Narco Saints Season 1 Release Date Has Been Finalized!

The South Korean entertainment sector has produced some of the best dramas. And for that reason, their drama is popular with many people worldwide. The responsibility of performing their roles while the entire world is watching them has become very difficult for producers and actors. An upcoming South Korean television program called Narco Saints is about to premiere. Six episodes of the Netflix-produced series will be available on the service.

Regarding its subject matter and genre, there is a lot of crime and thriller drama. It is also referred to as the Accidental Narco and is distributed by Moonlight Film and Perfect Storm Film Inc. The first season of Narco Saints, which cost 35 billion won (Korean currency), will be released soon exclusively on Netflix.

Narco Saints Season 1 Release Date

Narco Saints Season 1 Release Date

The impending Narco-Saints crime-thriller series from South Korea was written and directed by Yoon Jong Bin. The release date for Narco-Saints has long been a matter of anticipation for the audience. Finally, Narco-Saints will be available on Netflix on Friday, September 9, 2022, as initially stated. When they posted some fresh marketing materials for the Korean crime drama on Twitter, Netflix recently verified the release date was accurate.

Name Of The ShowNarco Saints
Season NumberSeason 1
GenreThriller, Crime, Drama
Narco Saints Season 1 Release Date9 September 2022

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Narco Saints Season 1 Story

There are six episodes of Narco-Saints. The average length of each episode will be 50 minutes. Narco Saints’ storyline is based on actual occurrences. There was a Narco-Saints in South America. The National Intelligence Service has focused its attention there on a drug lord operating in the nation. The intelligence service contacted an average businessman looking to make it big in Suriname. He later becomes sucked into the world of drug crime.

Beginning in 2021, Narco Saints will be produced. The casting was confirmed in March 2021, and later, in November 2021, filming began. Yoo Jong Bin and Kwon Sung Hui both contributed to its writing, which was done for Netflix. Aside from writing the series, Yoo Jong also serves as its director.

Narco Saints Season 1 Cast 

Narco Saints Season 1 Release Date

The supporting cast of Narco-Saints includes actors Yoo Yeon-Seok (Hospital Playlist, Dr. Romantic), Taiwanese actor Chang Chen (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Dune), and Jo Woo-jin (Happiness, Alienoid). In other news, Squid Game star Lee Jung-Jae, whose directorial debut, Hunt, was recently re-edited for a global audience after audiences at the Cannes premiere of the film “complained that it was hard for them to keep up with the story as they didn’t know about Korean politics in the 1980s,” the story was hard for them to follow. Netflix has released a new action-thriller series called Narco-Saints. One of the best South Korean actors to appear in this series is Ha Jung Woo.

On Thursday, August 11, the first trailer for Netflix’s Narco-Saints was made available. This exceptional television show tells the story of a man who becomes caught up in the sophisticated drug trade. The chase scene is depicted from Kang In Gu’s point of view in the one-minute teaser. Viewers may also see Jo Woo Jin and Yoo Yeon Seok in this series. Suriname was the program’s initial title, but Netflix changed it to Narco-Saints. The script was written and directed by Yoon Jong Bin, who was also involved with The Spy Gone North. Ha Jung Woo’s latest drama after his introduction in HIT in 2007 is a distinctive feature of Narco-Saints.

Narco Saints Season 1 Trailer

The series is expected to get an official teaser or trailer soon. Additionally, it will serve as Netflix’s affirmation that the release mentioned above date is accurate.

Where To Watch Narco Saints Season 1 Online?

Narco-Saints, An everyday businessman, participate in a covert government operation to apprehend a Korean drug lord in South America. Based on actual occurrences. Netflix will start streaming it starting on September 9, 2022.

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