Who Is Nick Pope Girlfriend? Is He Engaged?

Recently if you have been following football, you, do have heard the name of Nick Pope, the eminent football goalkeeper belonging to the England national team and one of the rising stars who has made his place very fast to the national team, and if you still haven’t heard of his name don’t worry, this name is surely going to ring a name, Newcastle United, we all have heard of this world-famous premier league club who has got a rich history and a log of legacy along with great names associated with it, and recently this club has come under a lot of noticeable eyes after the owner of the club got changed and it has been taken over by one of the richest men in Dubai who has also been related to the royal governing family of Dubai and has currently made Newcastle united the richest club in the history of football. Now Pope in the recent few years has been showing a great deal of progress in his career and has been noticed by many famous teams from different leagues and along with that, he has also been the crush of many girls out there, for sure because one thing that we all must admit is that, he is dashingly handsome.

Though girls, don’t get too excited because our man, nick has already been in a relationship for quite a long time now and that has been with the daughter of one of the most eminent football players out there. Their relationship has been going on for years and it looks quite stable and serious from both ends, thus we can hope these two love birds to soon engage or something like that. Though for more updates on his girlfriend and his life, do continue reading the article till the end.

Nick Pope Girlfriend

Nick Pope Girlfriend

As we have already mentioned Nick has got a girlfriend from quite a young age, he has been dating Shannon Horlock, who is the daughter of one of the legendary football stars of all time, the one who has been related to many famous teams such as Manchester City and even the Northern Irish National Team, Kevin Horlock. This name surely rings a bell to many minds out there, if you have been into football for quite a long time now. Though Kevin hasn’t been coaching any famous fancy clubs right now, but living a subtle life, while he coaches a small youth club along with the coaching task of the under 21 team of Northern Ireland. Nick pope’s girlfriend has often been spotted with him, at famous parties and both of them do like to party a lot because this couple has surely been spotted very often in famous pubs out there. Other than that, Shannon makes sure she attends almost every important match Nick has got and Nick also loves to celebrate almost every title with his girlfriend, by calling her to the pitch along with his fam. Overall a lovely couple and the only expectation we can have right now is for both of them to engage very soon, because Nick surely attracts a lot of girls out there, with his good looks.

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Nick Pope Early Life

From an early age only, Nick has been into football and at the same time, he was also quite the best in the local youth teams he used to play, he was to play for Ipswich Town where he trained himself very hard and continuously faced challenges from new players to save his position in the main team at such an early age. After being 16 years old, he left the club and he wasn’t yet scouted by any famous club but he ended up joining the bury Town club which marked the starting of his career and after that, he has only gone rising without any fails, he struggles through managed to cope and one thing that he has been always described as incredibly talented on the ground and that is one thing, we do see now.

Nick Pope Personal Life

Nick Pope Girlfriend

One thing that we can say already is that Nick has been a very private person and he doesn’t share his family details with anyone, and thus it isn’t actually available on social media, though he has been very committed to the relationship he currently is in and doesn’t hide it from anyone for sure. Though we couldn’t find anything regarding his parent’s identity, one thing we have confirmed from our sources is that he has got no siblings.  

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