chapters, that’s actually coming to the truth. But actually, he belongs to Universe 7 and is the emperor of different parts of that Universe, he has got his own army where everyone fears him, and by nature, he can be considered a bit ruthless and egoistic; however, when it came to the intergalactic tournament of power, he was the ten members who out of nowhere arrived in the Universe 7 team, and if you have seen the tournament very well you do know what he is capable of and what intentions he does have.

Suddenly, things have changed a bit, we all know that Dragon Ball Super has been turning more and more complex day by day, and there have been more chaos in the manga universe, we have recently seen many things happening in the last few chapters, such as orange piccolo or the power he attained from the Dragon Balls and in return he didn’t even pay anything, and the extreme power Gas has been enjoying for the last couple of episodes, however in chapter 87, we have already seen how things have changed, and the entry of our hyped-up villain and actually a character which has been very much loved by the Dragon Ball Z fandom Frieza, and suddenly something regarding him has changed if you have read the chapter you do know, that he just destroys the strongest of the universe Gas with just a small punch through his heart and then crushes his skull whereas we all know who was struggling to control this monster who has given up his life instead of gaining more power.

What Is Frieza’s New Form: Black frieza

What Is Frieza’s New Form And How Powerful Is He Now?

Like we all do remember that Frieza suddenly came up with that golden form of his and how strong that was, the only thing he lacked at that moment was to hold himself in that form for quite a long time, and that was one of the main reason he couldn’t defeat Goku and Vegeta at the same time however the most interesting fact regarding this transformation is that he achieved it, just with four months of training and that was on par with the power Goku and Vegeta had as super Saiyans which they have achieved over the years through 20-30 years of intense training, taking on life-risking opponents and being under Beerus himself.

However, a notable thing here is that, have you seen how similar Beerus and Frieza are at some point, like the dark instinct the ruthlessness, and at the same time, they both share an unsaid love for destruction like if you have followed the manga, you do also know the relation Frieza has shared earlier with Beerus and even destroyed a certain planet, on his orders. Now coming back to the main topic of the article and which is related to the new form Frieza has achieved, in the last couple of days, Gas has been the strongest and overpowering everyone out there, but at the same time, he is just being a beast with his collar in the hands of Elec, however as there was none to stop him, Frieza arrives after going through intense training of 10 years in A Room Of Spirit And Time, and remember the fact that he achieved super Saiyan like power with just four months of training and this time he has come back from another universe after training for ten years.

Now the thing the strongest in the universe is currently Frieza, and that has been accepted because even by the end of the episode, when Whiz comes to take Goku and Vegeta to help Beerus make some Yakisoba, Vegeta asks him about the strongest one of in the universe and whether it is Frieza and he responded with the fact that it is indeed the truth. Other than that, another great fact here is the new black aura he carries around; although we have seen it only in the manga, it just seems super cool, and Frieza being the calm mind he always has, is something new.

Many of you may think Ga asked to be the strongest in the Universe. How come Frieza comes back as being the strongest? Firstly he trained harder than any of the characters out there. This is also a truth, and he was training in a different universe, which means everyone was considered other than him, and thus Gas may be the second strongest, but Frieza has come back to take the throne of Universe 7 and none can stop him from fulfilling his ambition.

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Orange Piccolo Transformation

Though moving a bit out of the topic, in the last few chapters, Frieza hasn’t been the only one who has gone through a lot of transformation, we have always seen Piccolo as one of those characters who have worked very hard and looks very experienced and is worthy of quite a lot, but he has never gone through a transformation so far. However, things have changed recently for both the cases Piccolo and Gohan. Piccolo has finally gone through his first transformation, which makes him quite strong, and he is well able enough to take strong villains but still not at the level of Goku and Vegeta. In his transformation, we get to see him getting very much more muscular than he originally was and a bit bigger too, and at the same time, his color changes from the green color he possesses to an orange extravagant color, as the writer has said this is because he has got no hair to change the color of.

Piccolo though being one of the most favorite characters and a character we have always rooted for has finally gone through his transformation and this state is called the evolved form of Piccolo’s Potential Unleashed state, and during this state, he didn’t have to exchange his lifetime or energy for the power he possesses just like Gas, the potential existed within him, it was just unlocked.

Beerus Vs Black Frieza

What Is Frieza’s New Form

Now, this is one of the most talked about things on the internet right now; yes, we do know that Frieza has got strong, this new black form with ten years’ worth of training; however, is he ready to take on Beerus, the destroyer himself, and that too the strongest destroyer out there. We all do know that Frieza though listened to Beerus and obeyed him because of his power, and though both have the same feeling towards destruction and that is love, Frieza isn’t a big fan of Beerus, and he may go after him being overly confident, however, whether he will able be able to beat Beerus is a big question mark, because come on Beerus is The Strongest Destroyer.

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