The Come Up Season 1 Release Date Is Before Us!

This new Hulu series can be regarded as just a revolution in the industry. A new concept, a new show, and an entire concept that will show how different people with different ambitions and no stereotypical dreams feel threatened by their loved ones and find support from strangers in the same criteria they belong. Now everyone may have been a bit confused about what this series is and what’s going on here. Firstly this series is a Hulu initiative and is not a fictional story as you may have thought. It’s a complete reality-based documentary series where we concentrate on the lives of 6 characters with their distinct character trait and some dreams and ambition, which the stereotypical society may not accept we live in but is supported and admired in New York City. This series shows how well New York City is and how supportive it is for an indistinct character who doesn’t find comfort in any other place. Though we haven’t received any IMDb ratings yet, by the release of the first episode of the show, we will surely get those IMDb ratings, already from what we have seen in the trailer, the critic’s comments regarding the show’s idea, and the new concept Hulu is bringing has also been very much appreciated.

Now coming to the main topic of the show, as we all know, The Come Up, a new series hasn’t received any Wikipedia page or anything yet. Thus there has been a lot of chaos regarding the release date and other stuff related to this series. However, worry not. We have all that information verified and some new facts about the show too, and to know about all this stuff, do continue reading this article till the end.

The Come Up Season 1 Release Date

Now when it comes to the show’s release date, we must remember first from what time this whole idea has been going on. This is a post-pandemic idea, so the talks about this series began in 2021. As we all know, many people’s lives have changed a lot during this lockdown period when young minds with unique personalities have to spend time with their own families. Now, based on that, regarding the show’s release date, which the makers have already announced. Though we haven’t found that from the trailer, the makers have already reported it to be on the 13th of September 2022, and it will only be streaming on the Hulu platform. There will be weekly releases of what we have heard now. However, all the episodes may drop on the same day. For any more updates, we will have to wait a little longer.

Name Of The ShowThe Come Up
Season NumberSeason 1
The Come Up Season 1 Release Date13 September 2022

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The Come Up Season 1 Story

Now coming to the main story of the show, here we find six different characters with their own unique personalities who have come to the point where they can’t tolerate their own families because of the last lockdown phase they have gone through within the four walls of their house. Now they have moved to New York City to fulfill their dreams and find people with the same objectives. There are love affairs, rave parties, and much unique stuff and many unique goals that we see in this show, which may change some of your perspectives regarding some characters out there, and you may end up knowing a lot about the fearful world out there.

The Come Up Season 1 Cast

Regarding the cast, we don’t see any actors but some unique personalities on this list, including some unknown names. Still, you need to remember those because someday, you may see them attaining a significant stage in the world. These names include Fernando Casablanca, Claude Shwartz, Sophia Wilson, Ebon Gore, Ben Hard, and Taofeek Abijako.

The Come Up Season 1 Trailer

The Come Up Season 1 Release Date

The fans have already excited about the first season, which has been sole because of the trailer of the series, which is currently available on the YouTube platform.

Where Can We Watch The Come Up Season 1?

This new series will be available for online streaming on the Hulu platform.

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