Here Is the List Of Zee Tv Upcoming Serial 2022!

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for information about the upcoming reality shows and TV series on the Zee TV channel. This article contains a complete list of Zee TV channels. You will also be able to identify the upcoming serial by reading this post. On October 2, 1992, the Zee TV channel was started in India. Essel Group is the channel’s owner. The channel’s headquarters are in Mumbai, India’s Maharashtra state. Star Plus is currently consistently ranked first in terms of TRP. This channel was launched in 1992 and has consistently produced TRP since that time. Additionally, this channel has produced a number of television dramas and reality series with high TRP, including Sarojini, Kumkum Bhaya, Kundali Bhagya, and Brahmarakshas. In India, Zee TV is a well-known source of entertainment, and viewers tune in often. You can watch comedies, dramas, reality shows, and entertainment on this channel. Zee TV constantly airs a variety of brand-new programming for viewers.

7. Main Hoon Aparajita 

Zee Tv Upcoming Serial

Zee TV will debut a brand-new series for its viewers called “Main Hoon Aparajita.” Following their success with the Zee TV series “Hamariwali Good News,” Bodhi Tree Media will be in charge of managing the entire production. Shweta Tiwari and Manav Gohil, two well-known personalities in the television business, have been cast in the serial’s lead roles. Shruti Sanjeev, Dhwani Gori, and Anushka Merchande are additional actors or actresses joining the cast. The Mithai serial is anticipated to be replaced by the program, and the Meet serial will receive a new timeslot. The serial will premiere on September 27, 2022, at 7:30 PM on television. The protagonist of the television series Main Hu Aprajeeta is a woman by the name of Aprajita who has experienced hardship as a result of her independence.

She is teaching her three daughters to be resilient and self-reliant like her. Only Shweta Tiwari and her daughters and the bad society mongers, whose sole purpose in life is to meddle in other people’s affairs, have been depicted in the teasers so far. The show will also touch on the problems faced by wives whose husbands have abandoned them for selfish motives. As the mother of three girls who are labeled “Chodi Hui Aurat” by the judgmental Indian society, Shweta Tiwari will play the starring role. With distinct characteristics, the three daughters will present a unified front in the face of difficulty. They both adore their mother dearly. Aprajita is no weakling and has the will to face the world alone despite raising her girls by herself. You can visit or download the Zee5 app to learn more about the serial Aparajita.

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6. Sanjog

Zee Tv Upcoming Serial

Sanjog, a brand-new series, is returning to Zee TV for its viewers. After their most recent endeavor with the serial Sirf Tum from Colors TV, Rashmi Sharma Telefilms will be in charge of the entire production. For their leading parts, Kamya Panjabi and Shefali Sharma, two well-known names in the television industry, have been cast in the drama. Hetvi Sharma and Hezal Shah are more actors and actresses who have joined the cast. The program is anticipated to replace Kashibai Bajirao Ballal, which is rumored to be ceasing broadcast in August. The serial will premiere on August 22, 2022, at 10 PM on television. The hardships two moms have raising their daughters while being unaware that their girls have been switched will be the central theme of the television series Sanoj.

The program will depict the lives of two moms, Gauri and Amrita, and the completely different personalities of their daughters, Chanda and Tara, as they are raised, with neither of them realizing that they are not their own children due to an accident in the hospital. According to insiders, Gauri and Amrita will both give birth to their daughters in the same hospital, and as a result of a mistake made by the hospital staff, their infants will be switched. However, Amrita and Gauri have quite distinct personalities, and their biological daughters will reflect this. Gauri (played by Kamya Punjabi) would be a materialistic individual with a distinctive method of defending her family, whereas Amrita would be a very charitable and giving individual. Watch to discover how Amrita and Gauri raise their respective daughters in secret and if they ever find out the truth. Download the Zee5 app or visit to learn more about the Sanjog Serial.

5. DID Super Moms 2022

Zee Tv Upcoming Serial

Dance India Dance Super Moms Season 3 (DID Super Moms 2022) is the third season of Zee TV’s well-known dance reality program. Many people have fallen in love with DID Super Moms since it gives ladies who couldn’t pursue their passion for dance alternatives. Every mother is welcome to showcase their skills and realize their long-held dreams on the DID Super Moms platform. DID Little Masters is presently airing as part of the Dance India Dance series, and viewers can’t wait for Super Moms to begin. Season 3 of DID Super Moms will premiere on July 2nd, 2022, it has been reported. Urmila Matondkar, Bhagyashree, and Remo Dsouza, a well-known choreographer, will serve as judges for the DID Super Moms season 2022.

Additionally, as the host, Jay Bhanushali will travel with Remo from DID Little Masters to DID Super Moms. The journey of Dance India Dance Super Moms begins with the announcement of tryouts for each contestant. Beginning on April 1, 2022, registrations for this season were made online. The auditions have already begun in a number of places around the nation. The Super Moms will compete for a spot in the Top 15 after making it past the audition stage and moving on to the Mega auditions. The true competition will begin after the Top 15 candidates are chosen and the show’s grand debut is shown. The program supports a range of dance styles, including musical theater, jazz, Bollywood, freestyle, Kallaripayattu, and classical and modern styles. In order to survive the subsequent weeks of elimination, contestants try to become experts in all styles of dance. The three major judges on the judging panel are Remo D’souza, Urmila Matondkar, and Bhagyashree. The show may also be hosted by Jay Bhanushali, a well-known television anchor who is currently a part of DID Little Masters. Get the most recent information and rumors about the show by watching Zee TV or using the ZEE 5 app.

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4. Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Zee Tv Upcoming Serial

Shabbir Ahluwalia is back on the TV thanks to the new show Radha Mohan. Shabbir has re-joined forces with Zee TV, where he previously played the lead role in Kumkum Bhagya, a popular serial that is still airing today. Agar Tum Na Hote will be replaced by Radha Mohan on Zee TV, while Kashibai Bajirao Ballal will lose its 8:00 PM time slot in order to create room for the Radha Mohan serial. The May 2022 premiere of the Zee TV series Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan is being produced by LSD Films, which was also responsible for the successful launch of Beyhadh’s first two seasons on Sony TV. In Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, Shabbir Ahluwalia will play the male lead and Neeharika Roy will play the female lead. Radha will support Mohan on his journey in the love story of Radha and Mohan, which is about Mohan and his devotion to Lord Krishna.

In the Radha Mohan series on Zee TV, Shabbir Ahluwalia portrays Mohan and Niharika Roy, Radha. Since she was six years old, Radha has been in love with Mohan. She has remained devoted to Mohan throughout the years. When Radha lost her mother, the flute player Mohan assisted her in regaining her faith. Both of them are decided to return by fate. Radha is saddened to see Mohan after a long time since Mohan has lost his former joy. Radha resolves to bring the jovial Mohan back on her own. After losing his wife Tulsi, Mohan’s life starts to fall apart. People start to suspect Mohan of being Tulsi’s murderer. Gungun, a child of Mohan and Tulsi, also suspects Mohan of killing her mother. Mohan’s life has lost its spark due to his tragic history. In the tale of Radha and Mohan, Radha will give Mohan his spark back. Watch Zee5 and ZeeTV watch how their story progresses.

3. Mithai

A new serial called Mithai (Meethai), a replica of Zee Bangla’s “Mithai” serial, is coming to Zee TV. The makers of the Meethai television series have chosen to create a Hindi copy of the show since the regional public has embraced its plot. The premiere (beginning date) of Mithai is April 4, 2022, and it will take Rishton Ka Manjha’s place on ZEE TV. Debattama Saha and Aashish Bhardwaj are the stars of the multi-star Mithaai serial. The protagonist of the Mithai television series is a young, ardent woman named Mithai who works as a sweets vendor. Everyone in Mithai’s immediate vicinity feels vivacious due to her outgoing nature. In Mithai – Har Marz Ki Dawai, a cheerful young girl named Mithai carries on the family tradition of selling sweets in Mathura.

Everyone smiled when they saw Mithai because of his cheerfulness and personable nature. When Mithai was little, her father gave her a pendant because he wanted her to make sweet food (Mithai). She wears it as the lone reminder of her deceased father as she carries on doing good actions. Software engineer Siddharth, played by Ashish Bhardwaj, despises sweets and his family’s confectionery business. A saleslady who sells sweets will be the subject of the Mithaai serial. When Mithai’s love life and marriage are mentioned, the narrative becomes exciting. In the Mithai TV series on Zee TV, let’s explore what kind of sorcery the sweet Mithai and the bitter Siddharth can conjure. Watch Zee TV or Zee5 online to see if Mithai’s upbeat demeanor attracts visitors to the channel. Because of the charming love tale, Mithai was highly embraced by the audience and quickly rose to become the most viewed television program in Bengal. The same is anticipated of the Hindi version of Mithai.

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2. DID Li’l Masters

Zee Tv Upcoming Serial 2022

One of the most popular dance reality series in the Indian television business, Dance India Dance, also known as DID among the general public, airs on the Zee TV channel. Another version of DID (Kids), Dance India Dance Li’l Masters, offers children between the ages of 5 and 14 a competitive platform. Zee TV is offering its audience the fifth season of DID L’il Masters this year in 2022, and registrations have already started through digital auditions as of January 2022. Season 5 of DID’s Grand Master will be Remo D’souza. The fifth season of Dance India Dance will be hosted by Jay Bhanushali. This year, DID 2022 judges Sonali Bendre and Mouni Roy, both well-known on television, will be joined by newcomers from the general public. Additionally, there is still a chance that one or two judges from DID’s prior seasons will return for DID5’s future season. The journey of the DID L’il Masters competition for each contestant begins with the announcement of auditions. Due to the pandemic scenario, auditions are being performed online this season.

The true competition will begin after the show’s gala debut, which will air once the contestants are chosen. The program supports a range of dance styles, including musical theater, jazz, Bollywood, freestyle, Kallaripayattu, and classical and modern styles. To stay alive during the subsequent weeks of elimination, contestants try to become experts in all styles of dance. The judging panel is made up of four skippers who serve as the contenders’ mentors in addition to the three primary judges. The judges for this season of DID5 are Sonali Bendre, Mouni Roy, and Remo D’souza. Additionally, Jay Bhanushali, a well-known television anchor, will be hosting the program this season. Get the most recent information and show rumors by tuning into Zee Tv or the ZEE 5 app.

1. Swarna Swar Bharat

Zee TV is prepared to enthrall the viewers with the splendor of spiritual sites and the lovely music that emanates from them. The Zee TV channel will debut Swarna Swar Bharat, a brand-new reality show including devotional music, in the first month of the year 2022. On our television screens, SwarnBharat will include Kailash Kher, Ravi Kishan, Kumar Vishwas, and Suresh Wadkar. The SSB event is a contribution to the Prime Minister’s initiative Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav and is all about celebrating India and its 75 years of independence. Zee TV is honoring the contribution that India has made to the realm of spirituality. Participants at Swarn Swar Bharat will come from all around India, creating a melting pot of piety, prayers, music, and culture. It is a first-of-its-kind performance where every song is dedicated to God. The judges will introduce the show’s candidates, who have previously been chosen. On the OTT site zee5 or as well as on the Zee TV and Zee Anmol channel, audiences may enjoy the religious component of Indian music. Swarna Swar Bharat is unique and distinctive in its content, and the voting and elimination will be based on both the results of the judges’ evaluations and the votes of the general audience.

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