The Great North Season 3 Release Date Is Finalized!

Our readers have always been in love with animated series and mainly adult animated series because they have been funny, overly mature, and sometimes just too much addictive. However, the great north though brings an adult animated series. It is not what you think it will be; if you imagine this series to be like a family guy or something, then stop right there, because here we have got an excellent message by the end of every episode and every character in this show has a great heart. This show has been running for two seasons now, and we are looking forward to the third season of the show. The fanbase of the show has also been quite huge and spread all over the world, and along with that, the IMDB ratings of the show also stand quite well.

Regarding the critic’s comment, in its genre, it is quite well and worth a watch. Now those of you who don’t know much about this series, it’s quite possible because it is quite a new one. We here follow a small family in Alaska where a single father with his four children is trying to cope with their life and their daily dosage of life adventures, and other than that, the only constant thing is the love this family shares.

Now coming to the main topic of the article, firstly, the show has not been canceled after the first season, there was just a huge break we can say and finally, the third season of the show has been announced. The release date schedule is also available out there, and to know all about this series, such as the upcoming story, trailer, and cast details, do continue reading this article till the end.

The Great North Season 3 Release Date

The Great North Season 3 Release Date

Before moving towards the main topic of the article, which is the release dates, we must look back a bit at the history of the show, the makers of the show have been thinking about a good-natured adult animated comedy for quite a long time. Finally, the idea and the concept of the show came to them in 2020. Since then, they have been working on the series, and finally, the first season of the show was delivered to us in January months of 2021. The first season was a great hit, and soon, with a lot of questions regarding the second season of the show rising, we do end up seeing the drop of the second season of the show in the September months of 2021. We did expect that the third season would be delivered to us a bit earlier. However, there was quite a long wait, and finally, we are all set to receive the third season of the show on the 25th of September, 2022. Now, if you have seen the previous seasons, you do know that the first season came to an end with only 11 episodes and the second season with 22 episodes. However, the third season episode numbers haven’t been announced yet and are based on prediction. There will be nearly 18-20 episodes.

Name Of The ShowThe Great North
Season NumberSeason 3
The Great North Season 1 Release Date3 January 2021
The Great North Season 3 Release Date25 September 2022

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The Great North Season 3 Story

The story of the upcoming season, it will be the same format that we have seen so far in the previous season. It’s the small Tobin clan that we have seen in the previous season, which consists of a single father named Beef, who is trying his best to keep his family together at all costs and cope with every adventure that comes to their daily life on the part of his kids, or himself.

The Great North Season 3 Characters

For the characters of the show, we have got Beef, the father of the family; then we have Judy, the only female in the family and who is Beef’s teenage daughter, then have got Beef’s four sons, Wolf, Ham, and Moon. There are many other side characters too who have got much eminent roles in the series.

The Great North Season 3 Trailer

Though the makers have announced the third season, we still haven’t received any trailer for season 3 yet. However, the trailers for previous seasons are currently available online.

Where To Watch The Great North Season 3 Online?

Just like the previous season of the show, this season will also be telecasted first on the FOX channel and then will be available for streaming on the Hulu platform.

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